Facebook Messenger might help your business connect with leads, prospects, and clients in a proactive and personal approach. In case you’ve never used Facebook Messenger for your business before or you’re searching for a concrete Facebook messenger marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

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If your Facebook friends list consists of your aunt, your boss, your ex-boyfriend, and your hairdresser, you probably already know that Facebook’s demographics are far-reaching.

Yep, it seems like no matter who or where you are, you probably have at least one Facebook account. However take a closer look at the numbers, and you’ll discover a more complicated picture of who uses Facebook — and how usage has shifted over the last 17 years.

With constant product updates — and plenty of legal turmoil — there’s always a brand new factor at play in the world of Facebook. (It’s a thrill a minute over there!)

So if you have plans to make use of Facebook to connect with customers, boost sales, or break into new markets, it’s very important to stay on top of the latest Facebook user demographics. Here are the latest and greatest stats.

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