How to Remove the TikTok Watermark?


When you download a video from TikTok, you might notice it comes with a watermark. This logo can be quite annoying, especially if it covers something important in the video or makes it tricky to share on platforms like Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. But no worries – there are several ways to remove that TikTok watermark!

If your TikTok videos are gaining popularity, don’t let that irritating watermark stop you from sharing them on other platforms. You can easily enhance your video content creation using a TikTok logo remover, and the best part is, that you don’t need any fancy TikTok video editing skills.

What exactly is a TikTok watermark?

A TikTok watermark is like a logo stamped on the video, making it clear where it’s from to avoid reposting without giving credit. TikTok’s watermark has its logo and the original poster’s username.

Just so you know, TikTok adds a bouncing watermark that moves around in the video, which makes removing it a bit trickier. But don’t worry, we’ll talk more about that later.

How to remove the TikTok watermark?

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, there are a couple of simple ways to remove a watermark on your mobile device:

#1: Cut it from the video

Cutting out the logo by cropping the video is a straightforward method. However, it alters the video’s aspect ratio, which could result in a black margin if shared on a platform with different size specifications than TikTok.

Cropping may not be suitable for all videos, especially if crucial elements are near the edges. If you’re keen to give it a shot, here are the steps to follow:

1. Start by saving the TikTok video. Tap the share icon (resembling an arrow) on the video. This opens various sharing options, including the ability to save the video. Select Save video.

Step 1 to remove that TikTok watermark

2. Now, launch the video in your Photos app.

3. Choose Edit from the top-right corner, then tap the Crop icon in the row of options at the bottom.

4. Pinch and zoom to adjust the video’s dimensions, cropping out the watermark. Since the watermark moves, you may need to crop multiple areas of your video.

Step 2 to remove the TikTok watermark

4. Tap Done to save your changes.

After cropping the video, play it back to ensure it worked. If not, it’s time to explore other options.

#2: Remove the watermark with an app

Numerous video-editing apps are dedicated to removing TikTok watermarks on both iOS and Android. These apps import the video, effectively bypassing the watermark.

If you search for “remove TikTok watermark” on the Apple Store, you’ll find various apps designed for this task. However, keep in mind that these apps are not affiliated with TikTok and are unauthorized tools created to bypass the watermarking process. They may cease to function if TikTok alters its API.

It’s crucial to be aware that not all of these apps guarantee watermark removal. Some are designed to curate a collection of watermark-free TikToks without downloading them to your phone.

Before diving in, carefully read the reviews. With the growing TikTok user base, more companies are emerging to exploit content creators, making it an ideal environment for scammers with false promises. While most apps have at least a four-star rating, some reviews may reveal a different story.

TikTok review scam app to remove the TikTok watermark

While many of these apps are free to download, they often come with ads or require payment, offering weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions ranging from around $5-20 USD per month. Some are even less than a dollar per week if you opt for a yearly subscription upfront.

If you frequently need to remove TikTok watermarks, consider the subscription if the app proves legitimate (read reviews first). Many apps also provide a free trial period for testing.

These watermark-removing apps often include additional features like scheduling and sharing functions, potentially justifying the cost based on your specific needs.

#3: Use a video-editing tool to remove it

This method is a bit more complicated, and honestly, saving a video without the watermark from the beginning is much easier. But hey, we’re giving you all the options!

Start by searching the app store for a watermark remover tool. Just remember, most “free” tools might bother you with ads or ask for in-app purchases to work. Quality varies, so read reviews and try a free trial before committing!

Once that’s done, the App Store is your playground. We tried with Video Eraser.

Here’s what it looks like in the App Store:

Video Eraser Retouch Removal

1. Save your TikTok video to your Camera Roll.

2. Choose Local video/GIF from the menu options.

Video Eraser Beginner Tutorial

3. Pinch and drag to select the area with the watermark. Typically, these tools let you remove one watermark at a time. Since the TikTok watermark moves, you’ll need to do this in stages.

Eliminate watermark from Hootsuite owly video

4. Save your video. Next, open the edited video and choose the area for the second watermark.

5. Save it once more. Then, export the edited TikTok video to your Camera Roll.

Note that Video Eraser (and similar free apps) can be a bit finicky, so review your final product to ensure it matches your expectations.

Alternatively, you can experiment with an editing tool like Canva to add a border around your video. If you go this route, remember to make the border wide enough to cover any area where the watermark might bounce around.

#4: Remove the TikTok watermark online

If you want to get rid of the TikTok watermark online on your computer, the options are pretty much the same as on your phone.

You can use an app or a video editing tool for removal. The easiest and quickest web-based app we’ve found is MusicallyDown.

Here’s how you can remove the TikTok watermark online using MusicallyDown.

1. Access to in your browser

TikTok Downloader Create Your Free Account Today

2. Enter the URL of the file you want to download

Scroll down past the big ad in the middle of the screen, and you’ll spot a space to input the link of the video you want to download.

Once you’ve added the link, just click on the download button.

Download Link option from MusicallyDown

3. Download your video

Then, select Download MP4 now

select Download MP4 Now on drop down list

Your video will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Double-check your downloads folder to ensure it downloaded correctly and is watermark-free.

#5: How to download a TikTok video without the watermark

If you want to skip the trouble of using watermark removers entirely, then you should learn how to save a video without the TikTok logo from the get-go.

On mobile, there’s a simple way to save your video without a watermark, and it doesn’t involve any app or video editing tool.

While creating a video on TikTok, activate your screen recorder to capture the video on your phone before publishing it. Afterward, open your saved videos, crop, and resize the video for the platform where you intend to post it. That’s all!

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