Social Media Portfolio: Step-by-step Guide

Last Updated on August 16th, 2023 at 5:37 pm

Whether you’re a freelancer in search of clients or a social media manager aiming for your next significant role, a social media portfolio serves as your gateway to a plethora of opportunities.

Here, we present our foremost advice for crafting potent social media manager portfolios in 2023.

What Exactly Is a Social Media Manager Portfolio?

A social media manager portfolio compiles your previous and ongoing work in the realm of social media management. It showcases the projects you’ve overseen, the strategies you’ve formulated, and the outcomes you’ve attained, all presented cohesively through visually engaging platforms like decks, websites, or PDFs.

Is a Social Media Portfolio Necessary?

Social media portfolios are crucial for those seeking jobs or clients in the social media profession. Your portfolio should highlight your best work, notable achievements, and clear campaign impact reports. Here’s a guide on what to include in your social media marketing portfolios.

7 Tips for Creating Your 2023 Social Media Manager Portfolios

#1: Introduce Yourself

The significance of initial impressions cannot be overstated, and a well-crafted introduction sets the tone for your social media manager portfolio.

Our suggestion? Allocate your initial slide or section for a concise description that illuminates your background, passions, and proficiency:

"About Me" social media manager portfolio template.

Finish with a mission statement or an invitation to collaborate, and you’ve set the stage for a fantastic viewing experience.

#2: Embrace Simplicity

In the realm of your social media portfolio, simplicity reigns supreme with the KISS method.

Instead of burdening your slides with excessive details and colors, choose a minimalist design that features your finest work.

#3: Keep It Up to Date

A handy guideline is to offer your social media manager portfolio a gentle update before embarking on a job search or after wrapping up a noteworthy project you wish to showcase.

Consider it a present to your future self – regardless of the scenario, your standout achievements are showcased, primed to attract your upcoming prospects.

#4: Leverage Data

Just like your resume, using specific numbers is the best way to show your impact and expertise.

So, don’t just describe the great work you’ve done—use metrics like follower growth, conversions, and engagement to emphasize your points.

#5: Incorporate Your Personality

Infusing personality into both the visuals and content of your portfolio is a no-brainer.

Why, you ask? Your social media manager portfolio serves as a glimpse into how you can illuminate the online presence of potential clients and employers.

Given that you’re responsible for breathing life into brands online, don’t hesitate to showcase your own personality as well.

#6: Incorporate Testimonials

Leveraging social proof is the ultimate strategy to elevate your social media portfolio. Just a couple of positive reviews are all it takes to validate your work samples.

Even if you don’t have any yet, don’t hesitate to connect with former colleagues and supervisors. This nudge could be the decisive factor for potential clients and employers to select you.

#7: Create Eye-Catching Visuals

Say it with me: Simple and clean doesn’t equal dull and unwelcoming.

To maintain viewer engagement and pique interest in your portfolio, incorporate appropriate visuals.

Whether it’s pie-charted metrics or campaign screenshots, utilize high-quality images to enhance the digestibility of your portfolio.

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