How to Make Money on TikTok (1/2)


Many individuals already know the way to make money on TikTok, and a few consider it a full-time job. Here are the best methods for earning money on the app.

Are you able to make money on TikTok?

The quick answer is: Sure, you can make money on TikTok.

However, just like painting an image or determining your ex’s ex’s relationship status, making money on TikTok requires a little creativity. Whereas there are official, app-funded methods of earning money, there are plenty of different ways that you could earn money on the platform—even in the case, you don’t have a ton of followers.

Just like social media creators active on different platforms, many TikTok customers have already reached financial success through the app. And whereas TikTok might look like a new frontier, the methods you need to use to make money will probably look familiar.

How much money are you able to make on TikTok?

The stats for the highest-earning TikTok stars (TikTokers? TikTokians?) are fairly mind-boggling.

As is the case for celebrities and small volcanoes, most of TikTok’s best-paid are young and hot. So, is all hope lost when you’ve reached senior status—that’s age 25 and up—on the app? Of course not.

In practically every class, clever of us are utilizing little movies to make huge money.

Who makes probably the most money on TikTok?

  • Dancing queen Addison Rae Esterling reportedly makes $5 million yearly by the app, making her the highest-paid human on TikTok. Following her are Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, who make $4 million and $2.9 million a year, respectively.
  • @jiffpom, a tiny Pomeranian, is the highest-earning dog on TikTok, fetching a median of $12,540 per post.
  • The best-paid fitness influencer is Demi Bagby, who made over $3 million from less than 50 ads in 2020.
  • And on this planet of meals, celeb chef Gordon Ramsay makes the most dough (figuratively) with a reported $3.8 million in sponsored posts last year.

So, blue-sky-wise, a profitable TikTok profile can set you up for life—however even in case you don’t have millions of followers and billions of likes, you possibly can still use it to earn money.

4 methods to make money on TikTok

Technique 1: Partner with a model you trust

Content on TikTok is outlined as content for which you receive something of value. That’s the purpose, right? For instance, a model may pay you to make a TikTok talking about how nice their soy candles scent, otherwise you may obtain a free skydiving trip in exchange for posting about it. (Although we’re not recommending taking any free skydiving provides).

And brands are very a lot interested in entering such paid collaborations. A study on influencer marketing discovered that in December 2019, 16% of U.S. entrepreneurs planned to make use of TikTok for influencer campaigns—however, in March 2021, that number went up to 68%. In other words, influencer marketing is blowing up on the platform.

social media platforms US marketers are using for influencer marketing

Supply: eMarketer

In accordance with the identical research from eMarketer, firms need to associate with folks who have a following that knows and trusts them, particularly within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing social justice actions.

This brings us to a necessary point: don’t search out to associate with firms whose views don’t align with your personal. Your followers might care about your inspirational soup metaphors or how many languages you can speak or manicure, however, they care about your ethics, too.

Here are some ideas for getting began with sponsored content:

Only reach out to manufacturers or organizations you actually love

In case your TikTok is all about your raw vegan journey and swiftly you begin posting about your favorite local burger joint, your followers will see right via you. Not only is this confusing, nevertheless it additionally makes you look like a sellout. So, ensure that your sponsored content aligns with your common content.

Make a press kit in your account

A press kit is like a film trailer for yourself. It hypes up the entire nice things about you (and offers manufacturers good reasons to work with you) and consists of contact info, pictures, and notable achievements. Make them need to see what occurs subsequent, bag of popcorn in hand. Websites like Templatelab provide press kit templates without spending a dime.

Create a couple of non-sponsored posts

Manufacturers will need to see that you’ve what it takes to drive sales to their enterprise. Making a few (non-sponsored) posts chatting up your favorite pair of shoes will make that elusive specialty sock model more likely to need to associate with you.

Use the Branded Content toggle

Individuals don’t like being deceived—and it seems, apps don’t like it both. Tiktok created the Branded Content toggle to ensure that customers have been being clear. In case you’re posting sponsored content, hit the button (or risk your video being taken down).

Technique 2: Accomplice with an influencer

That is the reverse of the primary technique. In case you are an established enterprise seeking to develop your presence (and earn money) on TikTok, reach out to an influencer whose content aligns with your model.

In accordance with this study by Tomoson, every dollar spent on influencer advertising yielded a median of $6.50 for the enterprise, with the top 13% surveyed reporting a return of $20. What’s more, half of the marketers say the shoppers gained by influencer advertising have been increased quality than clients introduced in by different channels, like email advertising or organic search.

In conclusion: influencers, well, influence. Effectively.

In case you’re within the U.S., you need to use TikTok Creator Marketplace to search out the proper influencer for you. {The marketplace} site connects manufacturers with influencers. Any model can join, nevertheless, it’s only accessible for influencers by invitation (for now).

Outside of the U.S. and TikTok-sanctioned market, search for hashtags that align with you and your business (#dentist, #faintinggoats, #thrifting) and scroll by the content. Or, simply discover the app yourself, liking the videos you want and ignoring (or hitting “Not interested”) on those you don’t. The app will begin displaying what you need to see. It’s scary good like that.

Take your time scrutinizing every creator’s page—we’ve all heard the age-old story of the tearful influencer’s non-racism non-apology. Avoid problematic TikTokers. It’s 2021.

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