The Easy-To-Follow Guide To Make Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos

Last Updated on November 15th, 2018 at 4:00 pm

make GIFs from youtube

Chances are high that you’ve encountered a few of them as you’ve surfed across the Web. Animated GIFs have been round since 1997. They mix a number of photos right into a single file that performs in a loop and conveys fast bursts of brand-related content material. Simply sharable, animated GIFs are present process a resurgence of late as companies search for new methods to attach with their audiences and add a brand new dimension to their social media advertising. So, how to make GIFs from Youtube?

Listed below are a few nice examples of manufacturers utilizing animated GIFs from Youtube to get their message throughout:


It’s Dead-Easy to Make GIFs from YouTube Video

Are you utilizing YouTube for advertising? If that’s the case, you understand that a incredible video that’s optimized for sharing can jumpstart new product launches and add a cool issue for startups trying to make their mark. Do you know that it’s tremendous simple to make an animated GIF from one in all your YouTube videos? Right here’s how:

1. Use your browser to find the video on YouTube that you really want to transform to an animated GIF

I’ll be utilizing this video about a Golden Retriever and her puppies:

Golden Retriever Mum educating her puppies aged 7 weeks

2. Add GIF” to the start of the URL. After “www.” and earlier than “”

Right here’s what I imply:

make GIFs from youtube

Utilizing my instance, I’ll use the handlebar to show:


and hit “return”.

3. You may be taken to this configuration window:

make GIFs from youtube

  • Use the slider choose the portion of the video you want to convert
  • Choose the length (as much as roughly 15 seconds)
  • Add a title
  • Click on “Create GIF”

Voila! You now have a brief clip that you may share on your entire social media platforms!

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