How to Write the Great YouTube Descriptions (2/2)

Last Updated on May 29th, 2020 at 2:51 pm

How to Write the Great YouTube Descriptions

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14. Use http:// or https://

Your video description is likely one of the few places YouTube allows you to link out. Use it! Keep in mind to add “Http://” to all URLs to make them clickable.

15. Test descriptions on multiple devices

How does your description look on your cellphone? On your buddy’s tablet?

Seventy percent of YouTube views now come from cellular. Ensuring your descriptions are visible and compelling on all screens is a must.

Preview your videos on the watch web page and in search, utilizing as many gadgets and browsers as possible. Do any of your keywords get reduce off?

Do the identical with your channel description, and also you’re set.

16. Add (a few) hashtags

Hashtags are an easy method to assist viewers to discover your content material—so long as you utilize them properly.

Keep on with 15 hashtags or less, or YouTube will ignore them altogether. As at all times, be certain they’re related to your video. Deceptive hashtags will solely frustrate viewers.

Jessamyn Stanley Youtube video description

Physique optimistic yogi Jessamyn Stanley adds a couple of hashtags to each video. It’s an easy method she connects with her community.

17. Copy your opponents

Metadata performs an important role in YouTube’s “Suggested Video” algorithm. Your video is most probably to look as an advised video for content material that makes use of comparable key phrases.

As you write, browse widespread videos on an identical subject. Seize a few the highest keywords from their descriptions and incorporate them into your own.

18. Add links to useful resources

Pointing to useful resources is an easy technique to present your viewers you’re considering of them.

Do you point out any tools, weblog posts, or merchandise in your video? Link to them in your video descriptions so viewers can discover them simply.

YouTube video description of "How to Understand a Black Hole" by Veritasium

Veritasium’s popular black hole video does this very well. By linking to an associated article, they supply added worth to curious viewers.

19. Credit your sources

Did you utilize another person’s photos, music, or footage? List them under the fold in your video description, together with links to their social channels.

Crediting your sources is a fair thing to do. But it surely’s additionally an effective way to construct relationships and foster future collaborations.

20. Use Youtube Analytics

Is your description attracting the views you want?

Write YouTube descriptions is as a lot a science as an artwork. So don’t be afraid to experiment! Tweak your copy, observe what occurs, then revise once more.

YouTube Analytics is the most effective way to do this. It might probably enable you to perceive which keywords are producing essentially the most traffic. It additionally permits you to discover any keywords you might need to be missed.

Examples of great YouTube descriptions

Want some inspiration before you get began? Listed here are some brands who’re doing it right.

Global Cycling Network

Global Cycling Network’s videos take up all three top spots for a “how to fix your bike” search. How? Their video descriptions are clear, clickable, and embrace a lot of key phrases.

YouTube video descriptions for search term "how to fix a bike"

youtube video description for "6 Bike Repair Mistakes Every Cyclist Should Avoid"


This Frida Kahlo video is a good instance of the way to use the fold to your benefit.

TED-Ed begins things off with a brief, descriptive abstract of the video. They supply more details about the content material, their supporters, and their social channels under the fold.

youtube video description TED

Edgy Veg

Edgy Veg has mastered the artwork of the CTA. She additionally front-loads her keywords and supplies tons of links to useful resources.

youtube video description

MTV Decoded

The first sentences of this video description are highly effective. They pull in viewers with an essential query. Then, MTV Decoded seals the cope with a powerful CTA.

youtube video description

Bright Side

Bright Side is nice at incorporating hashtags, keywords, CTAs, timestamps, and more. Plus, their emojis are lovely!

youtube video description

Nailing your YouTube descriptions is hard. However, with these easy suggestions on your side, you’ll be writing stellar copy very quickly!

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