11 Trendy TikTok Filters You Have to catch

If you’re a new brand venturing into TikTok or aiming to enhance your short-form video content, creativity plays a crucial role on this popular social media platform. Wondering how to create distinctive and captivating content for TikTok? Look no further than TikTok filters!

Fortunately, if you already have the TikTok mobile app, you’re in luck. TikTok offers a vast array of filters and effects specifically crafted to make your content shine in the feed. In fact, the app provides an extensive selection, making it quite a challenge to choose just one.

Let’s look at 11 stunning TikTok filters and effects that can make your social media posts stand out and help you connect with your audience.

1. Portrait filters

TikTok’s portrait filters are primarily created to enhance videos featuring people, but they can also elevate the appearance of any type of content. Simply browse through the available options and tap on any filter to apply it.

If you’ve already uploaded or recorded your content, you have the option to preview the filtered version before finalizing your selection.


The portrait filters on TikTok are automatically applied at an intensity level of 80. However, you have the flexibility to adjust the intensity according to your preference using the slider bar. Simply slide it up or down to find the perfect balance and achieve the desired look for your TikTok video.

2. Landscape filters


Are you filming on the streets or exploring the beautiful outdoors? TikTok’s landscape filters are here to enhance these scenes and make them truly captivating. Whether you’re looking for vibrant options like Amber or Holiday, or prefer a dreamy atmosphere with filters like Chill or California, these presets are designed to help you set the perfect mood for your nature or landscape content.

3. Food filters


Whether you’re crafting content for a restaurant, cafe, or packaged food brand, TikTok’s food filters can add an extra touch of allure. It’s worth noting that food filters are initially set at an intensity level of 100, so you might need to adjust them slightly to make your content more visually appetizing. Feel free to lower the intensity a bit until you achieve the perfect presentation for your delectable creations.

4. Vibe filters

Perhaps you want to photograph a feeling rather than a specific object or scene. You can completely change the mood of the video by using TikTok’s vibe filters.


Looking to ride the wave of current TikTok trends and engage in lively discussions? The trending effects on the app are an excellent starting point. Simply tap the Effects button before recording your content, and it will automatically direct you to the Trending tab, where you can effortlessly discover what’s popular at the moment. Stay in the loop and easily incorporate the latest trends into your TikTok videos.

TikTok effects - trending

Remember that not every trending effect is appropriate for your brand.

Before jumping on a trend, browse your feed to see how others are utilizing the effect. Then consider how your company can use the TikTok filter to add your distinct voice to the conversation.

6. Holiday effects

If your company offers seasonal products or specials, leveraging holiday effects can help immerse your target audience in the spirit of the occasion. TikTok conveniently provides two tabs for holiday-themed effects. When a specific holiday season is approaching, such as Halloween, you’ll find a dedicated tab filled with themed effects, allowing you to easily infuse your content with the festive vibes of the moment.

TikTok effects - holidays

In addition, TikTok features a Holidays tab encompassing effects for various themed days throughout the year. This tab serves as a valuable resource for brainstorming short-form video content ideas for upcoming months and events. By exploring these effects, you can gather inspiration and create engaging TikTok videos that align with the spirit of different holidays and occasions.

7. Events effects

TikTok effects - events

If you’re looking to initiate a discussion about current events, TikTok’s Events effects offer some useful options, albeit with certain limitations. These effects provide helpful tools for creating content centered around sports, culture, and significant milestone events. While the selection may be somewhat limited, they still allow you to generate engaging TikTok videos that revolve around these topics and spark conversations among your audience.

8. Music effects

TikTok has gained fame for its dance challenges and abundant collection of dance content. However, you don’t need to be a skilled dancer to create this kind of content on TikTok. Even if you’re merely gesturing towards objects or adding text overlays, incorporating dance moves into your videos can captivate viewers’ attention and make your content visually appealing.

TikTok effects - music

To elevate your next dance challenge on TikTok, take advantage of the platform’s music effects. These effects allow you to infuse your videos with vibrant visuals, music, and dynamic movements, adding an extra touch of flair. Remember to use music that is licensed for commercial use to ensure compliance with copyright regulations and create an engaging and legally sound TikTok experience.

9. Editing effects

TikTok effects - editing

Looking to incorporate timeless effects into your TikTok videos? Explore the Editing tab for a variety of options, such as fisheye lenses, rack focus, and portrait lenses. Additionally, you’ll find effects like spin zoom and overlap zoom, which can be used to enhance points of interest or create smooth transitions between clips. Make use of these effects to add an extra touch of creativity and make your TikTok videos visually captivating.

10. Funny effects

TikTok effects - funny

Does your brand exude a light-hearted personality? TikTok’s Funny tab offers a range of effects that can transform your team into fruits, animals, or even place their faces into amusing scenes. Incorporating these effects can bring a fun and playful element to your TikTok content. Whether you’re seeking fresh ways to introduce your team or aiming to make your brand more relatable, these effects can serve as valuable tools in achieving your goals.

11. World effects

TikTok effects - world

By leveraging TikTok’s world effects, you can effortlessly transport your short-form videos into mesmerizing alternate realities. Picture turning the sky into a breathtaking expanse filled with planets and shooting stars, or converting your office or storefront into a virtual Easter egg hunt. These effects allow you to captivate your audience with imaginative and immersive experiences that transcend the boundaries of ordinary reality, making your TikTok content truly extraordinary.

About last thought

By leveraging the right TikTok filters and effects, you have the ability to create visually striking video content that captures the attention of your audience and boosts its discoverability. Start your creative journey by applying the tips mentioned above and don’t forget to regularly review your TikTok analytics. This will ensure that you are consistently refining and optimizing your social media strategy to achieve success for your brand.

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