Utilizing Instagram to Enhance Your Business: From Likes to Sales (2/2)

Continue with the guide of how to convert from likes to sales using Instagram strategy.  Are you searching for effective strategies to market and sell your products on Instagram? Do you want to make use of Instagram’s built-in features to boost sales and attract a wider audience? This article provides practical advice on how to convert from likes to sales of your products on Instagram.

#4: Utilize Influencer Partnerships

Want to attract new customers to your business on Instagram? Consider teaming up with an influencer or collaborator! By working with a creator in your industry, you can reach a whole new audience.

To get started, reach out to influencers in your niche and ask them to feature your products in their content. This way, their followers can easily purchase your products with a simple tap on their posts. You can also share unique promo codes or URLs with your partners to track sales.

Another way to collaborate is through joint posts, which will appear on both your account and your partner’s. To tag a partner, simply select the Tag People option in your post composer, then tap Invite Collaborator.

For instance, take a look at @goodiegirlcookies‘ post on Instagram below, where they teamed up with @onehappystomach. The post showcases the blogger’s recipe and includes a product tag that links to the cookie brand’s shop on Instagram.

Paid Strategy to Convert From Likes to Sales

#5: Give Your Organic Posts a Boost

Have your organic posts or reels been driving a lot of sales? Give them an extra push from the Instagram app to reach an even wider audience and increase sales. You can easily do this by tapping the Boost button under any Instagram feed post or from the menu of any reel.

Once you’ve done that, select a goal that can lead to sales. For instance, you can encourage people to check out your Instagram shop by choosing profile visits, or direct them to your e-commerce website with website visits. You can also edit the call-to-action (CTA) or update the website URL if needed.

from likes to sales

Then, you can choose to target an existing audience, build a new one, or let Instagram target people who are similar to your followers. Instagram boosts usually run on Facebook as well, but you can turn off the Allow Facebook Placement option if you prefer to focus solely on Instagram. Finally, set a budget, select a timeframe, and start the boost. It’s that simple!

#6: Boost Your Sales With Instagram Ads

Remember that while you can boost posts that have product tags, you can’t do the same with reminders. If you want to advertise a separate post, you can create a campaign using Ads Manager instead.

For example, in the @bearmattress Instagram ad below, the mattress brand promotes their Black Friday sale. Customers can purchase directly by clicking on the ad’s Shop Now CTA, which leads to the brand’s eCommerce site.

To promote your products, use the sales objective in Ads Manager. If you already have a catalog for your Instagram shop or advertising purposes, you can add it to your campaign to simplify setup. At the ad level, turn on Advantage+ Creative for Catalog to optimize ads for each person.

If your organic content has already generated a lot of engagement or website traffic, you can create custom audiences to remarket to these customers. Alternatively, you can use Ads Manager’s retargeting tools to remarket to people who interacted with catalog items.

from likes to sales

If you still need to build remarketing audiences, start by creating a traffic or engagement campaign in Ads Manager. After launching and running this campaign, you can follow the steps above to create a sales campaign that targets people who interacted with your upper-funnel ads.

from likes to sales

#7: Use Branded Content Ads

If one of your influencer collaborations has proven successful, you can promote their content directly with Ads Manager’s Branded Content feature, as long as the influencer agrees.

from likes to sales

To do this, turn on the Branded Content Ad option at the ad level. Then select your identity and the partner identity, or request a branded content ad code from the influencer. Next, choose from eligible partner content by selecting the Use Existing Post option. Once you publish the campaign, the influencer will be notified automatically to approve the ad.


In conclusion, Instagram offers a variety of tools to promote and sell products, whether through its native features or via your eCommerce website. Use the tactics outlined above to showcase your products, generate interest, and boost sales on Instagram.

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