Trending Sounds on Instagram Reels And How to Find Them

Looking to amplify your Instagram reach through Reels? Exploring trending sounds on Instagram Reels is a great strategy. But what defines trending sounds, and where can you locate them? Plus, how can you identify the ones gaining momentum? We’ve got your back.

Understanding Trending Sounds on Reels

A sound or song earns the “trending” label on Reels when its popularity is surging, indicated by a small arrow next to its name.

Trending Sounds on Instagram

Though Instagram hasn’t officially disclosed the criteria for sound trends, we believe it’s primarily driven by momentum.

If a sound is consistently gaining usage or saves, it’s likely to receive the trending arrow, irrespective of its age.

For instance, @jakeandshelbyofficial‘s Norah Jones cover, initially posted in August 2022, trended on Reels two months later.

Trending Sounds on Instagram

Remember: Focus on the arrow, not just the numbers.

Utilizing Trending Reels Sounds for Business Accounts

For Instagram Business accounts, navigating the realm of Reels audio amidst music restrictions and copyright considerations can be challenging, yet feasible.

We should emphasize that comprehending the legal aspects is pivotal for crafting successful Reels while avoiding copyright violations

If you possess a personal or creator profile on Instagram, you can access an extensive repertoire of Reels sounds. However, encountering ‘This sound isn’t licensed for commercial use” signifies a lack of authorization to employ music from recording artists.

Thankfully, anything categorized as “Original audio” on Instagram is permissible for Business profiles, ensuring access to a plethora of trending sounds. Nonetheless, not all “Original audio” is necessarily stock music — it may encompass remixes or mashups (like this Austin Millz remix utilized in over 100K Reels).

The crux of the matter? We’re not copyright authorities. The determination of which sounds align with your brand rests with you and your legal team. Opting for prudence, sticking to stock music or monitoring creators like Austin Farwell, who crafts “piano audios for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts,” could be your strategy of choice.

5 Methods to Discover Trending Songs and Sounds for Your Instagram Reels

Unveil the secrets to harnessing the power of trending audio on your Instagram Reels for amplified engagement.

Tip #1: Peruse Your Instagram Reels Feed

As you explore Reels, spotting trending songs and sounds is a breeze.

Navigate to Instagram, traverse the Reels explore page, and pinpoint the inconspicuous arrow we mentioned earlier.

Once you tap on the trending sound, you gain insight into its origin, the number of Reels featuring it, and all the Reels that adopted it. Jackpot!

Ready to create? Initiate by tapping the “Use audio” button.

PRO TIP: If the sound captivates you but you’re not ready to film, save the audio for later use.

Tip #2: Explore Instagram’s Weekly Trend Report

The @creators account on Instagram serves as a valuable wellspring of Reels’s wisdom.

Every Friday, Instagram divulges the foremost Reels trends for creators.

Moreover, @creators frequently dispenses general Instagram insights, including algorithm-related facts.

Direct insights from the source? Absolutely!

Tip #3: Draw Inspiration from TikTok

Ironically, scrolling through your TikTok For You Page can ignite your Reels creativity.

For a more niche trend pursuit, delve into TikTok and input “trending sounds” in the search bar.

Filter videos for “this week,” unveiling TikToks featuring creators sharing the hottest trending sounds and their usage tips.

When you discover an appealing trend, note the song and artist. Subsequently, seek it out on Instagram to spot its presence in Reels.

NOTE: TikTok trends usually migrate to Reels a few weeks later, so earmark your favorites to stay ahead.

Tip #4: Follow Trending Reels’ Instagram Accounts

Prefer not to do the trend hunting solo?

Great news: certain creators curate the latest trends, streamlining your content creation for wider exposure.

For instance, explore Reels Tips, an account guiding you through transitions, timing, and edits for trends.

Brands and small businesses can benefit from creators like Sej and Chitra, who offer a wealth of relevant tips and tutorials, including trending audio guidance.

Tip #5: Find Instagram Reels Templates

Leverage Instagram Reels Templates for seamless content creation. These templates come complete with pre-selected audio, ready for your input.

While you can discover templates by scrolling through the Reels feed, trending templates can also be found in the Reels video editor.

Access the Reels tab and tap the camera icon. Then, navigate to the “Templates” tab in the video editor, unveiling a variety of Reel templates, including trending ones.

While we can’t guarantee that these templates always feature trending audio, they often incorporate songs gaining momentum on the feed.

Your best strategy? Save the template for future use.

In essence, mastering trends becomes effortless with the right guidance.

By adhering to these suggestions, you’re primed to effortlessly uncover and integrate trending songs, sounds, and templates into your Reels.

Elevated Instagram engagement is on the horizon. ✨



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