Best Facebook Post Ideas for Lead Generation (2/3)

Best Facebook Post Ideas for Lead Generation

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5. Use Facebook Live videos to remind people to register.

Videos may be pretty time-intensive to create, not to point out intimidating. However, you do not essentially have to pull together the time and assets to create a wonderfully scripted and edited marketing video to leverage the ability of video on Facebook — particularly in case you’re a small business.

Facebook Live is a function that permits anybody to broadcast videos from their mobile system straight to their Facebook News Feed. The best part about these live videos is that they are meant to be a bit scrappier and more spontaneous than common marketing videos — making them more authentic and personal.

So, get the conversation going about your ideas to lead generation offers by making a live video to advertise them. You would possibly promote an occasion by displaying the setup live, for instance. Or, you may promote a proposal by hosting an open Q&A on live video where you work together with Facebook commenters live and on camera.

Similar to what you’d do with your standard videos, add a verbal CTA to the video along with the text CTA. In a reside video, although, you may wish to repeat that CTA even more than you’ll with a pre-recorded video. Why? Because once you first begin to live to stream, you might have zero folks watching. Even a number of seconds in, you can solely have a handful of viewers.

As folks discover your video on their News Feeds, they will take part in it. However, which means you may wish to repeat the CTA on a few occasions to catch folks up. You may also add a text CTA within the video’s description.

6. Pin posts that link ideas to lead generation offers to the top of your feed.

Pinning a post to the top of your Page’s Timeline permits you to highlight and showcase what would in any other case be a typical post. It’s going to stay on the top of your Timeline for up to seven days, after which it will return to the date it was revealed in your Page’s Timeline.

You possibly can establish a pinned post by an unmistakable “pinned post” marker on the top of the post. Any post you determine to pin ought to be worthwhile to your viewers and relevant to your online aims.

This is an instance from Apttus’ Facebook Page:


You may pin any kind of post, from text to pictures to videos, even live videos. In case you pin a Facebook Live video, that video will merely present up on the top of your profile with the entire recording, indicating that the Page “was live” at a certain point.

This is an instance of what that appears like from Refinery29’s Facebook Page:


7. Add a CTA button to your Facebook Page.

Adding a relevant CTA button to your Facebook Page is a vital lead generation tactic that no marketers will wish to miss out on.

Back in late 2014, Facebook added a function to its business Pages permitting customers to place a simple call-to-action button on the top of their Facebook Pages. This button is simple but highly effective, and it may well assist drive more traffic from your Facebook Page to your website — together with landing pages, contact sheets, and other lead generation forms.

You may discover you have 17 pre-made button choices to select from. These choices include “Sign Up,” “Shop Now,” “Contact Us,” “Book Now,” “Use App,” Watch Video,” and “Play Game.”

Ideas for Lead Generation

When you select a button and link it to a page on your website, it’ll appear up at a set location proper below your cover picture and to the proper.

Ideas for Lead Generation

Whereas some marketers select a CTA and hold it the same for weeks and months at a time, think about taking your marketing game a step additional and switching up that button — and the online page it links to — to match your team’s and business targets and the campaigns you are operating at the time.

For instance, you would possibly align the CTA with your cover photo design and a pinned post around a single marketing campaign.

8. Ask for input from your Facebook audience about your merchandise.

You possibly can feed two birds with one scone (as my colleague Carly Stec would say) by posting a status update asking for suggestions in your merchandise/services and then linking to a landing page where folks try your tool without cost.

You may encourage sign-ups by linking directly to the landing page, and your followers will love the chance to provide their two cents.

The obvious risk here is that you will be opening up the floodgates for negative commenters, so be selective on the tools and merchandise you post for feedback.

Ensure you’re posting something you are proud of and ready to obtain feedback for. You may additionally wish to have at least one or two folks ready to answer Facebook comments as they roll in — each the positive and the negative.

In case you do obtain negative feedback, reply as quickly as possible to show you care and prevent them from turning into something more serious. In case you get complaints about the product, use the “customer is always right” strategy and say you are sorry.

You may get respect from other clients for being upfront. Share your appreciation for folk’ feedback. Lastly, ask how you can assist — and then really assist. Take notes on the feedback you get and send it to the individuals who could make things happen.

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