Organizing an Instagram Aesthetic for your brand (1/2)

Last Updated on April 17th, 2020 at 4:38 pm

Organizing an Instagram Aesthetic

According to research from Instagram, since 2010, more than 500 million peoples are using Instagram, 4.2 billion likes, and more than 95 million photos and videos posted on this site every day. Brands that take benefits of this special social media platform often find that the level of exposure that Instagram gives them is unprecedented.

However, if you want to create a successful and branded Instagram account, you have to do more than just taking pretty photos. You will need to organize a distinct brand aesthetic, a well-curated feed, and an effective community management strategy. All these things can be streamed from your own special brand identity.

In this post, we will uncover the five most effective tips that will help you in organizing a more cohesive Instagram aesthetic.

Ideas for Organizing an Instagram Aesthetic

organize an Instagram aesthetic for your brand

Right when you deeply understand your brand identity and define your target market, you can curate your Instagram content to match that criteria. Instagram is the social media site for attractive and captivates content. So brands can capitalize on this with consistent and creative posts.

An Instagram “aesthetic” is a cohesive type, mood, and general impression of posts. You are aligning your brand with your target market and are building awareness by presenting a seamless aesthetic. In this case, your Instagram aesthetic is as essential as your website.

Everything on Instagram is the first impression that catches your audiences’ eyes. So in this post, we provide you with 5 main ideas to build your aesthetic.

1. Know exactly what your brand identity is.

Your brand identity will be shown off by your aesthetic. You should understand your personality and tone, its values. Ask yourself: Is your brand playful? Adventurous? Bold and daring?

Organizing an Instagram aesthetic that reflects the image and purpose of your brand is extremely important because it makes uniformity. Posting random content makes disconnection and confusion. When this happens, it’s hard for others to click your follow button.

2. Determine your target market and cater to it without compromising your brand identity.

Your main purpose in organizing an Instagram aesthetic is to attract existing customers and engage more in the future. So, creating content that pulls your customers in and engages them is important. You should start getting to know what your target audiences need from your brand, products, and services. Then, reflect all these things in your Instagram feed.

3. Create a story with each photo displayed on the post.

In case that you can make your story more compelling, your customers will feel more than that you’re just selling them something. You should give meaning to your content and make it more relatable to your audience’s needs. Then, by using narratives that are related to your brand identity, you create an emotional connection with your customers.

Always keep in mind that the story you tell plays a key role in building brand loyalty from your customers. Instagram is a great platform for telling this story.

4. Choose a color palette, “feel,” or filter and use it consistently.

Using a color palette, filter, or even texture in your Instagram posts can give you that much sought-after level of consistency in your feeds. You should try using the same two to four filters on your posts or creating your color palette to connect all your posts and make your feed looks more professional. Remember to choose colors that are aligned with your brand’s personality and repeat them in your posts.

Instagram aesthetic

5. Post content that reflects your brand’s core value.

Don’t be afraid to use Instagram marketing to show off your products or service at work, just get creative. Take detailed shots and create eye-catching flat lays that show off your products in a brand new and interesting ways.

These shots can even encourage and inspire your followers to make their posts including your products to share with their friends. Then not only will you gain more your brand’s reaction, but you will also have user-generated content that’s organic and authentic.

You can also post user-generated content (UGC) to build brand trust and awareness, posts sourced from customers and followers. Sometimes, users will tag your brand in their posts, you can then screenshot and post the content, or reposting this post. UGC can only mean good things: prospects are likely to evaluate customer reviews when looking to buy, and it makes your brand look trustworthy and beloved.

These shots can even encourage and inspire your followers to create their posts featuring your products to share with their followers. Not only will you increase your brand’s interaction, but you’ll also have user-generated content that’s authentic and organic.

6. Plan ahead!

Most well-organized Instagram aesthetics are organized and planned. Some accounts plan posts on a chronological basis like seasonal, monthly, or quarterly timelines, however, others plan in terms of content. For example, they might try to post consistently about a certain product or event or create a repeated series of posts per row surrounding a specific topic like quotes or food.

7. Create a branded hashtag.

We all know hashtags help reach new audiences. A branded hashtag, however, is unique to a company, product, or event that is used to help promote whatever it represents. It appeals to their target audience, was effectively shared across all media channels, and reflects core brand values.






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