YouTube channel names: 100+ ideas and how to create your own

YouTube channel names

Hi there! Dive into a treasure trove of fantastic suggestions to name your YouTube channel. Our list is packed with simple, creative, and catchy ideas that cater to various interests—whether you’re into gaming, lifestyle, DIY, or something else. Finding the perfect name is like giving your channel its own unique identity, and we’re here to make that journey enjoyable and stress-free.

So, explore our extensive YouTube channel name ideas list, discover what resonates with you, and let’s embark on the exciting process of making your channel stand out in the online world!

What is a YouTube channel name and why is it important?

Many businesses like using Facebook and Instagram for marketing, but they forget about YouTube, which is a really engaging tool. If you want to be a YouTuber, you probably know that starting a YouTube channel is a cool way to connect with people and find new audiences, especially if you’re good at making videos. It also helps more people know about your brand and reach the right audience quickly.

A YouTube channel has a name, just like a TV channel or radio station. Your YouTube channel name shows up on your videos, your channel page, and when people search on YouTube.

If you’re a person making a YouTube channel, use your own name. If you’re a business or starting one, it’s important to pick the right name when planning your YouTube marketing. The name should match your company’s brand vision.

There are different types of channel names to think about using a business name, using a person’s first and last name, using names that show what your videos are about, or using creative and fun names. Whatever name you pick, it should really represent your brand and help people understand what your channel is all about.

YouTube channel name ideas

Get ideas from these names to help you think of your own.

Fun YouTube channel names:

  1. Channel Chatter
  2. Weird N Wacky
  3. Adventures of [Your Name]
  4. Hoops I Did It Again
  5. Don’t Peek
  6. The Grapes of Math
  7. Your Worst Nightmare
  8. Hell on Heels
  9. Miracle Makers
  10. Game of Cones

Catchy YouTube channel names:

  • Beachy Bird

  • Forbidden Food

  • Up Ball Night

  • Captain Fun

  • Gen Z Club

  • EpicPlayz

  • DameWhoGames

  • The Chosen Ones

  • Jamba Juicy

  • Keep Your Twin Up

Unique YouTube channel names:

  • The Procrastination Pro

  • The Weird & Wonderful

  • The Cat Whisperer

  • The Science of Everything

  • The World According to Me

  • The Oddball Philosopher

  • The Rambling Reviewer

  • My Thoughts on Everything

  • My Ramblings

  • My Life in a Nutshell

Cool YouTube channel names

  • Pillaging Pirates

  • Making Waves

  • Gladiator Riot

  • Short Circuit

  • Skater Baron

  • Champion Flossy

  • Chillwire

  • Cool Swag

  • Like a Boss

  • Lively Limitless

DIY YouTube channel names:

  • Creative Trove

  • Art Alert

  • DIY Dude

  • Creative Bazaar

  • Creative Ark

  • Designer DIY

  • Craftsform

  • Arttastic

  • Contemporary Handmade

  • Crafts Mosaic

Tech YouTube channel names:

  • Tech Arc

  • Techly

  • SkyTech

  • Texcellence

  • AccelerateTech

  • Techdo

  • LinkTech

  • Healthy Tech

  • Tech Connection

  • Techist

Business YouTube channel names:

  • Vibrant Business

  • Business Warrior

  • Businessly

  • My Business

  • Business Experts

  • Business Metric

  • Business Council

  • Business Disruptor

  • Business Central

Marketing YouTube channel names:

  • Marketing Shack

  • Marketing Legacy

  • Marketing Pathfinder

  • Future Marketing

  • Marketing Quest

  • Marketing and Co

  • Marketing Days

  • Marketing Hack

  • Marketing Atlas

  • Marketing Rank

Food YouTube channel names:

  • Healthy Food

  • Vibrant Food

  • Food News

  • Foodist

  • Food Library

  • Creatively Food

  • Westside Food

  • Food Warrior

  • Foodadora

  • Contemporary Food

Travel YouTube channel names:

  • Travel and Tasty

  • Travel Experts

  • Atlantis Travel

  • Enchanted Travel

  • Budget Adrenaline

  • Travel Days

  • Trip Tiger

  • Travel Splash

  • SimplyTravel

  • Travel and More

Lifestyle YouTube channel names:

