7 Features That Will Help You Get More YouTube Views

Last Updated on July 14th, 2020 at 10:31 am

7 YouTube Features That Will Help You Get More Views

Do you know that YouTube is the second-largest global search engine and the biggest video platform of all time?

That is right. Each day, millions of people around the globe visit the site to learn more a couple of topics, discover YouTube content when Google-searching a query, or stream a YouTube video embedded on one other brand’s website.

However, regardless of YouTube’s ginormous viewers, creating a method for the broad platform could be an absolute thriller to marketers.

One of the greatest hurdles brands and new creators typically face is learning the way to pull in solid views for each video. Regardless of the millions of people that use it recurrently, unlocking solid viewership can really feel daunting, impossible, or like a complete waste of time.

In accordance with many marketers who manage video successfully, this content is definitely worth your effort in 2020. Recently, our State of Marketing Report revealed that brands had been prioritizing video overall different varieties of marketing content — together with blogs.

And, as we have seen from a variety of corporations and influencers who pull in millions of views on YouTube each month, it actually is possible to achieve success on the platform. The truth is, YouTube gives lots of tools that can assist you to create the content your followers are craving.

In this blog post, I will highlight seven YouTube features that can help you get more YouTube video views.

Tools That Help Boost YouTube Views

YouTube Studio Features

The YouTube Studio is an all-in-one place the place video creators can go to observe, enhance, and optimize their overall channel. Throughout the Studio, you may discover a Channel Dashboard, Analytics, Insights, Comment Filters, and other tools that may inform your technique. Here is a quick demo of how the general tool works:

1. Channel Dashboard

YouTube Studio is a dashboard that tracks the efficiency of your videos and channel. It additionally will inform you of trends, news, and comments which might be buzzing on the YouTube platform. You should use this dashboard to learn which videos performed well, which did not, or how your channel is progressing. You can also use it to learn about trends or news subjects that may inform your content material technique.

To get to your Studio, merely go to your channel, and click on the blue YouTube Studio button.

Where to find the YouTube Studio for your channel

When you click on this button, you may be sent directly to the Channel Dashboard. This is a look at what it seems like before you truly post videos:

YouTUbe Channel Daashboard

2. Channel Analytics

The Analytics tab of the YouTube Studio offers data about how your videos and overall channel are performing. Whereas this data cannot directly get you views, you can use it to make informed choices about which varieties of videos will achieve more views.

For instance, in case you post a well-made explainer that gets high views and sees high average view instances and then post a product promotion that gets lower views, this would possibly mean that your followers desire to learn more about your brand via the explainer format rather than an over-promotional one.

The Analytics tab will present you a variety of useful data points including (but not limited to):

  • Average view times for each video.
  • Channel-specific views and subscribers.
  • Drop-off factors where many viewers exited the video.
  • View numbers for each video.
  • Demographic details about your viewers and their pursuits.

Here is a quick peek at what an Analytics tab on YouTube seems like:

Channel Analytics tool in YouTube Studio

Other Methods to Get More YouTube Views

3. Search Optimization Tools

YouTube may not have inherently created video descriptions, channel About pages, and video or playlist titles for the sake of SEO, however, these areas are nonetheless incredibly necessary to optimize for the video search engine, and other websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Other than optimizing your content material by filling in descriptions, you can also customize your video or channel by assigning keywords associated with your niche or industry.

By filling out your descriptions concisely and informatively, you improve the chance of web users discovering you once they search content material associated with your channels.

Aside from optimizing your channel on the platform itself, you can also use a number of handy and affordable tools to analyze search keywords you want to target with your content material, equally to how you’ll do web optimization research for a blog post.

For more in-depth guide about optimizing your YouTube channel, check out this great post. You may also watch this video walkthrough from our Senior SEO Strategist Braden Becker:

4. Featured Video or Playlist Autoplay

In your main YouTube channel, you may characteristic a video or playlist that may welcome new subscribers or intrigue viewers who may subscribe to your channel. At this point, YouTube even lets you set a different video for new viewers and subscribers. This implies you may create informative or introductory content material to persuade new guests to subscribe whereas still, that includes more in-depth content material on your present followers who already know what your channel is about.

To replace your featured content material, merely click on the Customize Channel button on your profile. You will land on a page which lets you personalize your photos and your featured content.

Set featured content on your Youtube channel's homepage.

Aside from enabling you to create more personalized expertise for new and returning viewers, featured videos may also pull in views when watched. As soon as the featured video is chosen, you can also set it to autoplay. This may also score you some further views if a customer doesn’t pause the video too quickly.

5. Online “Share” Button

Subsequent time you film or edit a YouTube video, think about encouraging viewers to share it on their social channels. They. can simply do that with YouTube’s built-in share function.

Sharing on Social media with YouTube

6. Cards (Formerly Video Annotations)

For nearly a decade, YouTube has permitted customers to post links to other videos or accredited websites inside a video. This feature, which was previously known as “Annotations” was improved for the mobile experience and renamed as “Cards” in 2017. The Card creator for each video could be discovered within the YouTube Studio.  This is a quick overview of tips on how to set up these prompts:

Aside from pointing your viewers back to your channel or other videos, Cards can be utilized to direct site visitors to your website, and even add interactive options comparable to polls. The sort of internal linking can also help with SEO rankings.

7. Links in Video Descriptions

While you’re writing a handful of blogs, odds are, you may link them to pages or other weblog posts in your website in order that manner you get a number of Youtube views from a handful of visitors. That is no different from YouTube descriptions, which seem under your video.

By adding links to your channel or associated videos, in addition to a quick description of each title, you add to the viewer’s expertise by handpicking content material strategies for them whereas additionally optimizing your video and channel for SERPs.

It is a frequent technique utilized by Lilly Singh, the host of A Little Late With Lilly, and a well-liked YouTube creator. This is a quick look at the description inserted in one of her most recent videos:

Lilly Singh YouTube Description with links

Growing Your YouTube Views

Though YouTube has a list of useful options, you may nonetheless need to create a method in addition to engaging in content to achieve a solid following. Constructing a solid content technique would possibly embody the next steps:

  • SEO or Keyword Research: This may provide help to determine which subjects or keywords are extremely searchable and will inform a successful video’s angle.
  • Content Promotion: As soon as your video is live, you’ll need to take steps to ensure it will get views exterior of just search traffic. Within the video, or in a social media post, encourage your viewers to watch and share with their networks.
  • Tracking: As you launch your videos, remember to look at every part from the Analytics tab to the video comments to learn what audiences like and do not like about your videos. This may assist you to decide what to maintain doing and what content could be valued pausing.


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