Top Three Priorities on Instagram for 2023 Revealed

Top Three Priorities

In 2022, Instagram prioritized video, messaging, transparency, and creator monetization. However, for 2023, the platform is changing its direction. Read on as we explore top new three priorities on Instagram and how they will impact your Instagram strategy. Hint: It’s all about fostering connections.

Instagram Priorities in 2023

Top Three Priorities on Instagram for 2023 Revealed

Following a year of learning from its experiences, Instagram aims to set itself apart from the competition. What they did is by prioritizing its users’ love for the community in 2023. As stated by CEO Adam Mosseri, “If we think about who we are and what we do… it’s that we bring people together over the things that they love”. Here are the three main areas where Instagram will focus on:

  • Inspiring creativity among its users
  • Helping users discover new things
  • Facilitating connections and fostering relationships.”

#1: Encourage Creativity

Remember the early days of Instagram? Like, when users played around with filters like Mayfair and Nashville without worrying about the perfect feed? In 2023, Instagram is looking to reignite that creative spark by inspiring users to be more innovative. With the release of features such as Reels templates and music in feed posts, Instagram is paving the way for more customizable editing tools for photos, Stories, and Reels. If you’ve been wanting to give your content a fresh look, now is the perfect time to experiment. Once you have a clear understanding of your brand, you’re on your way to communicating your Instagram aesthetic effectively.

#2: Uncover New Things

According to Mosseri, “Instagram should be a place where you discover amazing things every time you use it.” This can only mean one thing: better tools for discovery. Instagram has already been fine-tuning its Explore page algorithm to deliver content it thinks users will be most interested in. Furthermore, users have been able to discover new accounts to follow and posts to interact with by searching for keywords and hashtags. This year, we expect the Explore page to step up and start featuring more trending topics, relevant profiles, and content.

#3: Foster Connections

Instagram aims to be a platform that fosters connections among its users. CEO Adam Mosseri says that the app is no longer just a “lean-back experience.” Instead, Instagram wants to encourage more collaboration and discussion among its users. To achieve this goal, we can expect to see more community-building features, such as Group Profiles and Collaborative Collections. This will allow brands and creators to engage with their followers in a more personal way, whether by sharing exclusive content, creating inspirational boards, or hosting AMAs. With these priorities in mind, Instagram is set to deliver an exciting experience for its users in 2023.

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