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5 Methods to Drive Traffic and Sales from TikTok (continue)

The way to Drive Traffic from TikTok #4: Spend money on TikTok Adverts

TikTok Ads are presently the only method to add a clickable button to your videos, making them further value for businesses looking to drive traffic and sales from the app.

You may encourage customers to buy now, download your app, or go to your website right from your TikTok video.

Plus, TikTok Adverts give your videos a guaranteed reach. This could be considered a hit and miss when it comes to your organic video content.

Levi is just one model that has already seen success driving traffic with TikTok Advertisements.

According to the recent case study, their product views more than doubled for each product shown with TikTok’s new “Shop Now” button.

TIP: Use UTM tags to achieve a deeper understanding of what content converts into sales in your TikTok adverts!

The way to Drive Traffic from TikTok #5: Accomplice with Influencers and Content Creators

Partnering with influencers and content creators on TikTok is an effective way to extend model awareness and drive product sales on the platform.

However, as with any partnership, it’s essential to understand your targets and discover the proper ambassadors that can assist you to achieve them.

Consider how their viewers align with your audience, and the way genuine their endorsement of your model could be.

That means, once they create content about your model on TikTok, chances are it will be the authentic (and therefore more effective) recommendation.

When you’re unsure where, to begin with, influencer marketing on the app, excellent news: TikTok’s Creator Marketplace is an official platform for brand and creator collaborations.

Supply: TikTok Marketplace

The platform permits manufacturers to find content creator partners based on efficiency data — in addition to facilitating introductions and helping to manage campaigns.

The way to Drive Traffic from TikTok #6: Go Live on TikTok!

When you’ve got over 1K followers on TikTok, you might be tapping into the potential of TikTok LIVE for your corporation.

Going live on TikTok is an effective way to attach with your viewers in a direct and authentic method. This is big for constructing model affinity and trust on any platform.

Hosting a TikTok LIVE may also assist enhance your discoverability on TikTok, as “Top LIVEs” appear right at the high of a person’s Inbox feed.

To go live, choose the plus icon and swipe throughout to the LIVE tab. From here, you possibly can choose a cover picture and enter a title to your broadcast.

Traffic and Sales from TikTok

Whereas there’s presently no method to add a clickable link to a TikTok LIVE. It’s nonetheless a valuable instrument for driving model awareness and sales, particularly when paired with an efficient content technique.

Talking via your latest merchandise and the way to use them. In addition, by sharing your model values, you can humanize your model and encourage sales.

Traffic and Sales from TikTok

In summary, TikTok is full of superior options to assist enhance awareness, drive traffic, and encourage sales for your corporation.

With the proper technique, you’ll be seeing clicks and conversions very quickly!

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