Best Facebook Post Ideas for Lead Generation (3/3)

Best Facebook Post Ideas for Lead Generation

Continue to find out the best Facebook post ideas for lead generation…

9. Run a contest or giveaway.

People love contests and giveaways. Not solely are they fun. However, they’ll additionally teach you a lot about your viewers — all of the whereas partaking them, rising your reach, driving visitors to your website, and (drum roll, please) generating lead generation.

Since your giveaway goals to generate leads, you’ll need to publish posts that embrace an attractive featured picture or video, compelling and straightforward copy, and a link to your giveaway page where they’ll fill out their particulars into your lead forms.

(Before you begin your Facebook contest, though, ensure you can run it legally by reading through their Page Guidelines. Facebook has cracked down on contests because of liability issues, so read via their strict rules ahead of time.)

Below is an instance from Zeamo’s Facebook Page:

Zeamo Facebook Contest

And this is another instance, this time from Yoplait. It promoted its contest utilizing a video to get more visibility on folks’ News Feeds. And you may inform the contest was a success considering the quantity of engagement the post obtained.

Facebook Lead Generation

You possibly can additionally extend your giveaways through other platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

10. Create a Facebook event page for your next webinar.

Whereas sharing landing pages with devoted content choices is effective, webinars are another great format for capturing leads. Whilst you can promote your webinar’s sign-up form by posting them to your business Timeline. Another technique to spread the word is by making a Facebook Event with a separate registration page on your website.

When you invite somebody to a Facebook Event, you may encourage them to register on a separate page, where they’ll become a lead. In terms of reaching new audiences, Facebook Events are additionally more visible than standard posts on the News Feed.

HubSpot Facebook Event

Facebook additionally added new features that assist businesses to promote their events and see how they’re performing. For instance, you may create adverts for the desktop and mobile News Feed that increase consciousness of events and drive responses.

Facebook Lead Generation

Image Source

When you host events and webinars typically, you may also use the Events tab on your Facebook page to share along with your followers in a single view. In that method, individuals visiting your page can scroll via your upcoming events and webinars. (In case you don’t see the tab on your Page, click on “Manage Tabs” at the bottom of your tabs and reorder them, so Events is one of the first to appear).

11. Run focused adverts to increase your content’s reach.

The most effective thing Facebook can do for your business is to increase your reach to new audiences by running a focused advert campaign for lead generation.

Due to Facebook’s very sophisticated focusing on choices, you create adverts that focus on individuals based on their location, age, gender, interests — and even the things they do off Facebook.

There are three overarching formats for Facebook adverts that I will cover here: boosted posts, right-hand column adverts, and News Feed adverts.

The main distinction here is the placement of the advert and the quantity of writing and size of pictures they permit.

  1. Boosted Post: That is Facebook’s method of letting marketers turn otherwise common Facebook posts into adverts by “boosting” them. The post will present organically to some customers. However, to get better reach, the admin will press “boost” (shown solely to admins, to not other customers) to deliver to a larger variety of followers and targets you may choose ahead of time.
  2. Right-Hand Column Advertisements: That is the most traditional advert placement used to show a consumer into a Facebook lead. The advert often appears on the right aspect of a consumer’s News Feed. We frequently see cheaper clicks and conversions when utilizing these adverts, together with more superior testing choices.
  3. News Feed Advertisements: These appear immediately in a consumer’s News Feed and look more like native advertising, though you may also add a small CTA button. They’re part of a tactic called “dark posts,” which suggests utilizing News Feed-style adverts that don’t get published to the News Feed of your Page. In our experience, these adverts have a higher engagement rate than right-hand column adverts. However, they can be costlier.

Whereas we can’t go too much more in-depth on Facebook advertising, here are two examples of Facebook adverts in customers’ News Feeds. This primary one is a boosted post that targets individuals based on their Facebook connections:

Lead Generation

This second one is a News Feed advert, which helps you to add a CTA button to the post. In this case, “Sign Up.” These CTAs are solely available for News Feed adverts.

Lead Generation

12. Run lead adverts to simplify the mobile signup process.

As if Facebook’s addition of CTA buttons to its link adverts wasn’t exciting enough, it added an entirely new feature known as lead adverts in 2015, which lets customers join lead-generating provides and content without leaving Facebook.

Facebook created lead adverts particularly to simplify the mobile sign-up process by creating instant types. That makes it tremendously easy for mobile customers to fill out their contact particulars.

Why? Because the types will auto-populate instead of mobile customers having to pinch-and-zoom and type into tiny form fields. Once you click on on a lead advert, a form opens with your contact info routinely populated based on what you’ve shared with Facebook already, like name and email address.

Talk about solving for a type of friction. Of course, you may edit your contact info before you click on “Submit.”

Lead Generation

Image Source

We won’t detail the way to create lead adverts here because we already have a guide that talks about how one can make them.

We hope you discovered these ideas for methods you may generate lead generation from Facebook useful. Keep in mind, though, that Facebook is constantly changing. Whereas the ideas here are a solid beginning for success, nothing beats testing each technique on your viewers.

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