Increase Your Sales on Instagram With Promo Codes (2/2)

Continue to see how to increase your sales with promo codes. Are you looking to boost your sales through your Instagram following? One effective way to do this is by promoting coupon codes on your Instagram account. Instagram has quickly become a popular platform for brands to market their products and services. And, using promo codes can help you increase engagement and drive sales. In this article, we’ll cover some strategies for effectively marketing with promo codes on Instagram. From creating eye-catching visuals to using influencer marketing, we’ll provide you with practical tips. So, if you’re looking to boost your sales and grow your Instagram following, read on to learn more.

4. Send Promo Codes through Instagram DMs

If you prefer to test the waters before sharing your special offers publicly, there’s a way to do it without revealing the promo code itself. Instead, mention the code in your content and ask your followers to request it in the comments or through a story reply. When someone responds, encourage them to send you a direct message (DM) instead of leaving a public comment. Then, show your appreciation for their engagement and share the promo code or a link to access it privately through DM.

5. Collab with Influencers

Although your brand’s account may have higher-than-average organic reach, it is unlikely to reach your entire target audience solely through your posts. Thankfully, collaborating with influencers can help expand your reach without relying on advertising.

When partnering with multiple influencers, it may seem convenient to give them all the same promo code. However, this approach makes it difficult to accurately attribute results to each influencer. A better approach is to create a unique promo code for each influencer. This way, you can easily track the signups and revenue generated by each influencer. By doing so, you can determine which influencers have the largest reach and which ones are best at driving paying customers to your business. Armed with this information, you can build a stronger and more effective influencer marketing program moving forward.

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Broaden With Branded Content Ads

Looking to amplify the success of your influencer partnerships? Promoting the content to a paid audience can yield even more impressive results. There are a couple of approaches you can take.

One option is to request that the influencer approves your Instagram account for branded content ads. The influencer can grant this permission by going to their Instagram account settings, tapping Creator, and then navigating to Branded Content Ads. They can then add your company’s Instagram account in the Brand Partners tab, allowing you to turn any of the content they created for your business into an ad. Alternatively, you can seek permission to use each influencer post, reel, or story individually. You will need to request approval for each ad from the Individual Posts tab in the Manage Ad Permissions menu.

6. Create Instagram Ads Funnel

To expand the reach of your promo code promotion, Instagram offers several options if your team has an advertising budget. Follow this three-step funnel.

Drive New Customer Reach with Traffic or Engagement Ads

Consider that your potential customers may not be familiar enough with your brand or products to engage with or utilize your promo code. To address this, it’s recommended to begin with launching traffic or engagement ads. By selecting these ad objectives, you can prompt your intended audience to interact with your promoted content. You may direct them to your website or encourage them to view a video that highlights your promotion. While these actions may not lead to direct sales, they do provide an opportunity to inform and engage with your audience, building a list of interested prospects. This list can be utilized to create a custom audience based on landing page visitors or video viewers, allowing you to guide them further through your sales funnel.


Set Up Lead Ads For Warm Customers

To follow up, create a campaign with leads or engagement objective. Encourage potential customers to access your promo code by subscribing through your website, calling your business, requesting it via DMs, or filling out an interest form. If you want to keep your promotion on Instagram only, be cautious of options that link to other platforms. In the ad level, add details about the conversion location. If you want to drive your audience to an external site, enter your landing page’s URL. But if you want to engage prospects within Instagram, you need to create a messaging template or a native lead form.

If you have set up a lead form for your Instagram account’s action button, you can repurpose it here. Note that Ads Manager provides a wider range of options for creating lead forms, including a destination URL that displays after form submission. Therefore, it is typically better to create a new form in Ads Manager.

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