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Last Updated on October 16th, 2023 at 10:16 am

spotify wrapped 2023

Everyone using Spotify has a chance to reveal their most-listened-to music of the year and discover what others enjoyed. Sharing music is great, and Spotify Wrapped adds its own touch to that conversation.

Artists also get their version of Spotify Wrapped. It’s similar to the user version but shows how their fanbase grew, the playlists they ended up on, and who’s tuning in.

This makes Spotify Wrapped a big chance to connect more with your audience and get them excited about your musical journey.

But what tools can help you make the most of your Spotify Wrapped experience?

In this article, we’ll explore all the features Spotify provides for artists with its Wrapped, and we’ll give you some special tips to maximize their impact.

What exactly is Spotify Wrapped?

Making Moves: Designing Motion for 2022 Wrapped | Spotify Design

Spotify Wrapped is an annual summary created exclusively for users of the popular music streaming service, Spotify.

This recap tailors itself to each user, using real listener data to highlight their top artists, songs, genres, and listener profile.

Designed with social media sharing in mind, Wrapped adopts vibrant formatting, playful graphics, and a narrative-friendly layout. This makes it effortless for Spotify users to share their favorite music and discover the musical preferences of their friends throughout the year.

The Spotify Wrapped event occurs typically in early to mid-December, coinciding with the release of the latest Spotify app update, offering users an exciting feature to explore.

What exactly is Spotify Wrapped for Artists?

Spotify’s Artist Wrapped mirrors the user-generated recap but focuses on providing annual milestones for artists who have uploaded their music to the platform.

An Artist Wrapped might reveal the total streams an artist garnered overall or for a specific track.

Additionally, it can showcase a new release and offer intriguing statistics about the artist’s audience, including location and demographics.

What’s new in Spotify Wrapped 2023?

This year, Spotify is introducing exciting features to better support artists in connecting with their fans through Spotify Wrapped.

A standout addition allows you to create a brief, 30-second video thanking your top fans for their support. This special video will be sent to those who qualify based on their listenership. It’s a unique way to connect with your most dedicated fans, and the high likelihood of them sharing your thank-you video with their followers adds an extra layer of engagement.

If you’re keen, ensure you submit your video before November 23rd. Check Spotify’s page for the specifications your video will need.

How to Get Your Artist Profile Ready for?

Update your upcoming shows on the artist page

Consider updating your forthcoming shows, as Wrapped will showcase any upcoming dates to your fans, featured in both their Spotify Wrapped and your artist edition.

To update the listed shows on your Spotify artist page, simply add them to a partner ticket seller’s website that integrates with Spotify’s upcoming shows tool.

You can list events on platforms like Eventbrite, DICE, Resident Advisor, or similar services for free.

Up-to-date your Artist Pick playlist

As your profile may attract extra attention, consider updating your Artist Pick playlist. Highlight your favorite songs, curate a playlist of your top tunes, or showcase any other projects you’re involved in.

Encourage fans to back you or a cause you care about

During the pandemic, Spotify introduced the Fan Support feature, letting artists seek direct financial support or donate to a cause. Many artists still use this feature that stuck around.

Wrapped promotes the cause you choose for Fan Support. Make sure to update it with something you’re comfortable asking fans to support. It’s a great opportunity to encourage support for something you care about or collect end-of-year tips!

Merchandise Sales with Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Now Has A Merch Hub For All Your Wrapped Artists

This year, Wrapped promotes your merchandise to top fans. It encourages them to support you by buying items from your Spotify profile. If you have new items for sale, post them before November 7th. This is the cutoff date for inclusion in Wrapped presentations for top fans. Even without merchandise, Spotify offers features to ship prints through Printful and sell online via Shopify.

Explore details on setting up your Spotify merch store on their information page.

How to make the most of Wrapped?

To make the most of Wrapped, focus on growing your Spotify audience and engaging fans on and off the platform.

Beyond Spotify’s tools, there are additional music promotion tactics to try. Here are a few ideas.

Use social media to spread the word

As Spotify Wrapped gets closer, be active on your social media. Use all your accounts to create excitement. Share interesting stats, say thanks to your fans, or show behind-the-scenes stuff. Remember, Wrapped is made for social media. The more people talk about it, the more attention your Wrapped content will get when it’s out.

Collaborate with other artists

Consider teaming up with other artists to promote each other’s Wrapped data. This works well if you’ve collaborated on tracks or have a shared fan base. It’s a win-win, allowing both of you to connect with each other’s audience.

Analyze and adjust for next year

Once the excitement of your Spotify Wrapped has calmed down, analyze the data closely. Identify which songs performed the best and find out which countries most of your listeners are from.

These insights are like pieces of a puzzle, providing clues about what to prioritize next year. If a specific song style gained popularity, think about creating more tracks in that genre. If you discover a significant number of listeners in a city where you haven’t performed, it might be time to consider planning a small tour.

Don’t make it all about you

Finally, but certainly not less important, take this chance to express gratitude to your fans. Whether it’s through shoutouts, personal messages, or even a special live session playing your top tracks of the year, make it a celebration of the community you’ve created.

Your Wrapped isn’t just about you; it’s a reflection of the people who have supported you. So, show them some love.

Wrapped up!

Spotify Wrapped is more than a year-end review; it’s a tool that can boost your career if you use it wisely.

From sprucing up your profile to checking your stats, each step is a chance to connect with fans and enrich your musical journey.

When Spotify Wrapped arrives this year, don’t just watch—dive in. Use it as a launchpad for the exciting plans you have for the next year.

There you have it! Now you’re ready to make the most of Spotify Wrapped, turning it into not just a year recap but a guide for the year ahead.

So, go ahead, make your Spotify Wrapped as unforgettable as the music you create.

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