Easiest Way to Get On Instagram Explore Page in 2023

get on instagram explore page

One of Instagram’s most underrated discovery tools is getting featured on the Explore Page. The Explore Page, which is an algorithm-curated content feed, can help you in reaching the proper audience and increasing engagement. How then can you get on Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram Explore Page Algorithm Explain

Every Explore Page is unique due to Instagram’s user-by-user content curation algorithm. They track the types of content users frequently interact with. Then the algorithm displays relevant posts on the users’ Explore Page. Its goal is “to help you discover new things”. Thus, Instagram claims that content on the Explore Page only originates from accounts you don’t already follow.

In light of this, earning a coveted spot on Instagram’s Explore Page can significantly increase the engagement of your content. Especially since you’ll be reaching users who already interact with similar posts or videos.

Get On Instagram Explore Page

get on instagram explore pageBased on two main criteria, Explore Page chooses what content to show users:

  • What kinds of posts a user has watched recently
  • The amount of interaction (likes, comments, and shares) a relevant post has

TL;DR: Making your posts as engaging as you can is the best way to get them onto the Instagram Explore Page.

However, there are more things you may do to improve your chances. Check out these strategies below.

1. Explore your own Explore Page

Take a step back and conduct some research before you begin producing new content. Spend some time looking over your personal Explore Page and ask yourself:

  • What posts are featured
  • In what hashtags and keywords are the captions used?
  • Why are these posts so engaging to read?

You can use this as a starting point for your own content strategy at some point.

2. Making Reels

It’s no secret that Instagram gives Reels priority. Making Reels a significant part of your plan in 2023 is crucial, especially if you want to appear on the Explore Page. The popular video feature isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

3. Post in the best time

Throughout the week, the average best times to post on Instagram are: 

  • Monday: 5 AM
  • Tuesday: 6 AM
  • Wednesday: 6 AM
  • Thursday: 5 AM
  • Friday: 6 AM
  • Saturday: 6 AM
  • Sunday: 6 AM

Talk about a double win: you can enhance engagement this way and raise your chances of appearing on the Explore Page.

4. Utilizing Hashtags

The fact that hashtags aren’t as popular as they were in 2012. Though they are still an important strategy for discoverability and improving your chances of being featured on the Explore Page. Consider using them to label your material. Even if you don’t use hashtags, Instagram will do its best to appropriately categorize your posts, although doing so makes it easier for the algorithm. Additionally, it makes it simpler for Instagram to show your posts to the users that are most appropriate.

5. Pay attention to your Caption

The top Instagram captions include these:

  • A compelling first line that introduces the subject and pushes you to keep reading
  • A clear call to action (let viewers know you want them to visit your website or leave a comment, for example!)
  • Use simple, descriptive language that is understandable to the average user.
  • A unified voice so your audience can distinguish you from competing companies.

Even though each of the above is significant, getting onto Instagram’s Explore Page most importantly requires the third.


Here are the five different strategies to improve your chances of appearing on the Instagram Explore Page (and getting more engagement too). Experiment Reels, try new things, create a caption, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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