The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Analytics (2/2)

Last Updated on June 8th, 2020 at 2:41 pm

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Facebook analytics tips and what to track

What to track utilizing Facebook Insights

Facebook Page Insights can assist you to reply to these necessary business questions.

  • Reach and engagement: How many people saw your posts? Who interacted with them? Which posts did people hide? Did people report any posts as spam?
  • Actions: What actions do people take on your Page? How many people click on your call-to-action button? How many people click on your website?
  • People: What are the demographics of the people who go to your Page? (You may dive deeper into this matter with Audience Insights.) When do people go to your Page? How do people discover your Page?
  • Views: How many people are viewing your Page? Which sections are they?
  • Posts: How are your posts performing over time?

You may access data going back a maximum of two years. This provides your set of long-term data to track your progress. It additionally means you’ll be capable to establish any standout content material that continues to spark engagement over the long term.

Tips for getting the most of Facebook analytics

This may sound obvious, however, it’s so necessary that it bears repeating. There’s very little point in tracking your performance in case you don’t use that data to enhance your outcomes in the future.

Here are some methods you may tweak your technique based on what you study:

Rethink your target audience

Are the people who are really visiting your Page the same people you thought would go to your page? Keep in mind which you can get much more detail about your viewers utilizing another built-in Facebook Analytics tool, Viewers Insights. However, you get an overview of the People section here.

Screenshot of the Facebook Audience Insights view

More importantly, who’re the people that interact with your Page probably the most? In the Actions on Page part, you may see who clicked in your contact data, call-to-action button, or web site is broken down by age and gender, nation, metropolis, and gadget.

Attempt adjusting your Facebook content material technique to raised align with the viewers that naturally connect with you here.

Do what works and ditch what doesn’t

Search for trends in your content material that performs effectively so you may create more posts like these.

At the same time, look ahead to posts that set off any negative engagement, like hiding posts or reporting as spam, to see in case you can establish what went wrong (and avoid doing it again). You will discover this information by choosing to Reach in the left-hand menu.

Screenshot of the Reach view in Facebook analytics

And keep an eye on your unfollows. In case you see a spike of people selecting to unfollow your page, have a look at the content material you posted that day. Did you share something that annoyed your followers? You’ll discover this data under the Followers tab in the left-hand menu.

Screenshot of the Followers view in Facebook analytics

Schedule your posts at the best times

Timing issues on Facebook. Once you’re first getting began, it’s a good suggestion to time your posts based on data collected by experts.

However, once you have real data about your individual Facebook Page, you may schedule your posts for the instances your own specific viewers are most likely to be online. You will discover this information under Posts.

Screenshot of Posts view in Facebook analytics

Optimize your Page for your preferred action

Facebook Page Insights exhibits you what actions people take on your website, from interacting with posts to clicking in your contact information to clicking via to your website.

Screenshot of showing fans "preferred action" on a Facebook page

So how do these actions align with the targets stated in your Facebook marketing strategy?

Think about what you really need people to do on your Page. Then use Page Insights to see which of the attainable actions in your Page people interact with the most.

How can you refine your Page to steer them in the course of your preferred actions? Possibly you should think about altering your call-to-action button. Maybe it’s essential to change your pinned post.

Page Insights will assist you to see how small modifications can have a huge impact, and help ensure that your Facebook Page is supporting your most necessary business targets.

Check back often

Checking in on Facebook Page Insights isn’t a one-time activity. Your Facebook analytics data is continually updating so you’ll need to pay attention to any patterns you see growing.

In case you want to maintain a permanent record or import your data into a different analytics tool, you are able to do that, too. Click on Export Data on the top right of the overview tab to download data about your page from any 180-day period in the last two years.

Screenshot showing button to "export data" in Facebook analytics

You may select to download data for your Page, your posts, or your videos. Simply select the specific date range and file format that works best for you.

Screenshot showing process to export data from Facebook analytics

5 Facebook analytics tools

1. Hootsuite Analytics

With Hootsuite Analytics, you may create and share customized reports for your Facebook Page. You may download your report in Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV formats, and share along with your team is simply a few clicks.

2. Facebook Audience Insights and Ad Center

This post covers easy methods to use Facebook Page Insights. However, there are a few other Facebook analytics tools constructed into the platform:

  • Facebook Audience Insights: As mentioned above, this tool can assist you to dive deep into your viewers, so you may discover ways to successfully goal your Facebook advertisements and organic content material.
  • Facebook Ad Center: As mentioned earlier, advert results have moved from Page Insights to the Ad Center. To access Ad Center, click on More in the top navigation on your Facebook Page. Right here, you’ll have the ability to track the advertisements you created from your Facebook Page. In case you created your advertisements utilizing Adverts Manager, you’ll discover the results there.

3. Brandwatch

It lets you observe Facebook metrics like reach and likes, in addition to holding tabs on how many people are talking about your content material on the network.

Brandwatch additionally consists of topic clouds and sentiment analysis, so you’ll be able to understand the conversations which are happening about your brand on Facebook.

4. Audiense

Audiense helps you understand your viewers in higher detail. You may then generate reviews to know what your viewers are talking about on Facebook, so you can create content material that hits the right tone.

5. Digimind

Digimind helps you perceive your audience on Facebook and track performance against your competitors. You may see how your social share of voice compares to other leading brands in your trade.

Digimind additionally helps you analyze key metrics like conversion fees and cost per lead.


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