How to Create Vertical Video YouTube Ads Easily (1/2)

Do you need to promote in YouTube Shorts? Questioning the best way to make full-screen vertical video Youtube ads effective? In this article, you’ll discover ways to create vertical video YouTube ads with 4 easy-to-use templates.

Why Marketers Should Prioritize Promoting in YouTube Shorts

In less than two years, YouTube Shorts has gained 1.5 billion monthly users, representing 75% of YouTube’s monthly consumer base. However, advertising opportunities for Shorts are still largely untapped, with YouTube Shorts ads launching only in May 2022. Despite this, it seems that YouTube is heavily invested in growing the Shorts platform and attracting more creators and higher-quality content.

During September 2022 Made On YouTube event, YouTube announced a renewed focus on Shorts by introducing updates to the YouTube Partner Program and Shorts monetization opportunities. Leaked audio from an internal YouTube meeting also revealed the platform’s aggressive efforts to enhance Shorts’ expertise.

Recently, the YouTube Partner Program became more accessible for short-form videos, with an eligibility change that will roll out in early 2023, making it easier for Shorts creators to join. Moreover, YouTube announced that Shorts creators will be able to benefit from revenue-sharing options on ads beginning in early 2023, with creators receiving 45% of that income based on the number of Shorts views they accumulate.

This renewed commitment to short-form video is likely to attract more Shorts creators and viewers.

For marketers, this means getting ready to take advantage of Shorts ad placements by creating relevant campaigns and producing optimized creatives for vertical full-screen display.

How to Create Square and Vertical Video Youtube Ads Creative Using Google Ads Asset Library Templates

Google is actively creating machine studying technology that automatically reorients landscape advertisements to full-screen vertical advertisements, based mostly on how customers are viewing YouTube. However, if you want to start using Shorts advertisements, you don’t have to wait for this technology to be fully implemented—and also you don’t need to rely on it to reformat your video ads.

As an advertiser, you could have the choice to create vertical video YouTube ads with shorts you’ve already produced. However even when your marketing crew hasn’t had much experience with short-form content material, you still have a simple choice for getting began with YouTube Shorts ads without counting on machine studying.

You may produce Shorts ad creatives effectively utilizing Google Ads’ vertical video advert templates. People made these templates with Shorts’ fast-paced tempo in thoughts that will help you connect with clients in this format. Let’s stroll by tips on how to use the 5 new templates.

You will discover all the vertical and square video advert templates within the Google Ads asset library. Go to your Google Ads dashboard and open the Tools & Settings menu. Below the Shared Library submenu, click on open Asset Library.


When you’re within the asset library, click on the plus icon in the upper-left corner. Choose Video and click on Create Video.


Then scroll through the template library to search out the Shorts ad templates. You’ll discover 4 vertical templates and one square template.


#1: Introduce Your Brand (YouTube Vertical Video Ads)

Ready to create an easy introduction to your brand? The Google Ads asset library Introduce Your Brand template produces a 16-second video, which fits with YouTube’s skippable in-stream ad format. All you want to get began is one logo, two photos, and 4 lines of copy.

Click on Use this Template to start. Give the video a name, keeping in thoughts that the title of the video could also be publicly seen. Enter your brand colors and a square logo before scrolling right down to upload other elements.

Check out the storyboard, which is pinned to the bottom of the display screen. Right here you possibly can see how the elements flow collectively so you possibly can place photos and duplicate them accurately. Use the embedded tricks to craft your message. For instance, this template notifies advertisers when the ad becomes skippable—at which point, the principle message ought to be clear.


Subsequently, click on Image to open the asset library and select photos for the video advert. In case you haven’t added related photos to your asset library yet, click on Upload or choose Website or Social to scan your online marketing materials. Be sure to follow the picture dimension guidelines.

Then write the 4 lines of copy, utilizing the length and messaging guidelines within the template. For this template, begin with the principle message and finish with a call to action. You can even modify the font and weight to match your branding.

Lastly, select an audio track from the royalty-free library. Scan the storyboard to ensure it all flows together, and then click on the Create Video button to finish the ad.


You possibly can either publish the video to your YouTube channel or hold it in a video ad storage channel. After reviewing the video, upload or edit it. Then add it to your YouTube campaign.


#2: Showcase Products (YouTube Vertical Video Ads)

Want to draw attention to your product line? The Showcase Your Products in a News Feed Style template generates a 15-second short that uses copy to call out the features and benefits of your merchandise.

Just like the previous template, this one requires you to enter brand colors, a logo, and two photos. However, in contrast to the previous template, this one makes use of square and landscape formats. You may crop present asset library photos to suit these requirements. Alternatively, you can use the website or social media search tool to search out pictures for your video ad shortly.

Before importing the video ad, regulate the font and weight to suit your branding. Google Ads automatically recommends a choice that matches the template. Then select an audio track to go with the video ad. Open the drop-down menu to see the entire recommended tracks.

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