One of the biggest benefits of social media advertising is that you can test, track, refine and target your ads with laser precision. The Facebook pixel is a data-gathering software that helps take advantage of your ads across Facebook and Instagram.

If you are using Facebook or Instagram ads or plan to use them in the future, the Facebook pixel is a must-use device. Read on to learn the way it works, and the key details you need to know about upcoming changes for iOS 14.

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Did you know that 78.4% of contest shares are done on Facebook? And that on average, 34% of new fans are engaged through a contest? Moreover, Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020. As a marketer, these stats are hard to ignore. Social media contests and giveaways are a superb strategy to interact with fans and acquire followers. However, running a contest requires lots of planning. It is not as easy as you think. Today, let’s review all the things you should know about running a Facebook giveaway. First, we’ll dive into the rules. Then, we’ll talk about getting started with your own Facebook giveaway. Finally, we’ll provide you with some ideas and examples to inspire your own contest.

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Why use Facebook Messenger ads? As more and more people turn to private messaging on social media —and since Facebook combined its messaging backend with Instagram — Messenger ads have never been more related.

More than one billion people use Messenger every month,  78% of them using smartphone users to send messages.

At the same time, businesses exchange more than 20 billion messages monthly with Messenger users. (And yet for Gen Z, that’s still not enough: 60% of that age group wish they could message more businesses. Greedy!)

So whether you need to hedge your bets on the future of social, or you’re in the dozens of different ways you can use messaging apps to reach your audience right now, we’re here to explain to you how to use Facebook Messenger ads to converse.

And convert.

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If you’re a gamer who’s trying to build a solid social media following online, Facebook Gaming is the place to be. It’s one of the most famous streaming platforms online after YouTube and Twitch for game players. If you’re trying to grow your reach and showcase your gaming skills, this platform is a great place to start. One of the reasons that make it a great place to start is that it’s not yet as competitive as other platforms. While it may still be a new platform (with about a 3% market share), you can get the advantage of a head start on it because it’s growing quickly. Now, let’s check out this complete guide about Facebook Gaming.

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If your Facebook friends list consists of your aunt, your boss, your ex-boyfriend, and your hairdresser, you probably already know that Facebook’s demographics are far-reaching.

Yep, it seems like no matter who or where you are, you probably have at least one Facebook account. However take a closer look at the numbers, and you’ll discover a more complicated picture of who uses Facebook — and how usage has shifted over the last 17 years.

With constant product updates — and plenty of legal turmoil — there’s always a brand new factor at play in the world of Facebook. (It’s a thrill a minute over there!)

So if you have plans to make use of Facebook to connect with customers, boost sales, or break into new markets, it’s very important to stay on top of the latest Facebook user demographics. Here are the latest and greatest stats.

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