In this post, we’ll show you what melody is, why they stick in your brain and the tools you need to write them.

But first, think of your favourite song.

What part of it sticks out in your memory? The chord progression? The bassline?  It’s probably the melody.

Melodies are the most important part of a song that make people remember your songs. But they’re also the hardest to write.

Coming up with great melodies is challenging because it seems like everything has already been done before. Don’t worry, it’s simply not true.

There’s a universe of incredible new melodies out there. You just have to know how the music theory works and then know how to find them.

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Making music with digital tools doesn’t need to be costly.

Actually, you can do practically every essential task in music production utilizing a free software program.

You might need already seen free VST effects and virtual instruments available on-line.

You’ll definitely want a good selection of these, however, the first and most essential tool to make music is your DAW.

However, discovering a free DAW that does everything you want to your workflow may be difficult. There are many them out there, every with totally different options and limitations.

Even so, there are many nice freeware DAW choices if you already know where to look.

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Consider your favorite song. What’s the most memorable part?

The part you’re thinking of probably has a catchy hook, a powerful chord progression and pounding rhythms.

What you’re pondering of is the chorus. The chorus is commonly probably the most powerful section of the song.

An important chorus will get stuck in your head and doesn’t let go. It doesn’t matter in case you’re listening to an upbeat EDM instrumental or operatic love music.

However, how do you write probably the most impactful section of a song? You’ll want many alternative parts such because the hook and a few memorable lyrics to repeat.

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Playlists are how people find music these days. Here are top 10 best playlisting services for growing your audiences as you want to earn money with your music skill.

Playlist is the modern take on the radio station, except now people have complete control over exactly what music they want to hear and others recommend to them.

Some great playlists like Spotify’s Rap Caviar or Today’s Top Hits get millions of followers and often put new artists into the limelight.

If you want to grow your listener base and promote your music, getting your tracks playlisted should be your number one focus.

Of course, your first step for getting your tracks playlisted is releasing them through a digital distributor.

But, playlisting your tracks isn’t easy. You need to be established and have connections to get on playlists, right?

Not always.

Even if you’re just begin with music marketing and have a small following, there’s plenty of ways to increase your chances of getting on a playlist substantially.

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Artistic relationships are essential aspects of creating music, and collaboration doesn’t have to stop when you can’t meet with other musicians in person. Remote music collaboration can result in productive work and great music, however, you have to make a plan and use the right tools.

Here’s how:

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Sampling music is enjoyable, helpful, and inspiring. You hear samples used in almost every genre on the radio. Making music with samples is an essential skill that all the producers need to master.

With modern sampler plugins, DAW software, and impressive libraries of samples such as from LANDR it’s easier than ever to use samples in your tracks.

However, where do you begin?

Knowing where to find samples and the way to use them without legal issues is intimidating.

In this guide, you’ll learn where to find the perfect samples, the way to use them to make tracks, and how to avoid some common mistakes when using samples.

  • What can I sample legally?
  • Where to find your samples
  • How to use samples in your track
  • The way to sample in your DAW

What is sampling?

Sampling is a music production technique where artists take a piece of existing audio and repurpose it into a brand new creation. Artists will use a hardware sampler such as an Akai MPC, a sampler plugin or their DAW to create a sample. These track snippets are usually looped and modified, sometimes beyond recognition.

Sampling originated in the 80s and 90s hip-hop and dance music. However today it’s used in everything from rap, R&B, rock, country, and even modern classical music.

And although some critics have questioned the legitimacy of sampling–the Grammys only recently allowed songs with samples to be eligible for song of the year– so many producers use the method it would be challenging to discover a genre of music that doesn’t use it.

Whether you’re paying homage to the legends of the past or you want to create something unrecognizable and new, sampling is a technique you need in your toolbox.

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