How to Schedule Instagram Post like a Pro in 2023

Last Updated on March 19th, 2023 at 5:43 pm

Schedule Instagram Post

Looking to save time and keep your Instagram feed consistent? Maybe trying to schedule your Instagram post in advance is the way to go.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to plan for the ‘gram with the best Instagram Scheduler for 2023 – and the best part is, it won’t cost you a thing! Let’s dive in.

Why Should You Schedule An Instagram Post for 2023?

In order to understand the importance of scheduling Instagram posts, we need to cover the “why”.

#1: Save Time 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, content creator, or social media pro, time is money.

With only 24 hours in a day, it’s essential to save time wherever possible. That’s why scheduling your Instagram posts in advance is crucial.

By doing so, you can free up valuable hours for strategic brainstorming, content creation, and other business needs. Plus, you won’t be scrambling to whip up a post on the spot; instead, you can plan and prepare in advance.

#2: Maintain Consistency

If you were to ask a social media manager or creator about their success, they would likely mention the importance of maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

While it’s not necessary to post every single day (as that may not always be feasible), it is crucial to share content regularly throughout the week to keep your audience engaged.

#3: Strengthen your captions

It’s hard to create captions spontaneously. You could get writer’s block, typos, or miss telling your brand’s story effectively.

But, if you plan and schedule posts beforehand, you can allocate time to brainstorm and write stronger captions.

This involves optimizing your post with highly-searched SEO keywords and relevant hashtags for wider reach.

So, wave goodbye to caption fatigue!

#4: Create a Coherent Visual Narrative

Although the Instagram aesthetic may not be “picture-perfect” in 2023, users will still be drawn to grids that present a coherent visual narrative.

A grid like this one might combine memes and lifestyle posts, or it might use complementary colors:

Instagram feed aesthetic examples

Planning a visually appealing grid can help visitors understand who you are and what you do right away since you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression.

#5: Organize Your Content Calendar

What’s another reason to schedule your Instagram post?

To keep your content calendar in order.

This way, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your content and will be able to identify any gaps or opportunities for the coming weeks.

Are there any social media events or holidays that you can take advantage of? Are you posting a good mix of product and lifestyle photos?

It’s a simple (and effective!) way to ensure that you’re not just posting for the sake of posting and that your content is always relevant.

#6: Post From Your Computer or Mac 

Posting to Instagram from your desktop is an excellent way to save time, especially if you’re already working on graphics and social media assets on your PC or Mac.

When you schedule posts from your desktop, you can review them on a larger screen, write captions with a full keyboard, and easily switch between tabs.

Hello there, multitasker!

Best Practices for Instagram Scheduling

Instagram scheduling has a lot of advantages; here are our four best tips for making the most of it:

#1: Post at Your Best Time 

After analyzing over 11 million posts, it was discovered that the best time to post on Instagram (in local time across time zones) is 4 a.m.

However, because this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, it’s important to experiment with both:

A spreadsheet for manually tracking when you post on Instagram and analyzing the performance of each post.

Schedule Instagram Post 3

#2: Use Appropriate Hashtags

On Instagram, how many hashtags should you use? It’s a question that has sparked a lot of discussion on social media.

We discovered that using 20-30 hashtags for optimal reach and engagement is best after analyzing over 18M feed posts.

However, it is critical that your hashtags are relevant to your content, audience, and business.

#3: Add SEO Keywords to Your Captions

Instagram’s Explore page is always changing, with new and advanced search features being added throughout the year.

For example, to find relevant content, you can now search by keywords (rather than just hashtags):

Schedule Instagram Post

This implies that the Explore page algorithm takes into account both the visual content and the words in your caption.

As a result, by using relevant keywords in your captions, your content may be more easily discovered by anyone searching on the app.

#4: Make a Good Visual First Impression

Instagram is, first and foremost, a visual platform.

While users are less interested in highly polished content, it’s still worth posting high-resolution, on-brand, and visually appealing photos and videos:

Schedule Instagram Post

Ensure that the Instagram content you schedule creates an excellent first impression, whether it’s through bold colors or branded illustrations.

This can help you transform your visitors into potential customers and loyal followers.

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