How to Create Vertical Video YouTube Ads Easily (2/2)

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With the introduction of smartphones, the number of users shifting to these devices for all of their needs, including video viewing such as YouTube, has increased dramatically. The increased use of phones has also changed the way of advertising on the platform and ensuring a seamless experience on the mobile phone. Vertical Video YouTube Ads have been launched. In the following sections of the article, we will dig deeper into Vertical Video YouTube Ads.

#3: Promote Your App (YouTube Vertical Video Advertisements)

Want to get extra customers to obtain your app? The Promote Your App template generates a 16-second video ad that walks users across the highlights of your app.

This template requires three vertical photos, an app store badge, a logo, and five lines of copy.

As you upload the required components, the storyboard automatically fills in so you may test how the frames flow together. Make certain to follow the automated tips so you will get your message across before viewers have the chance to skip forward.

Then use the identical workflow we coated above to complete the manufacturing process. Select a font and an audio track. Review the video ad earlier than importing it to either your YouTube channel or your ad storage channel.


#4: Drive Product Sales (YouTube Vertical Video Ads)

Searching for an inventive approach to enhance awareness of your merchandise or drive sales? The Introduce Your Products With a Ripple Effect template is designed to introduce your merchandise and generate conversions, making it best for campaigns focusing on prospects who’re further down your marketing funnel.

Though this template creates a vertical video, notice that it requires photos in portrait format. You may crop photos within the asset library so they match the template perfectly. Use the template’s suggestion to include lifestyle photos (rather than product photographs) to optimize advert efficiency.


Then review the suggested font and music track. Be aware that you couldn’t modify the timing of the track so solely the primary 15 seconds of the audio will play in your Shorts advert.

#5: Drive Product Sales (YouTube Square Video Ads)

Vertical video advertisements work effectively with shorts on cellular units. However, if you wish to attain clients on a wide range of devices, this format isn’t the one to include in a YouTube campaign.

To optimize for different display sizes, use the asset library’s square format template, which is equivalent to the vertical version above apart from the picture formats.



Wish to make your video advert stand out with narration? You’ll be able to add voiceovers to this or any video advertisements you create in Google Ads. Within the asset library, click on the plus button. Choose Video and then click on Add Voiceover. For the source video choice, select From Videos You Created in Google Ads and tap in the search box to bring up your asset library creations.


To make use of this characteristic, there’s no have to record your voice. As an alternative, you add lines of copy, and Google Advertisements mechanically generates a voiceover. As you add multiple lines, Google Advertisements mechanically begin the subsequent where the earlier one left off. However, you may modify the beginning times manually to add brief pauses all through the advert.

You even have the choice to regulate the velocity of the voiceover to make sure that you get the message across within the time restriction. Use the Select a Voice drop-down to decide on a voice that matches your brand and offer, and use the amount slider to combine the voiceover with the audio. Then preview and upload the new version of the video advert.


How to Include a Vertical Video in a YouTube Ad Campaign

Google Ads now helps vertical videos for in-video, app, and Performance Max campaigns. Let’s walk by way of the way to add full-screen videos to these campaigns.

Add a Vertical Video to a Video Ad Campaign

To create a YouTube ad campaign, click on the New Campaign button on your Google Ads dashboard. Choose an objective that works with video advertisements. You may select sales, leads, website traffic, brand awareness and reach, or product and brand consideration.

Choose Video as the campaign sort and select the marketing campaign and advert group settings.


Set a budget, select a bid strategy, and construct your target audience. On the advert level, paste the URL for the vertical YouTube video you made and choose a video advert format. Then enter the ultimate URL on your advert and add an optional call to action.


Did you forget to copy the link to your new YouTube video? All video advertisements that you create from Google Ads templates mechanically add to your asset library. At present, there’s no option to open the asset library instantly. But you may open the Google Ads asset library in a separate window and find the video you need to use. Then you may copy and paste the URL into your advert.


Alternatively, you may create a new vertical video advert instantly from this Google Advertisements workflow. Click on the Need a Video? button to open the list of templates within the asset library. Then use the steps we coated above to create a compelling square or vertical video advert.

Remember that Google Advertisements doesn’t permit advertisers to advertise content on Shorts solely. Meaning your advert is also prone to show on YouTube, both earlier than or throughout long-form videos. To take advantage of all of these placements, plan to create multiple advertisements, with no less than one vertical video for Shorts and at least one landscape video for the long-form content.

Insert a Vertical Video in an App or Performance Max Campaign

To create an app or Performance Max campaign, select a supported objective. For the former, select an app. For Performance Max, select sales, leads, or website traffic before deciding on Performance Max as the campaign type. Then full the essential campaign setup, together with budgeting, bidding, and targeting.

Subsequently, arrange the asset group. You may click on the Videos button to open your asset library and select a short-form advert you’ve already produced—like the one you made with the templates above. You may also choose Search YouTube and go to your channel or insert the URL for the YouTube short you need to promote.

Alternatively, you can let Google Ads generate videos for your brand. As of September 2022, Google Advertisements can mechanically generate vertical videos out of your inventive belongings. If you wish to use these autogenerated videos, keep away from importing any videos to your asset group to prompt Google Ads to create one for you.


To take advantage of this autogenerated feature, upload pictures or graphics that translate effectively to a vertical format. Though Google Ads doesn’t presently assist with 9:16 photos, you may add 4:5 photos or crop full-screen photos to a 4:5 ratio.

Remember the fact that both app and Efficiency Max campaigns can show beyond YouTube. Be sure the creatives you select and the copy you write also translate to Discover, Gmail, the Display Network, and different related Google properties.


Shorts ads have lots of potentials, due to YouTube’s ongoing investment in creators and its monetization opportunities by way of the YouTube Partner Program. With these vertical video templates and Google Ads autogenerated creatives, you possibly can simply incorporate short-form video in your YouTube ads and begin leveraging Shorts placements.

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