How to Recreate Lil Baby Beat (1/2)

lil baby beat (2)

Following the release of his mixtape “Perfect Timing” in 2017, Lil Baby became famous. He eventually worked with Drake on “Yes Indeed” in 2018, which brought him into the mainstream. Lil Baby’s voice is frequently replicated yet rarely reproduced. There is no way to get darker than the beats he uses. Aspiring producers have been making an abundance of Lil Baby-inspired beats online and for good reason. Using the sounds that will most closely resemble dark and gloomy vibes, you will learn exactly how to recreate Lil Baby beat in this article.

Lil Baby Chord making progression


recreate lil baby beat

Beats of the Lil Baby have a dark sonic and harmonic element. They frequently include orchestral features like delicate piano arpeggios and strings. Then, just put in an ominous pad and halfway there.

Set your tempo between 110 and 180 bpm when you first begin producing. Depending on what you want, this will differ. Once done setting things up, open your favorite piano VST. Spitfire Audio’s Intimate Grand Piano is one of the best. It has such a warm, dark tone that is ideal for Lil Baby-inspired beats.

C minor – Ab major

Lil Baby’s frequent vocal ranges from F minor, D minor, and A minor. To change keys, feel free to drag those two chords around. Each chord will take up 4 bars at a rate of 150 bpm.

Obviously, you want to play the piano with a dark sound. For the chords, use the lower notes. Think about incorporating a low pass filter and a reverb.


Beats in the Lil Baby style typically involve eight-note and triplet melodies. The chord progression of C minor to Ab major is a great base for simple melodies.

Selecting a few notes from the key’s minor scale will do. Pencil notes in the scale and set the grid to 1/8 or 1/8 note triplets. It’s always ideal to begin on the root note. Keeping the notes closer together will enhance the vibe.

Lil Baby 808

For every 808 and kick pattern, having a simple but catchy rhythm is key. It’s best to begin by playing the chords’ root notes. Use the notes of the scale to link to the next chord at the end of the 4 bars for some variety. Lil Baby-style beats frequently feature the tresillo rhythm in the kick and 808. This is noted as one dotted eighth, then sixteenth, and eighth on the & of beat two.

Consider layering the 808 with the kick drum depending on the samples you’re using. Remember to adjust the 808’s attack time to give space for the transient.

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