23 Clever Ideas to Promote Your YouTube Channel (2/2)

Last Updated on May 18th, 2020 at 2:28 pm

Ideas to Promote YouTube Channel

Continue reading this article to explore more ideas to help you promote your YouTube channel.

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12. Be active in the community

YouTube is all about discovering your niche and building your following within it.

Subscribe to channels that focus on the same viewers like you. Watch, like, and share their content. Leave comments or mention your viewers in your videos.

Not only will this provide you with a better sense of what your competition is up to, but it could also allow you to reach new viewers.

13. Work with brands

Brand partnerships are another strategy to broaden your reach. They will also allow you to come up with new content once you’re stuck for ideas.

However, there’s one golden rule to any successful partnership: Be authentic.

Identify brands that reflect your personality and your viewers’ needs. Does it make sense to partner with them? Will it provide value to your viewers?

If not, keep looking. Inauthentic videos can do more damage than good.

This collaboration between Tasty and Sun-Maid is enjoyable, relevant, and helpful.

14. Respect the community guidelines

YouTube is cracking down hard on inappropriate content because of a rising number of underage users.

Don’t publish anything you wouldn’t want your little brother to see. Otherwise, your video will get flagged and removed from YouTube’s suggestion feature. In case you’re ever unsure, double-check the community guidelines first.

Ideas to Promote YouTube Channel

15. Create a series

Consistency pays off. Publish videos on a regular schedule to maintain viewers coming back to your channel again and again.

Choose a catchy, keyword-friendly name for your series for the greatest results. Create a custom thumbnail to give each video in the series the same look and feel.

VICE’s “News Tonight” keeps subscribers engaged with new content every single day.

Ideas to Promote YouTube Channel

16. Make playlists

Playlists are an effective way to get individuals watching more of your content in one go. That’s because these collections are a bit addicting. As soon as one video ends, the next begins.

Playlists also help with discoverability. Videos in a playlist usually tend to appear in YouTube’s Suggested Videos column. Plus, playlist titles are an incredible place to add key phrases.

You’ll be able to create effective playlists in two ways:

  1. On your channel page, collect existing videos into a group under a common theme. This makes your viewers keep watching videos on your channel.
  2. Gather videos from different related influencers or partners. This makes your viewers recognize that you’re “in the know” and let them want to share your playlists.

This playlist from LEGO keeps viewers watching for hours.

Lego's YouTube playlist-Ideas to Promote YouTube Channel

17. Go live

YouTube is the most popular of all live stream platforms. By creating content that attracts viewers, you can take advantage of it.

Webinars, Q&As, and events all work effectively live. Browsing YouTube Live is another great strategy to get inspired.

18. Add a call-to-action

Include an awesome CTA in your video to benefit from your hard-earned viewers.

Maybe you want to push your viewers to love or share your video. Perhaps you want them to click through to your website. Regardless of the “ask,” the best CTAs are always clear, compelling, and urgent.

YouTube just launched a brand new call-to-action extension for in-stream advertisements. However, there are also numerous free ways to add CTAs to videos:

  • Direct Host-Mentions: Look at the camera and tell your viewers what you need to do.
  • Video Descriptions: Ask viewers to comment, share, or like your video by writing in the description.
  • End Cards / Screens: Add a customizable screenshot to the beginning, middle, or end of the video. These powerful visual cues add punch to your CTA to videos.

Let’s see an example from Hootsuit.

CTA on a Hootsuite Product Update video

19. Cross-promote your channel

Engage people outside of YouTube to build a community around your channel. Link your videos inside your blog, email newsletter, and other social media accounts.

There are many artistic ways to cross-promote that don’t contain posting the identical message twice. However, listed here are some easy concepts to get you began:

Social media

Completely different social strategies work effectively for different platforms.

Brush up on the recommended video specs for every social platform, then optimize your video accordingly. Again, ensure your brand’s overall look and feel is consistent in all places. And make sure you use different captions each time you publish.

GIFs are an enjoyable way to promote YouTube videos on Twitter.


Does your website have a blog? Embed videos in your posts, along with searchable transcriptions. This may increase both video and page views.

You can even use your blog to generate new content ideas for your channel. Use Google Analytics to seek out which posts get the most traffic. Is there a strategy to create a video on that topic?

Embed the result into the post itself. This may add value to your blog while encouraging readers to take a look at your YouTube channel.

Email marketing

The email could also be old school, however, it’s effective.

Create an email list of YouTube subscribers. Then, give them a heads up every time you publish new content. It’s a simple way to increase your video’s view count early on. This, in turn, will kickstart YouTube’s recommendation algorithm.

You’ll be able to take advantage of your email signature too. An easy link to your YouTube channel below your name is a non-pushy way to gain subscribers.

You should use a simple icon rather than a long URL.

Ideas to Promote YouTube Channel

20. Promote your channel, not just your videos

You understand how domain authority impacts page authority? The same is true for videos.

Take advantage by promoting your channel as a whole, as well as your individual videos. Link to your account wherever you can. This may help your videos rank higher in YouTube and Google searches.

21. Take advantage of the holidays

Winsome extra eyeballs by anticipating what people are searching for. Use holidays, popular movies, and trends as opportunities to post related content. You’d be surprised how well this technique can work!

22. Balance trending content with evergreen videos

Upload a couple of timeless videos that your subscribers will return to again and again. Popular evergreen content contains how-to guides, tools and resources lists, stat collections, tip roundups, and more.

This type of evergreen content can rank effectively for years, increasing traffic, and boosting SEO.

23. Find out what works (and do more of it)

YouTube’s analytics are powerful. Use them wisely!

Take a deep dive into your data to know your viewers on a deeper level. How old are they? What languages do they speak? Which video types do they like? Use this info to create content that captures their interests.

When Ryan Higa first published “How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artist,” it was a huge success. He waited three years to launch the sequel, however, it’s now one of his top-performing videos.


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