Instagram Posting: How Many Times a Week is Just Right?

the Ideal Posting Frequency for Instagram to Boost Reach and Engagement

Do you ever find yourself wondering how often you should post on Instagram to optimize your engagement and grow your following? Or get into trouble in finding the ideal frequency for posting on Instagram? Well, you’re not alone!

This age-old question has been a subject of heated debate among social media managers, creators, and solopreneurs alike. However, as a cutting-edge social media scheduling and management platform, we decided to take matters into our own hands and dig deep into the numbers to uncover the truth. Armed with over 22 million Instagram feed posts, including images, videos, carousels, and Reels, we embarked on a mission to discover the ideal posting frequency for maximum impact.

So, brace yourself for some fascinating insights, as we reveal what our exhaustive analysis has uncovered!

Is Instagram Posting Frequency Important?

Yes, in a nutshell.

While “consistency” is the buzzword of the moment, being consistent on Instagram is a great way to grow.

But it should also be manageable.

Instead of posting aimlessly, it’s wise to adopt a more strategic approach and carefully consider what is achievable for you or your team. It’s also crucial to understand that different post types have varying levels of effectiveness.

If your objective is to expand your reach, prioritizing the creation of shareable carousel posts or Reels may be beneficial.

Alternatively, if your goal is to foster connections with your followers, putting more emphasis on Instagram Stories could lead to an increase in direct messages.

While posting on Instagram on a regular basis will help you build a community, it’s also vital to:

  • Refine your social strategy and objectives on a regular basis.
  • Identify a realistic posting schedule.
  • Explore various post formats.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your content to determine what works.

What is The Ideal Frequency for Posting on Instagram Each Week?

After examining more than 22 million Instagram feed posts between January 1, 2022, and October 12, 2022, our findings revealed that Instagram users with:

  • Nano accounts (0-10K followers) post an average of 3 feed posts per week.
  • Micro accounts (10K-100K followers) post an average of 3 feed posts per week.
  • Mid accounts (100K-500K followers) post an average of 5 feed posts per week.

How does this compare to Instagram’s recommendations?

In June 2021, Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, suggested posting “a couple of feed posts a week, and a couple of stories a day.” While this guidance may appear vague, it’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

What is the Ideal Posting Frequency for Instagram to Boost Reach and Engagement, Based on Post Type?

Based on your Instagram goals, your choice of post type could be the key to achieving increased reach, engagement, or both.

The reach rate is a crucial metric that reflects the extent of your exposure. While the engagement rate indicates how well your content resonates with your audience.

Our analysis suggests that the ideal posting frequency for maximum reach and engagement on Instagram varies depending on the post type:

#1: Nano Accounts

Our analysis shows that Nano accounts (0-10K followers) have the highest average engagement rates with Reels, with one Reel resulting in an average engagement rate of 3.95%.

If you have more time and resources, posting 14 Reels can increase engagement rates to an average of 4.73%.

Alternatively, carousel posts also generate a high level of engagement, with just one carousel post per week resulting in an average engagement rate of 3.36%.

When it comes to reaching rate, posting more Reels wins hands down

#2: Micro Accounts

Micro accounts (10K-100K followers) often see high average engagement rates with Reels and videos.

To achieve a higher engagement rate, post 20 Reels, which average a 2.99% engagement rate – the highest of all post types.

For comparison, 1 Reel only averages a 1.05% engagement rate. But don’t overlook carousel posts, as posting 1-5 carousels per week can yield an average engagement rate of 0.9% or more.

In terms of reach rate, the more Reels and video content you post per week, on average, the greater your overall reach.

#3: Mid Accounts

Mid-level accounts with 100K-500K followers generally have lower engagement rates than Nano and Micro accounts. Nonetheless, posting a balanced mix of Reels and carousels, like 5 of each per week, can yield an average engagement rate of over 0.74%.

Again, posting multiple Reels per week yields the best results in terms of reach.


Posting more Reels with effective hashtags and keywords can help reach new audiences. However, if engagement is your goal, using a mix of post types such as carousel posts and single images can also be effective.

Remember, quality content is key and it’s important not to solely focus on numbers.

Use this information as a guide to experiment and find the best strategy for your own account.

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