Do Influencers Buy Instagram Followers And How to Check?

In 2021, nearly 49% of influencers buy Instagram followers. Yes, you heard correctly. Having lots of followers might get brands interested in working with you as an influencer. But, it doesn’t always mean you’re genuine or that it’ll work out well, especially if those followers aren’t real. Here, we’ll explain buying Instagram followers and things brands should watch out for.

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Can You Buy Instagram Followers?

Influencers Buy Instagram Followers

Influencers buy Instagram followers, alright then. So can you buy them? Indeed, purchasing Instagram followers is an option, yet it’s not necessarily a wise one.

Why not? Buying Instagram followers means acquiring a quantity, resulting in most of your “followers” being automated or inactive accounts that will either spam your content or never interact with it. Furthermore, they may bring about negative consequences (continue reading).

However, this can be solved by choosing a reputable brand that supplies the best services. We recommend using Build My Plays as a good source for your real and active purchased Instagram Followers.

Why Purchasing Bad Quality Instagram Followers Is Unwise

Spoiler alert: Instagram followers don’t equal Instagram success.

For both up-and-coming and established influencers, purchasing Instagram followers can:

  • Harm their reputation
  • Hinder their progress
  • Lead to an imbalance in engagement and fake, robotic followers
  • Pose a risk of account suspension due to Instagram’s community rules violation

Conversely, brands partnering with such accounts face the risk of fruitless collaborations and wasted investments.

Clues an Influencer Buy Instagram Followers

Suspect an influencer may be boosting their Instagram follower count artificially? Look for these four telltale signs:

#1. Low Engagement Rate

When assessing potential influencer partnerships, engagement is key.

While a low engagement rate doesn’t definitively indicate follower buying, it’s worth investigating. Examine likes, comments, and shares. Compare their engagement to similar-sized accounts.

According to a recent study, engagement rates range from 0.95% for 100K+ follower accounts to 4.21% for those with under 5K followers. Consider this a rough reference. If their engagement is significantly low, proceed to tip #2.

#2: Overwhelmingly Spammy Comments

Want to quickly spot influencer Instagram follower purchases? Glance at the comments!

Comment sections overflowing with generic, unrelated, or spam-like comments, such as endless emoji strings, should set off alarm bells.

If you remain uncertain, consider inspecting the profiles of those leaving comments (further details below).

CREATOR HACK: Eliminate bots and counterfeit followers by reviewing your follower list and blocking accounts responsible for spamming your comments.

#3: Empty or Inactive Follower Profiles

When you check out the profiles of an influencer’s followers and discover that most of them are “ghost” profiles, it raises a red flag for fakery.

Search for profiles with no posts, minimal followers, and little or no activity.

Found these ghostly signs? Congratulations, you’ve unraveled the mystery.

#4: Inconsistent Follower Traits & Interests

Some counterfeit Instagram followers can be quite convincing. Hence, if you have doubts, it’s wise to investigate further.

Our advice? Examine the bios and content (if any) of these profiles.

If a significant portion of them claim unrelated locations or possess conflicting demographics (or interests), the possibility of purchased followers can’t be dismissed.

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