The 2022 Edition Calendar of Social Media Holidays (2/2)

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In the previous article we talked about holidays for social media. We’ll go deeper into real-life cases where people created impactful posts during these social media holidays. From there you can draw lessons for yourselves.

7 examples of great social media holiday posts

Fenty Beauty: Black History Month

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty kicked off this year’s Black History Month with a little history lesson of its own.

Back in 2011, a Twitter user queried Rihanna’s hair in the music video for her song “Man Down” why it looked “so nappy.” In response, the music and business entrepreneur punched back, saying, “Because I’m a black bitch!!!!” Fenty Beauty introduced a liquid eyeliner with the legendary moniker “Cuz I’m black” seven years later.

The unabashed, empowered line speaks to Fenty Beauty’s brand objective as well as its target audience. We give it a chef’s kiss with Clapback lipstick.

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Knix: International Women’s Day

Knix CEO Joanna Griffiths sent out a supportive message on International Women’s Day… while giving birth to twin girls. It doesn’t get much more on-brand than that.

The article, which is both heartfelt and urgent, reveals the intimate apparel founder’s goals, which include rejecting investors who frown on fundraising while pregnant.

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Food for Soul: Carbonara Day

While we’d all like to celebrate Carbonara Day, it suits some organizations, such as Food for Soul, more than others. Founded by Italian chef Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore, the non-profit organization used its food-salvaging ingenuity with a banana-peel carbonara recipe. Putting the “care” in #CAREbonara day, followers were encouraged to donate and share with others.

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Time’s Up: International Transgender Day of Visibility

This message from Time’s Up, a foundation that fights for victims of sexual harassment, is a profound declaration of solidarity with the transgender community. The little gesture generated more than six times the interaction of the subsequent post.

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Thrive Market: Teacher Appreciation Week

With a gift, Thrive Market expressed its gratitude to teachers. The event also served as a reminder that the wholesale online grocery store provides teachers with free membership all year round.


WWF #WorldWithoutNature: World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Fund, inspired by One Minute Briefs, invited firms to participate in World Wildlife Day by eliminating nature from their logos. The campaign’s purpose was to paint a stark picture of a future devoid of nature.

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As planned, #WorldWithoutNature sparked a lot of social awareness and discussion, including this perceptive comment from climate activist Greta Thunberg:

B Corp: National Beer Day

B Corp chose National Beer Day to promote its certified brewers. These posts benefited from crowdsourcing, since they were able to signal-boost by tagging relevant accounts. B Corp’s National Beer Day events shared the tour-de-force scope of its network by touting breweries by region.

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We hope that these 7 good posts that attract a lot of attention during the holidays will help you gain more information to create effective posts of your own.
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