Top 5 Hot TikTok Marketing Questions (2/2)

hot TikTok marketing questions

Keep reading with these hot TikTok marketing questions that make you feel embarrassed to ask.

What metrics can you measure on TikTok?

In TikTok analytics, you can see a full picture of the profile overview of your channel as well as content and follower insights. All of these will help you have a clearer understanding of your brand’s overall performance on the platform so that you can gather learnings to create a fully-optimized TikTok strategy personalized to you.

Your profile overview on analytics will summarise the total number of video, profile views, and followers with an analysis of these views over the past 7 or 28 days. This data can also be found on a day-by-day basis. By jumping into follower insights, you can see more clearly which videos on which days aligned to follower growth. This will allow you to inform your user engagement strategy going forward and make the necessary learnings on where you’re going wrong.

hot TikTok marketing questions

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To figure out your follower conversion rate, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What were your total video views?
  2. How many users visited your profile?
  3. How many people followed your profile?

Content Insights

Content insights are also extremely helpful for brands. With these, you can see post-specific views from the last 7 days and it even shows you which of your videos have made themselves on the ‘For You’ page within this period. By clicking on a specific post, you can find out the total number of interactions and comments received, total shares, video views, playtime, traffic sources, and audience territories.

This will show you great insight into who your audience is and whether your message is going through to the right audiences. It also gives you information about where they are in the world, and whether a piece of content is holding their attention. With this information, you can keep honing the content you create to better target the audience you’re looking for and refine your content creation processes.

Follower Insights

In order to better determine your audience’s engagement with your posts, take a look at your follower insights. There you can see general information about them including the number of followers you have gained or lost over the week. In a similar way to Google Analytics, this section shows you an overview of the gender of your audience, location breakdown, and time when your followers are active on TikTok. This information will help you to focus on the way to best reach your audience and whether you are targeting the right places and people.

The most important area in TikTok analytics to observe is the bottom section, where you can see the videos your followers are watching and the sounds they’ve been listening to. This is invaluable knowledge to have as a brand because it can help you make decisions about what content to make by giving you an understanding of what content is popular amongst your followers allowing you to jump on what content is already working for them.

How do I tap into Gen Z trends on TikTok when I’m around 50?

Despite the majority of TikTok users being between the ages of 7-24, some extremely popular accounts and viral videos include people outside this age range. Some of the most notable are @WashingtonPost, @grandadjoe1933, and the success that was the #blindinglightschallenge that parents would recreate the dance with their kids.

hot TikTok marketing questions

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The reasons why these have done so well on TikTok is because they have understood the behaviors of the platform, its trends, left their inhibitions outside of the app, and put their own personal spins on their content.

TikTok is loved by Gen Z because it gives them an opportunity to see behind the scenes of brands and gives them the chance to see sides of people they rarely get to see. This is why parents, grandparents, and older generations are still able to tap into the app by having fun. And they’re getting involved with Gen Z culture and expressing themselves through their content.

So, to get an answer to your question, you just kind of do it. Your age can not stop you from getting ‘down with the kids’ on TikTok. To help this, we’d recommend being active on the platform and staying up to date with the hot trends. If you go onto your ‘discover’ page, you’ll be able to explore all of the latest trending hashtags and challenges. Start by watching a handful of these videos to find out what the trends are, why they’ve done so well, and think about how you can apply these findings to your own content.

Is there a way for influencers to drive traffic to our website from TikTok? 

Yes, influencers can now include links into their bios or straight into the videos they create. This is especially useful for apps or mobile marketers who are trying to drive downloads. However, this link can lead audiences to anywhere from your website, app, or ticket purchases.

We have seen larger scale companies do this to promote their products, movie trailers, or even advertise an online sale they are having.


No matter what your age or brand, your takeaway from these pointers should be to comprehend TikTok from the inside out. Nobody has all of the answers as TikTok trends are changing every single day. So, the only way to truly make waves on the platform is to be active and show your creativity. Gather your insights and arm yourselves with the answers to the hot TikTok marketing questions and you should be well on your way to building a killer profile on TikTok.

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