  • Sunrise Lifestyle

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Lifestyle Soul

  • Lifestyle In Color

  • Creatively Personal

  • Lifestyle Library

  • Lifestyle Advantage

  • Real Mom Lifestyle

  • Paleo Family Lifestyle

  • Lifestyle Bear

Fashion YouTube channel names:

  • Exotic Fashion

  • Cutesy Clothes

  • Progressive Fashion

  • Fashion & I

  • Carefree Clothes

  • Fashion Registry

  • Bohemian Bahamian

  • Happily Ever Beachy

  • Contemporary Urban

  • Thrift’s Hangout

YouTube channel names

Check out these real YouTube channel names for ideas. See what makes them catchy, creative, and interesting as you read through the list. Notice if they use cool spelling, play with words, or repeat sounds. Or maybe you like how they share information in a clear and simple way. The titles below have lots of good things that make a YouTube channel’s name great.

01. PewDiePie

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is a famous YouTuber from Sweden. He’s made a lot of money from his YouTube channel and is one of the platform’s biggest stars. His stage name is catchy, funny, and easy to remember, which is why his channel has been one of the most popular in the last ten years. Kjellberg is a gamer and comedian known for his Let’s Play videos.

He explained that “pew” sounds like lasers, and “die” comes from video game characters dying. So why did he add “pie” at the end? Well, it turns out he just really likes pie! The channel name not only rhymes but is also kind of quirky and something a lot of people can relate to.

PewDiePie - YouTube Channel

02. Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time is a popular Canadian YouTube show known for its big, indulgent meals. Just like the name says, they make really over-the-top videos – from the world’s largest lasagna to a huge 20-pound meat lover’s sushi roll. The name is easy to understand and a bit silly, so you know exactly what kind of videos to expect.

It’s not like regular cooking shows. And the word “epic” in the name makes it sound really exciting – who wouldn’t want to watch something epic?

Epic Meal Time - YouTube channel name ideas list

03. 5-Minute Crafts

On 5-Minute Crafts‘ YouTube channel, you’ll find fun projects you can do yourself. The name is easy to remember and shows that straightforward doesn’t mean boring. It tells you that you’ll see quick and easy projects for everyone to try.

5-Minute Crafts - YouTube channel name ideas list

04. Screen Junkies

The YouTube channel Screen Junkies brings a fresh perspective to movies and TV shows, featuring parodies, insightful commentary, original series, and more. The name is catchy, laid-back, and fun, clearly indicating the type of content you can expect on the channel. The relatable title connects well with their intended audience of viewers and creators—a community that fondly calls themselves “screen junkies.”

Screen Junkies - YouTube channel name ideas list

05. Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee -YouTube channel name ideas list

Marques Brownlee started his YouTube channel with the name MKBHD. Later, with over 15 million subscribers, he changed it to his full first and last name. His first name, last name, and the initials MKBHD represent high-definition video. Both using the full name and initials can be good picks for a YouTube channel name.

How to name your YouTube channel: 10 tips

Start with a YouTube name generator

To pick a name for your channel, try a YouTube name generator. It gives you creative suggestions and helps you find interesting words to make your name more exciting.

Start by typing one word into the generator, a word that fits what your channel is about. After that, you can narrow it down by adding your specific job or interest, like being a photographer, horse trainer, or selling second-hand clothes. What you get are cool and interesting name ideas that you can use right away or get inspired by.

Choose a channel name category

As you play around with the YouTube channel name generator, remember to pick a general name category.

YouTube channel names usually fit into five main groups:

  1. Personal Names: Like Marie Kondo or Marques Brownlee.
  2. Brand Names: These are business or company names, such as Nintendo and Vanity Fair.
  3. Category Names: Indicate your channel’s type, like 5-Minute Crafts and Top Hits Music.
  4. Descriptive Names: Using words that describe, such as Tasty and Epic Meal Time.
  5. Creative Names: Some are just playful or creative word combinations, like Cocomelon and Pewdiepie.

