5 Releases Musicians Need to Know in May

releases in May

Every week, dozens of the latest music products are announced. The gear industry is moving faster than ever and there’s always exciting new gear on the horizon. However keeping up with all of it can be exhausting, especially when you don’t check in regularly. That’s why we’re bringing you the most notable new releases that you should know in May in this guide.

May will be an incredible month for brand new music gear. In this version of Best New Gear, you’ll discover {hardware} synths, sampled instruments, algorithmic reverb, and more.

Let’s get started.

5 Releases You Need to Know in May

1. Korg Volca FM2

korg volca fm2 - releases in May

Korg’s latest entry into its hit collection of mini-synths is an updated version of the beloved Volca FM.

Based on the same wonderful approach to DX-style 6-op FM synthesis, Volca FM2 provides three extra voices, an additional MIDI port, velocity input, and reverb and chorus effects.

It makes the compact module into a mini DX7!

If you slept on this highlight of the Volca series because of its lack of polyphony, now’s your chance to catch up.

2. Erica Synths Perkons HD-01

erica synths perkons hd-01

Erica Synths is famous for its creative devices, effects, and Eurorack modules.

However, the Perkons HD-01 is a particularly exciting improvement from the Latvian {hardware} manufacturer.

It’s a drum machine synthesizer with four hybrid voices, each that includes a digital sound engine with analog multimode filters and overdrive.

Combined with a strong sequencer, flexible routing, and master compression and drive, Perkons HD-01 blurs the line between drum machine and synth.

If you’re searching for a unique live performance and sound design instrument, keep an eye out for it online.

3. Spitfire Audio Polaris

spitfire audio polaris - releases in May

Spitfire is at it again with another creative orchestral VST with cinematic flair.

This time it’s an intriguing blend between synthesized and traditional textures with a distinctive sci-fi slant.

The sound designers at Spitfire used an array of classic synths and samplers to reimagine the orchestra as a digital music machine.

Try it out for icy, futuristic sounds rooted within the familiar feel of the cinematic orchestra.

4. Baby Audio Crystalline Reverb

baby audio crystalline reverb

Algorithmic reverb is responsible for a few of the dreamiest ambient tones of all time.

Baby Audio’s Crystalline Reverb plugin is a superb take on what makes this method of artificial reverberation so enchanting.

Harnessing the power of your computer’s processing resources to create new reverberation textures, Crystalline Reverb has extended features to dial within the perfect wash.

Use the Clean Up section to sculpt the reverb behavior to suit your track and sculpt its tone and feel with the Shape and Reflections controls.

Add robust modulation, BPM sync, built-in ducking and freeze functions as well as shimmer mode and retro digital resolution control and you’ve got an extremely advanced reverb!

5. KMA Machines Queequeg 2

kma machines queequeg 2 - releases in May

There can never be enough fuzz—especially analog sub-octave fuzz.

KMA Machines Queequeg 2 is an all-analog octave with great tracking and a unique fuzzy character.

With options for one or two octaves below, the Queequeg 2 generates fat and punchy analog buzz underneath the input signal.

Use it on guitar or bass for instant “robot rock” textures or try it on synths to add the classic fatness of a sub-oscillator to your sound.

Your new gear obsession

Every musician knows that nice gear can be a source of inspiration.

Whether you’re trying to expand your toolset or level up your core sound, check our blog to update the best music gear releases that matter.

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