9 Ideas for Engaging TikTok Videos (2/2)

9 Ideas for Engaging TikTok Videos (2/2)

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6. Cover current events

Many viral trends live and die on TikTok alone. However, the outside world has an effect too— pop culture and main news infiltrate the platform, where they tackle a new life.

The Washington Post (sure, the venerated newspaper) is especially good at turning topical occasions into engaging TikTok videos. In any case, present occasions are their brand. By discovering methods to transform these subjects into engaging video content, they’ve racked up greater than 390,000 TikTok followers.

Viewers of the bizarro Netflix series Love Is Blind will admire their nod to the present on this video about their love of… subscribers.

However, they’ve additionally tackled the coronavirus epidemic with videos about hand hygiene and self-quarantine. Serious topics are delicate, as your humorous video might veer into insensitivity or poor taste. However, the Washington Post demonstrates that it’s attainable to realize a balance of humor and information.

7. Join a viral craze (or create your own)

From the Renegade to the CoinciDance, there’s at all times a viral dance craze occurring on TikTok.

Once it hits essential mass, it enters the mainstream consciousness— like when SNL’s Kate McKinnon and Elizabeth Warren did the Flip the Switch challenge.

Dance challenges are themed around a specific track, a particular sequence of moves, or both. Flip the Switch is an instance of the latter, which includes the titular Drake song and two individuals switching places in front of a mirror.

Some manufacturers may be apprehensive that participating in a dance craze will make them seem like the Steve Buscemi meme:

The trick is to be genuine. In case you’re not enjoying your self, the video will feel stiff and fall flat with viewers.

Embrace the silliness and have fun with your dance challenge. That method, even in case you don’t go viral, you’ll nonetheless have a great time with your team.

8. Create a branded filter

As with Instagram and Snapchat, creators can add lenses and AR filters to their videos to create particular effects.

Manufacturers can take advantage of this feature by uploading customized filters. For instance, NY Fashion Week (which invited a lot of TikTok creators to its 2020 shows) created a particular picture booth filter to accompany the occasions.

Creating effects and filters requires design expertise on the part of your team, so it might solely be worthwhile for a major occasion or event. However, when done effectively, filters can enhance model awareness and grow your viewers, in addition, to generate a ton of on-brand content material from your followers and fans.

9. Run a contest

Uniqlo launched the first multi-market campaign on TikTok in June 2019, asking individuals to create videos of themselves wearing their favorite Uniqlo items with the hashtag #UTPlayYourWorld.

The competition was open to creators from the US, France, Japan, and Taiwan, and profitable videos would play in choose shops of the participating nations. The contest was an enormous success, and the #UTPlayYourWorld hashtag has over 700 million views.

The contest tapped into the help of Uniqlo fans and promised them one thing that all TikTok creators need: bigger viewers for their videos. It was a win-win and an instance of how user-generated content might help your model.

User-generated content material (UGM) boosts your credibility and belief, particularly when it comes from trusted creators. Once you reuse it with permission, you construct relationships and loyalty. And it saves you the time and cost of content manufacturing.

Still stumped? There’s always old milk

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