SoundCloud for Artists, The Best All-in-one Music Platform


An upgraded, all-in-one platform for artists to engage with fans and boost their careers, SoundCloud has introduced SoundCloud for Artists. Everything related to distribution, promotion, monetization, and more is on SoundCloud for Artists. ALL artists are benefiting from SoundCloud’s vision of a more equitable and exciting music future.

SoundCloud continues to be a creator-first platform that focuses on what artists need to grow their careers and thrive. They believe that community building and the development of strong fan interactions are the best ways. That’s why they launched  Fan-Powered Royalties, a new model that enables musicians to be paid based on fans’ actual listening habits. They have now enhanced their commitment to these beliefs with the introduction of SoundCloud for Artists.

What does this mean for Artists?

SoundCloud for Artists, The Best All-in-one Music Platform

Whole new Subscription names 

With this launch, they have given subscription plans new names. These names more accurately reflect their objective of giving artists the resources needed to succeed.

  • SoundCloud Basic changes to Next‍
  • Repost changed to Next Plus ‍
  • Pro Unlimited changes to Next Pro

Click here for more details on the plans.

With these new plan names, you still have the same access to all of your favorite tools and membership advantages. Plus, you do not have to pay any additional fees. These changes are just to pave the way for future releases of new products, features, and services.

All the artist tools you’re familiar with and love, plus a better, easy-access dashboard (at the same price)

Your access to all monetization, distribution and promotion tools is now much simpler with their new, simpler interface. Additionally, with artist insights, you can go deeply into who your biggest fans are and what songs they enjoy listening to.

What’s best? All of your current releases and tracks have already been moved automatically to your new dashboard (which can now be found under your new SoundCloud for Artists account).

Now, with your subscription plan, you get unlimited access to all of your favorite features and tools in SoundCloud for Artists.

Not only that… 

Stay tuned as we will release more innovative new services, features, and products to advance your career.

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