Get More Comments on Instagram: 13 Great Ideas (2/2)

Last Updated on April 7th, 2020 at 4:27 pm

get more comments on Instagram

In the previous post, we found out new information about Instagram algorithm. And 5 effective strategies to get more comments on Instagram. Here are 8 more great ideas for you to increase Instagram comments.

6. Use relevant hashtags.

When you tag in your posts relevant and popular hashtags, these posts appear in searches for those hashtags and the Explore tab. As a research, post with at least one hashtag typically get 12% more engagement or more. Instagram users might organically comment when they see you talking about topics that they find interested in. Or you could combine some of the ideas above to get organic comments.

You can ask your followers to share their experiences of celebrating #SundayFunday and use tons of relevant hashtags to your content to get new viewers involved in the conversation.

For example, let’s see what @hubspot made with Earth Day hashtags:

7. Publish at the right time of day.

There’s a lot of discussions on the most effective time of day to post on social media, And that’s because the answer depends on your industry, your followers, and what kind of content you’re posting.

Here is our advice for you, you should test our engagement rates on Instagram by posting at different times throughout the week. Then you determine your suitable publishing schedule based on these results.

Try to figure out the time when your followers are way more willing to stop and leave a comment to maximize your posts’ engagement every day.

8. Post photos of people’s faces.

We must say that selfies are fun. And they’re great for your Instagram strategy as well.

Georgia Institute of Technology collaborated with Yahoo Labs and analyzed more than 1 million Instagram posts. Then they found that content with people’s faces are 32% more likely to get comments, and 38% more likely to attract likes.

There are several studies about why this is, but the researchers suspected that it’s partly because faces are an effective source of nonverbal communication that people respond to, even as infants.

You can try posting Instagram content which includes selfies or group photos and sees if your audiences like the human side of your account or not.

Here’s an example of how HubSpot incorporated Ellen Degeneres’ face into an inspirational quote post:

9. Post photos of animals.

We all know that animals on social media are powerful. Animals have been popular on the web for a long time, and animal influencers can make as much money as human influencers on Instagram.

You could have animals in your office or a cute picture of your pet, try posting fun content on Instagram with your furry friends and see if your audience likes commenting on animals.

Let’s take a look at a great example where an Instagram user tells people to tag someone that loves puppies:

10. Respond to the comments you get.

Like other social media platforms, responding to comments can make your audiences feel a sense of community. It also seems like you’re really into what they’ve said. Once users get a comment in response, they might continue the comment thread.

Moreover, when people see that you respond to comments, they might comment on the post as well to take place on the discussion or ask a question about your post. This is the best way to gain new comments on Instagram.

11. Use relevant emojis to make captions eye-catching.

While hashtags work to pull your post into searches, emojis will catch people’s eyes to your captions. More eyes on your captions might mean that your overall posts get more engagement, likes, and comments.

When you use emojis, make sure that these emojis are suitable and match with your content and your company. Two to three colorful and interesting emojis are enough. Don’t go overboard with too many of them.

Here’s an example of an infographic with a caption that included an emoji in it:

12. Post more frequently.

Posting more frequently makes your account look active and up-to-date. If you only post once in a while, your posts might get drowned out by other content in the Instagram feed.

When you post regularly and at good times of the day, more people will reach your posts. This leads to an increase in your followers and comments or reaction to your posts.

13. Create a future Q&A and ask followers to comment on their questions.

We now have interesting features such as Instagram Stories and IGTV, we can create live Q&A and promote them by publishing with these tools. If you have a plan to interview someone over a live feed, publish a few posts to promote this event.

For promotional posts, you can ask followers to comment on their questions that they would like to ask the person who’s being interview. You might get a flood of question comments from followers. This strategy also makes your followers feel like they’re directly engaging with and contributing to your content.

Engagement Is Key

Likes, comments, and video views are essential on Instagram because they influence where your posts sit in the feed. Additionally, your content will be discoverable on the Explore tab if a lot of users interact with your posts, so try out these strategies to attract more responses on Instagram.


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