How to Create a Social Media Posting Schedule (2/2)

Social Media Posting Schedule

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Free social media scheduler

Some social networks permit you to schedule social media posts immediately inside the platform. (However not all. We’re you, Instagram.) Nevertheless, it’s time-consuming to open each network, create posts one-by-one, and schedule them for a later date.

Scheduling posts individually on every network additionally makes it troublesome to get a total view of your social media posting schedule. A social media scheduling platform with a calendar view choice makes this task much simpler.

We could be biased, however, we predict Hootsuite is one of the best social media schedulers. The free social media scheduling tools inside Hootsuite provide you with full management over your social media posting schedule. In addition, they permit you to see your posts for all social networks clearly specified in one place.

The intuitive calendar view offers you a full image of all of your social exercise each week. This allows you to test for overlap, and determine any gaps in your posting plan. Right here’s a quick video overview of how scheduling works in Hootsuite’s post composing tool.

We present to you precisely how one can work with Hootsuite’s social media scheduling tools within the subsequent part of this post.

Hootsuite additionally affords instruments to assist handle your social media posting schedule on the go. For instance, you possibly can handle your scheduled social media posts on your cellular machine utilizing the Hootsuite app.

And, to assist fill out your social media schedule with curated content material, the Hootlet Chrome extension means that you can create scheduled posts from related content material you discover whereas browsing the web.

How to schedule social media posts

With Hootsuite, you possibly can select to schedule particular person posts or to add a file with a number of scheduled posts on the similar time.

How to schedule social media posts one at a time

Utilizing the Hootsuite composer, you possibly can schedule social media posts for all your social platforms (including Instagram) in a single place. You may also use the composer to schedule ads on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Right here’s how to do it.

Step 1: From the Hootsuite dashboard, click on New Post.

"New Post" button in Hootsuite's scheduling tool

Step 2: Choose the social network you want to publish to.

Step 3: Compose your message and test the preview on the precise aspect of the display to ensure it appears nice.

Step 4: Click on Schedule for Later and choose your chosen publishing date and time. You may also let Hootsuite select one of the best times on your post to publish by deciding on AutoSchedule.

Hootsuite's social media scheduler

Step 5: Click on Done.

That’s it! Your publish is scheduled for the date and time you chose.

To view all of your scheduled posts, click on the paper airplane icon to open the Hootsuite Planner. You may then review the posts you’ve gotten scheduled. To regulate your social media posting schedule, merely drag and drop particular person posts.

Screenshot of Hootsuite's social media scheduling calendar tool

How to schedule social media posts in bulk

With the Hootsuite bulk message scheduler, you possibly can schedule up to 350 social media posts on the similar time.

Right here’s how.

Step 1: From the Hootsuite dashboard, click on the paper airplane icon to open the Publisher tab.

Step 2: Click on Content within the high menu, then click on Bulk Message Upload within the left menu.

Option to bulk schedule social media posts in Hootsuite

Step 3: On the precise aspect of the display, click on Download example to enter a CSV social media posting schedule template to be sure to enter your scheduled posts in the precise format.

Window to bulk schedule social media posts in Hootsuite


Step 4: Open the CSV file in Google Sheets or one other spreadsheet program, and enter the data on your social media posts. For every post, you’ll enter the date and time, the content material of the social post, and a hyperlink (if desired). Be sure that to follow the correct format when getting into your data.

Step 5: Return to the bulk message scheduler inside Hootsuite. Choose the CSV file together with your scheduled posts, choose the corresponding social networks, and point out which date format you used. Then click on Review Messages.

Step 6: If there are any errors in your CSV file, you’ll obtain a notification. You’ll need to both fix the error or delete the related post. As soon as your file is error-free, take this opportunity to review your posts, and then click on Schedule All Messages.

After just a few moments, you possibly can open a Planner to see all your posts specified by calendar format. You may then make a particular person change as wanted.

For more detailed directions on scheduling your social media posts in bulk, try our full blog publish on how to use the bulk composer social media scheduling platform, or watch this detailed video:

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