Best Facebook Post Ideas for Lead Generation (1/3)

12 Best Facebook Post Ideas for Facebook Lead Generation

Now, let’s dive into the best Facebook post ideas for lead generation.

1. Post landing pages for offers directly to Facebook.

One of the best post ideas for lead generation ideas on Facebook is sending people on to a landing page containing your supply. (If you do not have many lead-generating offers yet, read this blog post for ideas.)

Once you do that, ensure the supply has a compelling featured picture that is getting pulled into the Facebook post. To make sure Facebook pulls the proper picture from your blog post into your Facebook posts, you may have to optimize the picture size and add the right open graph tags to your website.

You may additionally wish to ensure it is clear to the reader where you are sending them. In the event that they suppose they’re clicking into a blog post and discover themselves needing to fill out a form, they might get confused or pissed off.

Use phrases like “Download your ebook” or “Get your cheat sheet” to point where you are sending them and the action they should take.

Here is an instance from Sprout Social’s Facebook Page, which incorporates a “Download this toolkit” CTA.

Along with utilizing clear language, you might wish to nix the stock picture from that picture in favor of your custom picture. Even the least design-savvy of entrepreneurs can easily create a custom picture in PowerPoint or Canva that features the name of the supply.

2. Post the blog posts that generate the most leads.

One other method of producing leads from your content is to choose and post the blog posts that generate the most leads.

The topic and title of the blog post will intrigue your viewers to click on and read, and then they will discover a CTA inside that post — ideally high up, close to the intro — to either a solution to an issue they’re having or to one thing they wish to learn more about.

Professional Tip: Our social media managers have discovered they’ll generate more leads from Facebook by posting blog posts containing anchor text CTAs within the introduction. Besides, for those who aren’t utilizing anchor text CTAs yet, you might wish to read up on the study we did on anchor text CTAs and think about adopting the process yourself. In every post we tracked for that research, the anchor text CTA was chargeable for between 47% and 93% of a post’s leads.

3. Include links to landing pages in your picture captions.

Most marketers perceive the importance of using visuals like pictures and videos in their Facebook technique. For instance, Facebook posts with pictures see a higher engagement rate when in comparison with those without pictures.

To turn these higher engagement rates into lead generation alternatives, contemplate together with links to your website within the descriptions to your pictures — particularly your profile image and cover picture descriptions.

Whether it is to a blog post, a piece of lead gen content, or just an “About Us” page, links assist your viewers to get to know your organization better. And the descriptions of your profile image and cover picture are prime real estate to do it. That means any time folks view your cover picture directly, they’ll access the download link.

Ensure you shorten your links and add UTM codes so you may track clicks on them. Besides, shortening and tracking options are available in the Marketing Platform and with instruments like Bitly.

Here is an instance from Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Page:


4. Use videos to advertise lead generation provides.

Facebook’s organic reach dropped to around 5.2% in 2020, an enormous dip from 52% in 2016, thanks to the tweaks in Facebook’s algorithm.

Without making a Facebook advert, it is almost impossible for your viewers to see your content. To get as much engagement as possible, marketers have turned to videos.

Why? For starters, Facebook’s algorithm favors video content. Consequently, video posts have an average engagement rate of 0.26%, which is higher than engagement rates of different post varieties.

So, in case you’re trying to increase your lead generation efforts on Facebook, you may wish to begin utilizing videos on your Facebook page to introduce and promote your content, whether they’re offers, occasions, programs, or something else.

Along with the text CTA which you could add within the video’s description, you can too include a verbal CTA to “register” or “download,” both earlier within the video and at the very end.

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