35 Instagram Stats That Marketers Should Know (2/2)

instagram stats

Keep reading for more Instagram stats that marketers should know in 2022. You need to understand these stats that help you to create more effective strategies for your Instagram.

Instagram usage statistics

18. 59% of U.S. adults use Instagram every day

And 38% of these daily guests are logging on multiple times per day.

Better give ‘em something to take a look at while they’re there: ensure you’ve got fresh content going up consistently. Even if you’re not able to log in every day, scheduling tools for Instagram may help you keep on top of your content calendar.

19. Instagram isn’t a popular source for getting news

Only one-in-10 U.S. adults say they search out news on Instagram — and 42% say they straight-up distrust it as an information source. So if you’re in the business of disseminating essential information, Instagram might not be the best place to get your serious message across.

20. Adult Instagram users are on the app about 30 minutes per day

They’re exploring not simply their newsfeed, though: they’re scrolling via Instagram Stories, checking out Livestreams, and watching Reels. Smart brands will deliver something satisfying across all the different features in order that followers are entertained, wherever they’re spending those 30 minutes.

21. 9 out of 10 users watch Instagram videos weekly

Go beyond static photos to delight the cinephiles scrolling via your feed. Here are the favorite suggestions for creating the best Stories, Reels, and Instagram Live videos for your audience from Hootsuite.

Instagram Story stats

22. 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories daily

Instagram hasn’t shared up-to-date stats since 2019 (a lifetime ago in social media years) however it’s likely solely gotten larger. What started as a SnapChat-inspired foray into video has turned into a staple of the platform, and one that provides a lot of opportunities for brands to get creative.

23. 58% of users say they’re more interested in a brand after seeing it in a Story

Stories have sticking power! And another 50% of Instagram customers say they’ve gone ahead and actually visited a website to make a purchase of a product or service after seeing it in Stories.

Need to get in on this action? We really know some hacks for scheduling Instagram Stories so you don’t miss a beat.

24. Brand Stories have an 86% completion rate

That’s just a small improvement from 85% in 2019. Entertainment account Stories saw the biggest increase in completion rate, from 81% to 88%. Sports account Stories have the best completion rate, at 90%.

25. The most active brands post 17 Stories per month

Story frequency is mostly up this year, so if you want to keep up with the highest performers (and ensure your content isn’t misplaced within the ruckus), it’s wise to aim to post a Story approximately every other day.

26. Instagram Stories generate a quarter of the platform’s ad revenues

Even though they may not reach as far as posts, in 2022, Stories ads are predicted to bring in almost $16 billion in global net ad revenues.

Instagram Stories ad revenues worldwide

27. #Love is the most popular hashtag

Perhaps it’s a clue that people on Instagram need to keep things positive and light?

Instagram business statistics

28. 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business

Don’t feel shy about getting your brand involved in social: everyone’s doing it! As Instagram itself puts it, it’s a place to “develop your community and deepen your connection with current and future clients.” Insta regularly introduces new business tools—like shopping functionality and Instagram Live—to help support businesses, too.

29. The average Instagram enterprise account grows its followers by 1.69% every month

While each business account and brand is totally different, it’s useful to know the general benchmark for growth, especially if that’s a cornerstone of your brand’s social media goals. Not hitting that number yourself?

Instagram Business Account benchmarks

30. Business accounts post an average of 1.6 times a day

To break that down even further: for the common Instagram Business account, 62.7% of all major feed posts are photos, while 16.3% are videos and 21% are photo carousels.

Again, every brand is completely different, but it’s helpful to see the competition is (on average!) mixing things up with the sorts of content it posts.

If you’ve stuck steadfastly to a photos-only game plan, maybe now’s the time to start diversifying.

31. 1 in 2 people have used Instagram to find new brands

It’s an unbelievable discovery tool: 50% of people use it to find new brands, products, or services. And 2 in 3 people say the network helps foster meaningful interactions with brands.

Your latest customer could be lurking around the corner… and ready to fall in love with you!

32. 57% of people like seeing polls and quizzes from brands on Instagram

In comparison with other platforms, audiences prefer seeing quizzes and polls from brands on Instagram (and they’re easy to implement using Stories!), so go ahead and speak up: ask your clients what they want!

It’ll make them feel seen, and allow you to feel confident about your business decisions. Win-win.

33. The average engagement on Instagram business account posts is 0.83%

That skews a little higher on carousel posts and a little lower on video, but if you’re beating that benchmark of 0.83%, pat yourself on the back.

Interestingly, as brands grow their followers, engagement rates typically dip. Our digital trends report revealed that business accounts with fewer than 10K followers enjoyed higher engagement than brands with 100K followers. In other words: sometimes less is more.

34. 44% of people use Instagram to shop weekly

Instagram only introduced its shopping feature a few years ago, however, it’s already taken the e-commerce world by storm. According to an Instagram for Business survey, 44% of people use Instagram weekly to shop using features like shopping tags and the Shop tag.

Ready to set up your own Insta commerce empire? School yourself with our Instagram Shopping 101 guide.

35. Instagram’s advertising reach has outpaced Facebook this past year

If paid reach is part of your social media strategy, it’s worth noting that Instagram’s ad reach is skyrocketing past Facebook’s right now. Facebook’s global advertising reach only increased by 6.5% this year, while Instagram’s grew by 20.5%.

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