Start to Sell Merch on Spotify

Sell Merch on Spotify

Music and merch are better together, just like artists and fans. With the capabilities that Spotify provided, fans can easily buy your merchandise in addition to streaming your music. So, by increasing your Spotify revenue with merch, you can both develop meaningful relationships with your fans and have a big impact on your financial situation. This article will show you the best guide to sell merch on Spotify.

Fans have excellent reasons to purchase merch all year long, regardless of where you are in your release cycle. The top four explanations for listeners clicking “purchase,” according to our analysis, are:

  • Express their devotion to an artist
  • Remember a memorable time in their lives
  • Present a gift to a different fan
  • Personalize their space with meaningful decor

Now is a fantastic moment to join the tens of thousands of other artists who are already selling on Spotify through one of Spotify merch partners, thanks to a new, inexpensive $5 per month Shopify Starter plan. A setup tutorial for your Shopify store using Spotify for Artists is provided below:

Get Start

Install the Spotify for Artists app from the Shopify App Store if you already sell merch there. You may publish up to 250 items from your Shopify store into Spotify after a quick integration process. You should then choose up to three items to feature on your artist profile within Spotify for Artists. Even though only features three things, Spotify will use the remaining items in targeted promotions across the entire app.

Get Set Up

You want to start over or are new to selling merch. There are two ways to start with little upfront cost.

First, a new, $5 monthly Shopify Starter Plan is available that gives artists quick access to all the tools they need to sell merchandise on Spotify. Check out the Shopify Basic Plan, which has a free 90-day trial and costs $30 per month, if you’re seeking more features.

Next, you can interface with Printful, a partner in print on demand, to create and list new merch without the requirement for initial inventory.

Spotify also offers lots of other cool feature, find out more about their tools here!

Stock Up and Sell

In order to add relevant merch to release pages, Spotify will automatically check the names of each merch you add from Shopify to find things that fit your releases. With  this way, a fan will be able to view related items while looking at an album or single from your collection.

Additionally, your merch options go beyond the release page: When a user clicks on an item, Spotify may suggest up to five more things on the product detail pages. Even if they aren’t listed on your artist profile, make sure to maintain your Spotify sales channel updated with the most recent releases so that fans can see more of what you have to offer.

Your item is available on Spotify 24/7/365 since you never know when your followers will be motivated to buy.

You Should Know

Here are some facts you should know:

  • The first 24 days after a new release is when more than half of all merch clicks come. Give your followers something fresh to promote your most recent music.
  • Fans that follow you, enjoy your songs, or add them to a playlist are accountable for two-thirds of all merch clicks. How can you guarantee that your music and items are in sync?
  • When they first discover you, brand-new listeners are likely to look at your merch. On the first day they listen to you, they’re 7.8 times more likely to click on your stuff than they are a day later.
  • Make sure to have the appropriate merch in stock depending on the month. Since clothing trends fluctuate with the seasons. Sales of vinyl, for instance, rise in April and May, whereas those of outerwear peak in November and December.
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