YouTube Channel Creation 101: Starting from Scratch 2023 (2/2)

YouTube SEO techniques

Welcome to part two! So, you’ve taken the plunge and created your YouTube channel from scratch with a 2023 updated version. Now, it’s time to level up and transform it into a roaring success. We know it’s not enough to just have a channel; you want it to shine brightly and captivate your audience.

In this exciting installment, we’ll reveal the secret sauce to stand out from the sea of content creators and reach your target audience effectively. These battle-tested best practices will be your guiding light as you embark on your journey to YouTube stardom.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got an exclusive treat for you. Dive into our video, where we spill all the juicy details about the exact tactics we used to amass our first 10,000 subscribers on our very own YouTube channel in 2023.

Include eye-catching channel art

Make your channel art and thumbnails count!

Consider your channel art and thumbnails as your own digital billboards, ready to make a lasting impact!

An effective thumbnail not only aligns with your video’s title but also commands attention.

Thumbnails play a crucial role in viewers’ decision-making process as they skim through search results. It’s not just about conveying the video’s content; you must also outshine the competition.

And let’s be honest, the competition can be quite… vibrant.

Bold fonts, vivid colors, and exaggerated expressions have become the go-to elements for YouTube thumbnails. Whether you love or loathe this style, it undeniably captures attention and entices clicks.

So, embrace the power of eye-catching design and create thumbnails that not only communicate your video’s essence but also stand out in the crowded landscape of YouTube. It’s time to make a statement and leave a lasting impression with your captivating thumbnails!

bright colours in YouTube thumbnail

Amidst the visual commotion, seize the chance to be a standout.

Observe the crowd and take a different path. Dare to be distinct! Opt for a unique color scheme or embrace minimalism amidst the sea of neon hues and Impact font.

By breaking away from the norm, you can create a visual identity that captivates and sets you apart.

So, be bold, be different, and make a statement that leaves a lasting impression in a world filled with visual noise.

Select the ideal channel icon

A channel icon serves as a visual representation of your YouTube presence, similar to a logo. It is important for the icon to align with your brand and enhance the overall look of your channel banner.

Vitruvi, an essential oil company, effectively utilizes a minimalist ‘v’ logo as its channel icon. The logo’s design is sleek and straightforward, blending harmoniously with the subdued color scheme of the home-lifestyle banner image.

Essential oil company Vitruvi simple minimalist channel icon

To prevent stretching, choose an icon that fits within YouTube’s suggested image dimensions. To ensure everything looks good, preview your channel on several different devices.

Build playlists

The most effective approach to retaining viewers on your YouTube page is by organizing and curating video playlists.

Mawaan Rizwan, a British comedian, demonstrates this strategy by structuring his channel into various playlists, including categories such as ‘Music Videos,’ ‘Live Performances,’ and ‘Best Of.’ By grouping his content in this manner, Rizwan enables his audience to easily navigate and explore specific themes or types of videos, thereby enhancing their viewing experience.

British comedian Mawaan Rizwan YouTube channel playlists

YouTube playlists not only arrange your related content in a tidy list but also enable automatic playback. As soon as one video concludes, the subsequent one starts playing, minimizing the chances of viewers switching to a different channel.

Make a channel trailer for your Youtube account in 2023

Upon stumbling upon your channel, a channel trailer becomes a gateway for viewers to catch a glimpse of your content. It’s essential to seize this opportunity.

Similar to how Hollywood maestros captivate audiences with enticing teasers for movies like Avengers 7: Tokyo Drift, you can provide your audience with a tantalizing sample that leaves them craving for more.

Imagine the viewer as a complete stranger, so introduce yourself and explicitly state why they should subscribe. Keep it concise, engaging, and dynamic: give them a glimpse of your content’s essence and inform them about the frequency of new uploads.

Produce quality content on a regular basis

It may seem like an obvious statement, but it’s worth mentioning: viewers crave captivating videos.

However, the criteria for what makes a good YouTube video differ from those that would win accolades at a foreign film festival.

According to Search Engine Journal, successful YouTube videos possess attention-grabbing intros, strong branding, background music, and clear audio.

A prime example of excellence is First We Feast, a food-centric channel that excels in regularly publishing content within clearly defined series and recurring features, such as the renowned interview show Hot Ones. They have mastered the art of engaging their audience.

First We Feast channel consistent video content - YouTube Channel 2023

Calls to action hold significant importance as well. Whether your aim is to redirect your audience to your website, boost your subscriber count, or initiate discussions in the comments section, a well-crafted CTA can greatly facilitate those outcomes.

Similar to other social media platforms, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for a successful YouTube video. Some brands flourish with polished, meticulously-produced content, while others gain traction through a raw, unfiltered, and authentic approach. It ultimately depends on finding the right style that resonates with your target audience.

Make your videos search-engine friendly

YouTube is a vast realm, packed with billions of videos awaiting viewers’ exploration, and the influx of content continues at a staggering rate of over 500 hours uploaded per minute. The competition is fierce. Therefore, if you desire your Youtube channel to flourish, discoverability becomes absolutely vital in 2023.

To enhance your YouTube SEO, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure your channel description is concise, accurate, and enriched with relevant keywords.
  • Incorporate search terms in each video description individually.
  • Provide videos and playlists with clear, SEO-friendly titles.
  • Utilize the tag feature to address common spelling errors.
  • Employ your primary keyword as the video file name.
  • Verbally mention your keywords in the video and enable subtitles for enhanced keyword association.

jellyfish video details - YouTube Channel 2023

Recognize your target audience

To create captivating content, knowing your target audience is crucial. So, ensure you possess a clear understanding of your audience persona before embarking on the creative journey.

Who exactly are they? What are their preferences? (And why aren’t they reaching out to me?!)

Once you’ve accumulated a few videos, evaluate whether or not you’re achieving your goals by delving into your YouTube Analytics. Concrete statistics will reveal if, how, and when your artistic endeavors are leaving a lasting impression.

Test out YouTube advertising

Introduced globally in 2021, YouTube Shorts is a recent addition to the platform. These bite-sized, vertically oriented-videos range from 15 to 60 seconds in length. Since its launch, Shorts has rapidly become a highly valued feature of YouTube, amassing over 6.5 billion daily views.

The distinctive aspect of YouTube Shorts lies in its capacity to convert viewers into loyal subscribers, making it an essential tool for both brands and creators. Trying out this feature requires minimal effort while potentially yielding significant rewards. It’s advisable to test any new features introduced by YouTube, as social media platforms often provide algorithmic support to boost the visibility of these innovations. So hop on that bandwagon, if it aligns with your brand’s objectives, of course!

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