Top Best Tiktok Marketing Agencies Updated 2023

Top Best Tiktok Marketing Agencies

TikTok became one of the most popular apps on the internet in 2021 when its monthly users surpassed 1 billion. Thus, there is a great need for agencies that specialize in TikTok marketing. We’ll go through case studies from the best certified TikTok marketing agencies in this post to see how they use TikTok to grow their clients’ brands.

Top TikTok marketing agencies

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top TikTok advertising agencies. Let’s see how they went about creating effective client campaigns:

1. Incubeta

General information: An international digital marketing agency. They also offer services like consultation, media services, and creative development.

Case study: Fantastic Furniture 

Fantastic Furniture is a well-known furniture and bedding retailer in Australia. The company wanted to utilize TikTok to improve audience engagement and drive traffic to its website.

Incubeta and Fantastic Furniture collaborated to produce TikTok content. To produce DIY room transformation videos, the agency worked with content creators @brookestyless and @georgieandzac. Surprisingly, the dude’s approach with unique content was a huge success. These sponsored videos have helped Fantastic Furniture to reach a new, younger audience.

2. Whalar

General information: An international firm seeking creators with offices in Australia, Germany, Spain, the US, and the UK. They provide services including brand partnerships and talent management.

Case study: Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups wanted to leverage TikTok to reach a new audience in the UK during Halloween.

They collaborated with Whalar to produce some fantastically frightening ads for the Halloween season. Their Halloween campaign is a perfect illustration of what may occur when content is successfully aligned with a community. The brand association was 5.7%, while brand recall was 42.6%, demonstrating the campaign’s success.

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3. VMG Digital

General information: An international provider of creative services with a focus on sponsored video ads and video content. Furthermore, they concentrate on optimizing for mobile.

Case study: Samsung

In the Vietnamese market, Samsung aimed to introduce its new Galaxy Z Fold3 | Z Flip3 to Millennials and Gen Z.

Then, they developed the #VuDieuGapMo (Folding Dance) branded hashtag challenge. They also utilize famous TikTok creators like @hoaa.hanassii to encourage users to join. Additionally, Samsung provided chances to win Galaxy Z Flip3. #VuDieuGapMo broke the record for the quickest TikTok campaign in Vietnam to reach 1 billion views in just two weeks. Finally, sales for Samsung increased 14% beyond their campaign goal.

4. Dash Hudson

General information: A social media marketing software provider. They help to maximize social entertainment and business strategies.

Case study: Mecca

Mecca, an Australian cosmetics company, needed to find long-lasting, high-performing TikTok content that could connect with its target customers. In order to understand and develop a data-based content strategy for both organic and paid creative campaigns, Mecca worked with TikTok and Dash Hudson. By that, Mecca had phenomenal growth. In detail, 64% more followers and the creatives received over 12 million views. Additionally, they gained more than 147,000 engagements.

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