Let’s Go Viral on TikTok With These 8 Tips!

When TikTok debuted, it primarily served as a space for pre-teens to share lip-sync videos and pioneer dance trends. Today, the platform has evolved, welcoming users from diverse demographics. One of TikTok’s most enticing aspects is that numerous content creators have succeeded in making their videos go viral, garnering swift recognition. How do they achieve this viral success? And, crucially, can you replicate it? The answer is ㅡ absolutely! So, if you’re eager to discover the secrets to go viral on TikTok with easy ways, continue reading!

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What is “Go Viral on TikTok”?

Go Viral on TikTok With

How do you know if your video has become popular? Is there a specific number of views for it to be considered viral?

Since virality is a scale, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact number of views needed for a video to be called viral. For instance, considering the overall views on the platform:

TikToks with over a million views are usually seen as viral.

On the other hand, videos in specific communities can also go viral with just 10,000 views. The algorithm boosts visibility within that community, not necessarily on everyone’s For You page.

How Long Does It Take to Go Viral on TikTok?

Typically, TikToks with swift growth tend to reach their peak in about 3-7 days from the initial signs of rapid growth.

However, this isn’t a strict rule. There are instances where a video, initially not gaining much traction for weeks or even a month, suddenly goes viral seemingly out of the blue.

While luck may play a role, there are strategies to catch the attention of the TikTok algorithm and increase the chances of your video going viral. Let’s explore these options!

Apply the 3-Second Rule

While TikTok videos typically run 20-30 seconds, shorter videos tend to grab more attention, especially from younger audiences. The 3-second rule is crucial for your content’s success.

When you create a video, TikTok showcases it on the For You pages of users who might find it interesting based on their metrics. TikTok recommends videos based on the viewer’s interests, targeting those who want content related to your niche. However, the platform also assesses whether viewers are watching your entire video.

Key metrics include completion rate and watch time. If people only watch the initial seconds and then scroll, TikTok might stop featuring your content on the FYP.

To prevent this, ensure the first 3 seconds captivate your audience. Beware that viewers may lose interest quickly if your content drags on. For instance, in a crochet tutorial, instead of listing tools, show a finished project quickly, avoiding discouragement if viewers lack specific items.

Similarly, if you’re a makeup artist sharing a tutorial, start with the final look before delving into details. This approach applies to various tutorial types.

Stay Updated on Trends

TikTok thrives on trends, making it crucial for creators to stay current. Constantly be aware of what’s trending as it significantly influences viewer preferences and engagement. Adapting your content to align with popular sounds, hashtags, or topics can substantially boost your views.

Fortunately, tracking trends is effortless. Explore the For You page to discover current popular content. Monitor the content you come across and choose trends that resonate with your niche.

For instance, if you create music, explore trending sounds for potential covers. If you focus on makeup or fashion reviews, consider participating in a ‘get-ready-with-me’ (GRWM) trend.

Keep in mind that TikTok trends are often short-lived, lasting about a week at most. Act quickly to capitalize on trends. If viral success is your goal, vigilantly monitor your For You page for ongoing trends!

Connect With Your Audience

Whether you’re a TikTok newcomer or a seasoned content creator, engaging with your audience is essential. TikTok monitors your activities, including audience interaction.

Going live is an effective way to connect. You can answer questions, conduct live product reviews, or host a giveaway.

Promoting your live stream is key. Inform viewers when to tune in and post regular reminders on your TikTok story. Additionally, promote on other social media platforms to expand your reach.

Viewers joining your stream are likely to see more of your videos on their FYP. If they enjoy your content, they may follow you and share your videos, taking you a step closer to going viral!

Maintain Relatability

While TikTok trends are ever-evolving, one constant remains — the audience’s affinity for relatable and authentic content creators.

It’s understandable; viewers seek creators they can identify with, those who stay genuine. Some TikTokers lose relatability as their popularity grows, a pitfall to avoid.

Whether you have a handful or thousands of followers, always consider how your audience relates to your videos. They are the key to potential virality.

Craft “Before and After” Videos

For versatile content ideas, “before and after” videos suit any niche perfectly.

In fitness content, document your daily/weekly/monthly progress, editing it into a concise 30-second video. Alternatively, showcase your journey from start to finish, such as capturing the initial weight and transitioning to the end result.

In food-related content, present your cooking/baking process from inception to completion. As a makeup artist, create a timelapse video recreating a trending look.

The possibilities for creativity and content variety in “before and after” videos are limitless.

Appropriate Hashtags

Go viral on TikTok is easy with the right hashtags. Hashtags play a pivotal role in TikTok’s algorithm, serving as the categorization backbone for your content. It’s essential to strategically choose hashtags, distinguishing between effective ones and those to avoid.

To discover suitable hashtags, input a keyword relevant to your niche in the search bar. Select the hashtag option from the column above the videos on the search results page.

Explore the trending hashtags associated with your keyword to enhance the visibility of your content.

Avoid generic hashtags like #foryou and #FYP, as they won’t contribute to your video’s virality. Your content may get lost amid a multitude of similar hashtagged videos.

Limit your hashtags to five per video to prevent overloading your post with excessive tags.

Produce Timelapse Content

Another trending format is the timelapse video, showcasing a creator completing a task from beginning to end, with the footage later accelerated during editing. Whether redecorating a room, building something, or cleaning, this format captivates viewers.

For some reason, people enjoy observing creators tackle even the simplest daily tasks, perhaps finding motivation to do the same. Leverage this and create content like:

  1. Cleaning videos
  2. Task completion videos
  3. Grocery restock videos
  4. Organizational hacks
  5. Home renovation videos

Choose a category aligned with your niche.

Cross-promote on Other Platforms

Undoubtedly, cross-promoting your TikToks on different social media platforms heightens your chances of going viral.

Consider adding reels on Instagram and Facebook, or post a story with a sticker prompting viewers to check out your latest TikTok. This strategy broadens your reach, attracting more eyes to your video — the ultimate goal.


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