Whether you use the generator or come up with a name yourself, thinking about these categories can help you find the name you want.

Describe your topic

Even if your channel has a funny name, it should still give people an idea of what your videos are about. But, it doesn’t mean your channel name has to be boring. You want to find a balance between being creative and describing your content.

To do this, think about the first words that come to mind when you think about the videos you want on your channel. These words can directly tell or give a hint about what your channel is about. For example, if your channel is about indoor plants, you don’t have to use the word “plants”; you could use words like greenery, jungle, or oasis.

Also, think about words that describe your channel’s style. A good choice is the slang word “epic,” meaning that the content is really impressive or larger-than-life.

Think about how these words make people feel. “Epic” is more attention-grabbing than “impressive.” It’s laid-back, exciting, and makes people want to click. When you’re thinking up ideas, be creative by finding other words that mean the same as the ones on your list.

Use name modeling

Check out names of channels you like and notice some patterns. Think about what makes these names special, like:

  • Mixing two words
  • Making a joke
  • Using the same starting sounds (alliteration)
  • Putting initials together (concatenation)
  • Adding an ending like -ly or & Co-
  • Using an animal’s name
  • Putting in a first or last name
  • Spelling things in a unique way

See what kinds of names you enjoy and use them as ideas when creating your own YouTube channel name.

Experiment with wordplay

Having fun with words is a great way to come up with an awesome YouTube channel name. Think about cool word tricks, like a catchy phrase that starts with the same sound, a funny joke, or a memorable rhyme. If you’re not sure where to start, this pun generator can give you some creative ideas.

Make it memorable

If your YouTube channel name is too plain or not clear, people might not notice it. To make it interesting and easy to click, add something personal and unique.

Do you have a nickname or something you really like? Maybe a favorite trait, hobby, animal, or a joke only you get? Try adding these things to your channel’s name in a natural way. Just make sure it still makes sense and tells people what your channel is about. Mixing these personal things with clear words can make your name really stand out.

Keep it short and simple

Making a good YouTube channel involves picking a short name because longer ones are easy to forget. Even though YouTube lets you have names with up to 60 letters, that’s too much for it to be catchy. It’s better to go for a name with just 2–3 words.

Also, don’t make the spelling of your name too tricky. If it’s hard to spell, people might have a tough time finding your channel, and it might be confusing to say. There are some exceptions, like the name Marshmello, which is easy to remember even though it’s spelled a bit differently. You can try playing with the spelling, but keep it simple and easy to understand (something like Marshmelleau would be too hard to read).

Consider global translations

Since YouTube viewers come from all over the world, it’s essential to ensure that your channel name doesn’t have words that might be inappropriate or off-putting in another language (check out Wix’s street interview in Germany for a playful example). Whatever name you decide on, take a moment to do a quick check to make sure it won’t upset anyone on the other side of the globe.

Avoid numbers

If the name you want is already used, you might think about just adding numbers to it. But, that’s not a good idea. It makes your brand less easy to remember and doesn’t look professional. Instead, think of some other names and try finding words that mean the same thing to make a special YouTube channel name.

Don’t forget to capitalize

Making sure you use capital letters correctly in your channel name makes it look cooler and more professional. Just look at the difference between “spiderman” and “SpiderMan,” or “creative kitchen” and “Creative Kitchen.” Which one do you think would catch your eye on YouTube?

Capital letters also help when you’re putting words together. Compare “Tech Growth,” “techgrowth,” and “TechGrowth.” The last one looks snappier and more likely to get clicked.

How to change your YouTube name

How to change your YouTube name

Not liking your current YouTube name? Or maybe you’ve got a better one in mind? Changing your YouTube name is pretty easy. Here’s what Google says you should do:

  1. Go to YouTube Studio, which is Google’s dashboard for creators.
  2. Click on “Customization” on the left side.
  3. Select “Basic Info” from the top menu.
  4. Click the pencil symbol to start editing.
  5. Type your new channel name in the “Name” box.
  6. Click the “Publish” button on the right.

Your changes will happen by themselves, but YouTube says it might take a few days for the new name to show up everywhere on the site.


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