Tiktok Verification 101: Basic Thing You Need to Know (1/2)

TIKTOK VERIFICATION Basic Thing You Need to Know

Finding out how to get TikTok verification is worthwhile even if you aren’t aspiring to be the next Khaby Lame. Accounts on TikTok that have been verified gain more exposure and a certain degree of cred. Read on to find out how to earn a blue checkmark on TikTok.

What is TikTok Verification? 

A blue tick on TikTok indicates that an account’s identity has been verified, just like on other platforms. Verification is usually only given to influencers, brands, or celebrities. Copycats are most likely to target these accounts.

However, you don’t need to be incredibly well-known to become verified on TikTok. In reality, TikTok has verified lots of businesses, including this weird account that only has 1 user named Chasebank.

Tiktok Verification 101 what is the blue check mark


What does TikTok’s blue check mean?

The blue check on TikTok is a verified mark. This indicates that TikTok has confirmed the account’s legitimacy.

On TikTok, can you purchase verification?

You cannot buy TikTok verification, sorry. Run away from anyone who tries to scam you by attempting to sell you a verification badge.

If you are verified on TikTok, do you get paid?

That’s a little more complicated. Verified TikTokers are not compensated by the platform (unless they opt to participate in TikTok’s Creator Fund). However, they could get more income from brands seeking your content partners.

Having lots of followers also raise the chance you get your verification, so read on for more tips to help you increase your TikTok Followers!

Why do you need TikTok Verification? 

In conclusion, obtaining TikTok verification can assist grow and promote your brand. A TikTok verified badge can boost your career no matter what your profession—musician, actor, writer, or even business owner—to greater levels.


You know there are usually accounts on social media faking as NBA insiders? If you have a verification badge, TikTok has verified your identity. Your user name’s blue checkmark next to it gives trust and lets viewers know you’re the real deal.


Unproven rumors claim that TikTok’s algorithm rewards proven accounts. Verified accounts are therefore more likely to appear on your FYP. More visibility translates into more likes, which can result in more followers.


Verified accounts regularly interact with one another. Being verified means that your favorite influencers or celebrities may really reply to your comments and direct messages (DMs) on the app.

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