Get More Facebook Engagement with These 2024 Strategies

Last Updated on May 13th, 2024 at 3:33 pm

Making your Facebook page more engaging is key for your social media plan. When people interact with your posts, it helps your business. But it’s not always easy to get more likes and comments. This guide will explain what engagement is, how to measure it, and tips to get more Facebook engagement.

What is Facebook Engagement?

Facebook engagement means when people do something on your page, like giving a thumbs-up, leaving a comment, sharing, or clicking. If you see more of these actions on your page, it shows that your Facebook plan is working well and your content connects with your followers.

How to Find your Facebook Engagement Rate?

You can figure out your engagement rate with a simple math trick:

Facebook Engagement Rate = [(Total Likes + Comments + Shares)/Total Reach] x 100

You can check these numbers on Facebook insights or with other tools that analyze Facebook. On your page, you can easily see these stats in the “Post reach” and “Interactions” parts to find your Facebook engagement rate.

The average rate is 0.063%. Even though it seems small, if you use the 13 tips below, your brand can beat that average.

8 Ways to Get More Attention on Facebook

Boost your Facebook reach with these 13 methods—but remember, Facebook ads are powerful too. Combining these 13 tricks with ads can make sure your business gets seen by the right people on Facebook.

1. Know Your Audience

Understanding who you’re aiming at with your posts helps shape your plan, focus your message, and makes sure your content connects with those who need your help the most.

Start by learning the basic details about who uses social media. For example, Facebook’s main users are:

Get More Facebook Engagement

Make sure this matches your business’s target audience. Then dig deeper. Who benefits most from what your business offers?

For instance, if you’re targeting men in their 30s, make sure they:

  • Use the platform you’re using (check!)
  • Create a plan that suits them
  • Keep them in mind when writing your posts

2. Post at the Right Time

When more people like or comment on a post, Facebook notices and shows it to more people. So, timing matters a lot. Posting when your followers are most active boosts your chances of getting likes and comments.

There are specific times when it’s best to post on social media, based on data. This can help you plan when to post. Don’t just post randomly and hope for engagement.

We suggest using a Facebook scheduler to plan your posts. It helps you stay organized and lets you try different posting times.

3. Keep Posting Regularly

Quality matters, but so does consistency. While some brands post 4-5 times a day, that might be too much for you.

Find out how often your team can post each day or week, and stick to it. Regular posts please the algorithm and help more people see your content. If you post consistently, you’re on the right path.

4. Make Great Content

Your posts should be interesting, enjoyable, and top-notch to get your audience to engage. Many brands limit themselves when it comes to content. Imagine you run a Facebook page for your sandwich shop. Should you only talk about sandwiches?

Definitely not.

There’s only so much you can say about your brand every day. If your content gets boring, your audience will lose interest.

Remember, your Facebook content isn’t just about you. It’s about your audience too. They like you, but they don’t want to hear about you all the time. When you focus on them, engagement goes up. If you’re stuck for ideas, ask yourself a few questions.

  • What’s popular? Talking about trends and current events is a good idea if it fits with your brand.
  • Do you have cool facts? Interesting stats and infographics spark discussions, which boosts engagement.
  • Does your brand have a personality? Facebook loves memes and funny stuff. Humor might not fit every brand, but funny content usually does well.

It’s tempting to talk about yourself, but that won’t get much engagement. Stick to the rule that only 20% of your posts should be about you. Mixing up your content keeps your followers interested.

5. Talk to Your Customers

Boosting engagement isn’t a one-time thing. If someone comments on your posts, reply.

People like talking to brands. Businesses that reply to comments usually get more interaction. Even if you’re busy, replying shows you’re listening. It’s good for your brand and encourages more interaction. If you’re too busy to reply to every message, use a Facebook chatbot or a messaging tool to keep everything organized.

6. Use More Pictures and Videos

Pictures and videos are super popular on Facebook. Facebook loves videos, so it’s best to use them.

Other than links, photos and videos are the most common posts on Facebook. People prefer visuals over lots of text. So, if you want more likes and comments, go visual.

But not all pictures and videos are the same. Using your own content is better than using stock photos or videos from elsewhere. Show off your business’s personality. Big brands often share photos from real life or stories from their employees.

Remember, Facebook is about being social, not showing off stock images. Pictures with bright colors and cool landscapes grab people’s attention. Brands like GoPro do this well.

Facebook likes it when you upload videos directly, not just share a link. So, don’t just paste your YouTube link. Upload your videos right on Facebook. Whether it’s animations, ads, or live videos, posting videos on Facebook is a smart move.

7. Share Stuff Your Fans

Make User-generated content (UGC) is when your followers make content that you share. They love seeing their stuff on your page.

If your fans haven’t given you any UGC yet, try a few things to change that.

First, ask them. Make a post asking for photos or videos of your stuff. You could even make it a game or a contest with a prize for the winner.

Second, you could hire someone to make UGC for you. They’d make content for your page, not their own. It might not be as real, but it’s a good start.

8. Check Your Facebook Stats

Sometimes the best way to get more likes and shares is to look at what you’re already doing right.

If you have a post that everyone loves, figure out why. Maybe it was a funny meme or a cool story.

Instead of guessing, pay attention to what your fans like. Look at your Facebook Analytics to see what gets the most views. You might be surprised by what you find.

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