16 Ideas to Gain Instagram Followers (2/2)

Last Updated on April 3rd, 2020 at 5:29 pm

Gain more Instagram followers

Here is the next part of the series which helps you gain more Instagram followers. In the previous section, we get over 8 ways to get new followers for your Instagram account. And in this article, let’s check out 8 more interesting tips for you.

9. Have a schedule

The secret of success is consistency. So you should create for yourself a suitable posting frequency. Posting too rarely will lead to low engagement and slow account growth, while overposting make you seem spammy and result in losing followers.

The successful Instagram accounts post once or twice a day. Researchers think that is the most effective frequency.

10. Post in peak times

It’s not something you can handle right of the bat. You can, of course, research the peak times that you get the most likes and highest engagement. However, it’s better to analyze your statistics. Why?

Because, trust me, blueberry cupcake pics peak at different times than Victoria Secret models photos!

gain more instagram followers

11. Repost other users’ content with tags

You can observe and note down the times that work best or use tools like Squarelovin and Union Metrics to analyze for you.

There are tons of popular accounts that live off of others’ content. It’s not bad because it’s a win-win situation. The creator gets the credit and is tagged then get exposure, while the reposting account gets ideas and increases its following.

Instagram users were quick to adopt the “reposting promo” even for personal photo memoirs. There is a simple and mostly free advertising way, it is a post for a post. Two Instagrammers collaborate and agree to repost one of each other’s posts by tagging the person and giving a shoutout.

This is a very popular and natural strategy which is used by photographers. The artist posts a photo of the photoshoot and tags the model, they also create content for own account while promoting the other person.

You should take a look at what @samuelelkins does in his IG account.

The model (in this case professional model @mnkata) then posts a part of the photoshoot on its account and tag the photographer which leads to being a mutually beneficial activity.

This same strategy can be applied by any two accounts that have an overlapping target audience.

12. Get your Instagram account promoted on other social media platforms

If you want to gain more Instagram followers fast, this strategy is only for you.

A Buzzfeed employee wrote a perfect example article to promote her social media accounts while being informative and professional about it.

She left the impression that she went the extra mile to do you a favor, to answer the most frequent questions relating her expertise instead of coming off as a salesperson. Readers will not boo you out and, if the article is really good, your post might get promoted.

Don’t limit yourself to BuzzFeed. Dig around, look for blogs in your industry, find think-alike on Reddit, look up Twitter accounts with the same interests. It might not be easy to find the right target and even more difficult to hit the bull’s eye, but once it happens, it can blow up your account overnight.

P.S. If all this sounds like too much of a hassle, you can always skip the lobster night and get a paid article or an add on the very same blogs.

13. Host Giveaways

If everything is done right, the giveaway will become a low-cost promotion and a follower engagement.

@wake.up.nutrition and @eatprotes are work together on this one. Alike, a follow and tag a friend to get a free protein goodie? Anytime!

Giveaways help you increase engagement on your posts and wisely gain more your Instagram followers. There are many different ways to play out this card, so how you plan and organize giveaways is important. You can raise engagement then gain more Instagram followers by asking users to like the post to join in the giveaway. You can also collaborate with other creators and require your followers to like the post and follow the co-host of it and the co-host does the same for you. Or you can just ask them to tag their friends in the comment section. This leads to increase the post engagement and new people will be exposed to your content.

14. Try videos, live videos, and Stories

In this modern life, people have to adapt to information overload. They ignore the information if it’s hard to filter or takes time to grasp. Research shows that 80% of consumers prefer to watch a brand’s live video rather than read a blog, while 82% prefer live video from a brand over social media posts.

Stories, videos, and live videos are effective to introduce your followers to the backstage, show your routine, tell a story, host a Q&A session – it will all add a spark of life to your account.

  • Story highlights, you can use to pitch your account to the newcomers and tell them what you do and why they should follow you.
  • Stories will keep your account name in the air and keep your followers active.
  • Videos can get you highlighted in the explore section just like regular posts.
  • Live videos do magic when it comes to community building.

Popular fashion vlogger @itsmarziapie likes doodling around with Instagram stories by posting bits and pieces of her daily routine as a story. Compared to regular posts, the stories are quick snaps with thoughts, stories or questions, while her regular posts are professionally looking pictures like you would imagine a fashion vlogger would take.

gain more instagram followers

15. Run Instagram ads

A common English saying goes: ”You have to spend money to make money.” And it’s true until today. Instagram ads are a way to simply but effectively grow your account without doing any additional work besides providing quality content. On-network advertising takes little effort as you don’t have to prepare a special format material. The era of ”how to reach the target audience” is over. You just simply pick and choose the characteristics of people you want to see your ad! The best thing about Instagram ads is how naturally they are included in users’ feed without being annoying at all.

gain more instagram followers

The great thing about running Instagram ads is the fact that you don’t have to spend all your savings. You can easily do $10 campaigns and see how much it benefits your account and then decide, whether to increase your investment in the ads or not.

16. Use analytics and keep track

There are many apps and software that can come in handy besides the ones mentioned above. For example, link shorteners like Bitly, Buffer, and Capsulink are excellent tools to track what content brings the most traffic to your links in the bio, where your visitors are coming from and adjust your future campaigns accordingly. Moreover, they allow you to create branded links that can better attract your customers’ attention, build brand awareness and increase your visibility online.




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