How to get YouTube Premium for Free?

Last Updated on January 18th, 2024 at 11:32 am

How to get YouTube Premium for Free

Want YouTube Premium features without paying? Learn easy tricks to get it free! No ads, offline videos, all the perks—discover the secrets to enjoying YouTube Premium without spending money. Dive into simple steps, legal tips, and discounted options to make your YouTube time awesome at zero cost.

Say goodbye to ads, enjoy videos offline, and explore content for free! Join the smart YouTube watchers who’ve mastered getting Premium without spending a dime!

Basics of YouTube Premium: Plans and Price

Basics of YouTube Premium: Plans and Price


YouTube Premium is like a special membership for YouTube. Upon acquiring it, you can relish an ad-free experience on YouTube, play videos in the background, and download them for offline viewing without requiring an internet connection.

Are you wondering about the cost, plans, or deals for students and families? We’ve got all the details for you!

YouTube Premium has various plans:

  • Individual Plan: Costs Rs.139 per month.
  • Student Plan: Special offer at Rs.79 per month.
  • Family Plan: Ideal for the whole family at Rs.189 per month.
  • Annual Plan: Save more with Rs.1290 for the entire year.

YouTube Premium free-trial offers:

1-Month Free Trial: For new student monthly plan users.

3-Month Free Trial: Available if you activated Google One by December 2021 (United States) or for select new users in India (expired).

6-Month Free Trial: Redeemable at the Flipkart Rewards Store with 150 super coins.

YouTube Premium free-trial offers

Enjoy these YouTube Premium perks:

  • Ad-free video streaming
  • Download videos for offline viewing
  • Play videos in the background

List of All the Ways to Get YouTube Premium for Free

Learn how to enjoy YouTube Premium for free! Explore our article for valuable tips, tricks, and hacks to get your subscription without spending a dime.

Get YouTube Premium Free-Trial

Try out YouTube Premium for free! If you’re new, get a 1, 3, or 6-month trial. Follow these steps:

  1. Open YouTube app.
  2. Look for “Get YouTube Premium.”
  3. Find the 1-month offer.
  4. Sign up, add payment, and turn off autopay if using Paytm or UPI.

Get YouTube Premium Free using Supercoins

Get YouTube Premium for 3 to 6 months free using Flipkart Supercoins! Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Flipkart app.
  2. Go to the Supercoins zone.
  3. Visit the Rewards Store.
  4. Find the YouTube Premium offer.
  5. Exchange Supercoins for the free code.
  6. Log in to your Google account.
  7. Choose the account.
  8. Visit
  9. Enter the code to start your membership.

Use Adblocker and device settings

If other ways don’t work, try making your own YouTube Premium-like experience for free. Follow these steps:

  1. Use a Mi phone.
  2. Install an ad blocker or use the Brave browser.
  3. If you have a Mi phone, go to Settings > Special Features > Enable “Video Toolbox.”
  4. Open the YouTube app and swipe out the video toolbox.
  5. Click “Play in the Background” for background play.
  6. Install an adblocker for fewer ads, or use Brave Browser.
  7. Access YouTube via your web browser or app.
  8. Enjoy background play and fewer ads, like YouTube Premium.

Check the YouTube ReVanced app

There’s another way to use YouTube Premium for free, called YouTube Vanced. It’s been around for a while but got popular recently. YouTube Vanced was like a special version of YouTube that gave you Premium stuff without paying. But Google banned it because of legal issues.

Now, there’s a new version called YouTube Revanced. But be careful if you want to try it:

  1. It’s not legal.
  2. Downloading it from weird places might put bad stuff on your phone.
  3. These special apps might also mess with your privacy.
  4. Using YouTube Revanced isn’t super bad, but Google could kick you out if they don’t like it.

How to download YouTube Revanced app and use YouTube Premium free?

Follow these steps for YouTube Revanced:

  1. Visit
  2. Download the app from the site.
  3. Open the file in your browser.
  4. Allow downloads from unknown sources in your phone settings.
  5. Download the Microg APK file.
  6. Open the downloaded APK file.

Use YouTube Referral and get 1 Month of YouTube Premium Free

Get YouTube Premium for free by referring friends:

  1. Open YouTube in the app or browser.
  2. Visit your Profile/Account page.
  3. Click “Refer a Friend.”
  4. Share your unique referral link.
  5. Enjoy 1 month free for each successful referral.
  6. You can earn up to 10 referral discounts.

Use VPN to get YouTube Premium cheaper

While this method won’t grant you YouTube Premium for free, it provides a cost-effective alternative. YouTube Premium is priced at approximately $11.99 per month, translating to around Rs.982 in countries like the US.

Use VPN to get YouTube Premium cheaper

Using a VPN helps you connect to servers in places with cheaper YouTube Premium prices, like Turkey, Argentina, or India. But be careful, as this might go against YouTube rules. So, it’s safer not to use your main account for this.

Remember that you need a good VPN that can bypass location restrictions. Some good VPNs for this are Nord VPN, Atlas VPN, and Surfshark VPN.

How to use a VPN to get YouTube Premium for less:

  1. Get a fancy VPN.
  2. Connect to a cheap country like Turkey or India.
  3. Sign up for YouTube Premium.
  4. Enjoy the perks at a lower cost.

Remember: Don’t use your main account; YouTube might not like it.

That’s it! All the ways to snag YouTube Premium without spending a dime. We hope you find these tricks useful!


To sum it up, there are clever ways to enjoy YouTube Premium without paying. From trials to referring friends or using VPNs, you can access cool features without spending money. Just be careful with some methods.

Choose what suits you best and enjoy ad-free YouTube!

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