How to Upload Multiple Videos to YouTube at Once

Last Updated on May 4th, 2023 at 5:02 pm


Good news, YouTubers! As of 2023, you can now upload multiple videos to YouTube at once. No more uploading them one by one.

Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of this new feature and save time in your content creation process.

Can You Upload More Than One Video at a Time on YouTube?

So, are you able to add multiple videos at a time on YouTube? Sure, you possibly can add multiple videos at a time on YouTube.

The YouTube upload tool makes it possible to upload multiple videos at a time. This makes it simpler to upload multiple videos at once, as you do not need to upload each one separately. Along with this, bulk importing videos could be very straightforward because of the bulk adding an instrument.

One thing to remember is that each video doesn’t upload at an identical time. That means, in case you upload a number of files, the primary file will undergo the upload process, then the following, and so forth.

With this said, you’ll not want to wait for every video to process before the following video begins uploading. So, as soon as a video has completed the upload process 100% of the way via, the following file will begin uploading, no matter how far along the primary video is within the processing process.

Upload Multiple Videos on YouTube

The method of uploading multiple videos to YouTube is easy. With only a few clicks of your mouse, you will be uploading multiple video files to your YouTube channel at an identical time.

Right here’s the best way to upload a number of videos on YouTube:

  1. Go to the YouTube Studio
  2. Click on the Create button
  3. Begin the upload process
  4. Choose a number of video files
  5. Wait for each video file to complete uploading

Let’s go over this process in more detail.

1. Go to the YouTube Studio


To start, you will have to go to the YouTube Studio while signing in to the channel you want to upload your videos to. You may get to the YouTube Studio by clicking on your profile icon within the top right corner of the display and deciding on the YouTube Studio menu choice from the dropdown menu.

2. Click on the Create Button


After you have arrived inside the YouTube Studio, your subsequent goal needs to be to click on the create button so you can begin the upload process. The create button might be on the top right corner of the display subsequent to your profile icon.

3. Begin the Upload Process


Upon clicking the create button, a new menu ought to appear. From this menu, it’s essential to choose the upload videos choice, as this feature will permit you to begin the method of uploading video files to your channel.

4. Choose A number of Video Files


After you click the “upload videos” menu choice, the system will bring you to a new display. On this display, you’re requested to pick your video files. To upload a number of videos, simply choose a number of files at an identical time. You are able to do this by highlighting every video file, which will be completed by holding the CTRL button in your keyword while clicking on each file.

5. Wait for Every Video File to Finish Uploading


Concluding this process is as simple as waiting for each video file to complete uploading. Remember, files will likely be uploaded within the order that they have been chosen. The primary file you chose might be uploaded first, and so forth. When a file is totally uploaded, it is going to be marked as completed within the upload window.

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