Facebook Messenger Bot For Your Business (1/2)


Facebook Messenger Bot is massively valuable to businesses and might be programmed to perform all kinds of tasks. Everything from buyer assistance to constructing model awareness and even acquiring new clients!

What Exactly is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

Typically speaking, a “chatbot” (or “bot” for short) is a bit of software that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate human conversation.

On Facebook Messenger, bots can perceive questions, present automated responses, and perform tasks. And thanks to machine learning, they will additionally get “smarter” with every interaction. They’re a bit like a clever digital assistant!

This machine learning aspect is among the fundamental explanation for why bots have become so popular in the past few years. Whereas bots used to be lifeless and… properly, robotic, communicating with bots at present doesn’t feel almost as mechanical as you would possibly think.

You could have chatted with a bot before and didn’t even realize it!

That’s because Facebook makes use of one thing known as Natural Language Processing (NLP). It permits its bots to parse and understand even the most conversational of language to supply a near-human-like experience.

Whereas Messenger bots have traditionally been used to help customer service teams, more businesses are utilizing them for issues like sales and marketing automation.

That’s because right now’s bots are way more superior than they were once. They may help with everything from qualifying leads to enhancing conversions and making sales.

Why Businesses Ought to Use Facebook Messenger Bots

What makes Facebook Messenger bots such an incredible instrument for businesses is that they’re quick, smart, and, most significantly, they’re flexible!

From responding to buyer inquiries to sending automated content blasts. Messenger bots is a program to carry out all kinds of advanced tasks.

Plus, because bots are always “on,” clients don’t have to attend to get the solutions they’re looking for!

It is a huge deal because based on data from eDigitalResearch73% of individuals prefer communicating with businesses through live chat due to how immediate it’s.

Facebook Messenger occurs to be one of the popular messaging apps in the world (based on Statista, it presently has 1.3 billion monthly active users!), so in case you have a Facebook business page, there’s a probability a consumer will message you to study more about your corporation.

There’s additionally the fact that only a few companies have jumped on the Messenger bot trend!

According to Facebook, there are presently more than 300,000 active bots on Messenger. That’s just a drop within the ocean in comparison with Facebook’s 6 million advertisers. There’s nonetheless a ton of alternative to using a bot to stand out from the crowd.

#1: Enhance Your Buyer Support with Facebook Messenger Bots

In case you’re a bigger model that’s consistently getting inundated with Facebook messages. Integrating a bot with your Messenger account might be a good way to save money and time.

They’ll perceive questions associated with your corporation and supply tons of various solutions, from suggestions and recommendations to FAQs. They will even redirect customers to particular web pages for more info.

Messenger bots are additionally immediate, which is massively valuable in our “always-on” world.

Rather than hiring a buyer support group to help folks 24/7, you should utilize the Messenger bot to answer buyer questions.

Take Fandango’s Messenger bot. When you faucet the “Get Started” button, their bot instantly takes you through the method to purchase film tickets. It’s loaded with a ton of useful suggestions, methods, and recommendations.

One other nice instance comes from Google Ads. Their bot begins by sharing a lead kind, asking what Google merchandise you’re most inquisitive about learning about.

From there, it narrows in on the particular issues you’re dealing with. If it couldn’t correctly answer your questions, it automatically connects you with a “human” buyer support representative.

#2: Make More Sales with a Facebook Messenger Bot

A well-trained Messenger bot may also enable you to make more sales and conversions!

As soon as you discover one thing you want, the bot will instantly open a webpage with the product already in your purchasing cart so you may quickly make a purchase order.

On this approach, their bot acts as a sort of digital sales associate, serving potential clients to discover what they’re most inquisitive about and make a purchase order.

If you choose “Find Your Style,” the bot then runs via several qualifying questions to better assist you to discover what you’re looking for.

As soon as you discover the product you’re looking for, a window opens up where you may fill in your buy particulars and purchase the product!

What’s great about this sales flow is that it takes place solely within the Messenger app. It is a much more comfortable technique of communication than telephone or email.

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