How to Make a Collage on Instagram

Last Updated on March 12th, 2020 at 11:53 am

Make a Collage on Instagram

If you have been following the latest social trends, chances are you have made a collage on Instagram. No, we aren’t talking paper, scissors, and glue. Think Instagram Top Nine. Or the “Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn” meme.

However, brands have utilized the crafty artform for more than memes. Instagram collages could combine multiple images to show off their different product angles and functions—or even before and after shots. Add borders and frames to a scrapbook-style event recap.

All this and more could be completed without papercuts and superglue snafus. So, feeling scrappy? Read on for the guidelines and tips you should make collages as a part of your Instagram business strategy.

How to make a collage on Instagram

Follow these steps to find ways to make a collage on Instagram posts and Stories.


Right here is how to make a collage on an Instagram post:

  1. Download and go to Layout.
  2. Choose the photos you plan to include. You could select up to 9 shots. A checkmark will appear beside each photo you have chosen.

including images in an Instagram collage

  1. Choose the layout you like from the upper of the screen.
  2. Tap on any photo to edit it. Tap the blue handles to resize.
  3. Mirror or flip each photo pursuant to your desired result.
  4. Add borders if you want.
  5. Hit save.
  6. Share on Instagram or save it to your camera roll.

a cat wearing different accessories

Tip: Instagram Layout only gives basic editing options. In case your images require work, be sure to edit them first and save them to your camera roll.


Right here is the way to make a collage on Instagram Stories. The lingo might be barely different depending on the device you use.

  1. Go to Instagram.
  2. Choose the camera icon in the upper left corner, or swipe right.
  3. Take an image.

picture of a keyboard on Instagram Stories

  1. Open the pen tool. It is the squiggly line icon, second from the upper right.
  2. Select a background color. Press down and hold on the photo till the color fills over it. Hit done.

color-filled Instagram Story image

  1. Leave Instagram and visit your camera roll.
  2. Choose an image you’d like to add and choose copy.

including a photo of a cat in an Instagram collage

  1. Back to Instagram and wait for Add Sticker to appear. Tap it and place it where you would like to appear.

Instagram sticker of a cat from the photo before

  1. Repeat till you have added all of the images you want to include. Add drawings, stickers, text, or tags.

  1. Hit share.

Instagram collage tips

Mashup your social media platform with these Instagram collage tips.

Start with a concept

All Instagram collages need to be made with a goal. Don’t collage just for the sake of it.

And they need to fit into your overall Instagram marketing plan.

Before you set out to make one, think about why a collage is the best choice over a single-image post, carousel, or other option.

Your answer will result in your collage concept. Here are some examples to get you began:

Use a split-screen to showcase multiple options

Show off a new collection, lineup or product options

Encourage feedback and engagement

Make a step-by-step, how-to, or before and after

Utilize multiple visuals to drive a narrative

Select the right mix of photos

A great Instagram collage should never overwhelm the viewer. The choices you make should always be in the interest of communicating an idea or message as clearly as possible.

There are some cases where high volume is called for—say, to convey the size or diversity of a group. The rest of the time, use photos sparingly and intentionally.

Stick with simple clear-focused-visuals. Photos that are too detailed or zoomed out lose impact when paired with others and reduced in size.

Keep away from color clashes by making a complementary palette. If that isn’t possible, try including tints or treatments to make images match.

If all else fails, or to set a mood, go B&W.

View this post on Instagram

Regard ? Sortie le 16 février ?

A post shared by Jeanne (@jeannedamas) on

Style your collage

Sometimes a simple mashup of photos is all you want. However, there are times when a bit more “zhuzh” is called for. And there are some methods you could kick your collage up a notch.

From vintage film borders to florals and punchy graphics, here are some examples.

Frames could lend a nostalgic vibe or photobooth impact on a series of images. They could also bring order and clarity to a mishmash of photos.

Textures and shapes could add both dimension and cohesion.

Patterns could add flair and intrigue to a series of photos.

Text boxes could cover all the things from product info to positive comments.

Add stickers and tags

Stickers and tags help your Instagram posts and stories more engaging and shoppable. And collages are no exception. At their best, collages could even unlock new methods to use these functions.

In case your collage features multiple influencers, partners, or followers, make sure to tag them. This could drive more interactions to your post or campaign.

For collages that feature roundups, gift guides, or multiple products, shoppable tags allow people find more about the item that catches their eye. Instagram permits you to tag up to 5 products per post, so take advantage of it. For now, only one product sticker could be added to Stories

Brands have used stickers in Instagram Story collages to good effect. Louise Damas-French jewelry designer-uses the poll sticker to see which pieces people like the most. Netflix uses it for viewers to vote for the best-dressed participants of The Circle.

Instagram story collage from Louise Damas

Mix it up with multimedia

Instagram collages could bring photos, videos, music, and text together in a single post.

Doing this well could be tricky, tho. Posts with too much media could come across as jumbled or chaotic.

All of it comes back to having a strong concept and a clear message.

Dove uses a collage to break beauty stereotypes with a grid of changing portraits. Discover how only one picture changes per frame, and at a speed that permits viewers to take everything in.

Coachella’s “you may like” series combines a visual with a video to give a snapshot and soundbite of artists its followers may like. The framing of the campaign is super slick and simple.

Try advanced collaging techniques

Collages might be a great way to cram things into a single post. However, there’s no reason you need to limit yourself to one. Broaden an Instagram collage into a multi-post carousel or Story. Or, spread it across your feed.

Instagram collage from Frank and Oak

Keep feed aesthetics in mind

Technically, your Instagram feed is already a collage of every post you have updated. Including a collage post into the mix could look busy, unless you are strategic about it.

Be sure your Instagram collage fits in with your feed aesthetic. In case you usually use certain Instagram filters or presets, a collage needs to be no exception. Use it on the collage too.

Plan ahead with a content calendar, like Hootsuite Planner, so you could see how the collage will look next to other content before you hit post.

Just since you have spent extra time on a collage does not mean you need to spend less time elsewhere. Keep the Instagram algorithm’s ranking signals in mind before you publish it.

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