Tips to Save Your Time with Facebook Automation Software (1/2)

Last Updated on January 9th, 2021 at 12:07 pm

Facebook Automation Software

There are plenty of issues people are better at than robots: Threading a needle. Roller skating. Kissing (for now). However, in certain situations, technology has us beat. Take Facebook automation tools and software, for instance.

Facebook automation software is designed to automatically deal with the tedious maintenance of your brand’s Facebook page more effectively and successfully than even the best social media coordinator could.

After all, with great power comes great accountability, as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben and also RuPaul have so famously said. Simply because you can automate almost each Facebook action, doesn’t imply you should.

Good Facebook page automation is about streamlining the administrative stuff so you’ll be able to focus on what actually issues: serving up great, engaging content to your followers.

Read on for the do’s, and don’t’s of optimizing Facebook automation responsibly to make your social presence the most human it can be.

What’s bad Facebook automation software?

Bad Facebook automation is anything that looks or feels spammy.

Even when completed with the perfect of intentions, these behaviors can get you blocked by customers, or worse, the community altogether.

Buying followers

Sure, it’s a standard practice (even Rhianna has done it!) however buying followers can get your account in huge trouble with Facebook.

Auditing tools can spot artificially inflated accounts in seconds. When 1,000 new “fans” begin following you in one go, that may be a little bit of a red flag… as can the truth that they don’t precisely “engage” with your content material.

Facebook has an interest in ensuring its site is full of actual folks having real conversations. They’re cracking down on automated followers now greater than ever.

In reality, buying followers is definitely a violation of the phrases of service. Not solely may your costly fake buddies be deleted, your account might be suspended altogether. Is having an inflated number of followers worth the demise of your brand?

Instafollowers dashboard prompting to buy Facebook followers

Source: Instafollowers

A superb social media rule of thumb: if it could be unhappy behavior at a birthday party, it’s probably unhappy online too. Earn your mates, don’t purchase them.

Cross-posting automated messages from other networks

What works for a Twitter post doesn’t always work on FaceBook.

I completely get that doubling down on a post saves time, However, whenever you automate cross-platform sharing, you risk a sloppy post that may look carelessly spammy. Inappropriate hashtags, weirdly cropped photographs, or broken links aren’t precisely the type of factor that inspires engagement.

This post from a fashion brand Fate Clothing was cross-posted from Instagram to Twitter and cuts off mid-way. And what, Fate Clothing? And what?!?!

Automating likes and comments

Letting automation deal with comments and likes is like buying a $5 Starbucks card for your partner for your wedding anniversary. It’s lazy and thoughtless (and perhaps even slightly dangerous).

That is the part of Facebook expertise where it’s important to be hands-on. In case you give the robotic free reign to like any post that mentions you, what occurs when somebody is complaining about your brand… or affiliating it with something unsavory?

Comments, likewise, should be intentional and particular. Your brand’s popularity is at stake with each post you make, in any case.

There’s sufficient out there in the world you’ll be able to control (wow, am I okay right now?). Take the reins back for this one.

Automating DMs

See above. Nothing says “please block me” fairly like a generic spam letter popping up unprovoked in your Facebook messages.

What is good Facebook automation software?

Essentially the most optimistic, official purpose to use Facebook automation software is to save lots of time to deal with what really issues — creating great content and genuinely connecting with your community. That might embrace…

Scheduling messages

Crafting messages particularly for Facebook to schedule for later is a legit time-saving tactic.

Whereas automating what you say in a Facebook post is likely to be questionable, automating when you post is totally a sensible transfer.

Maintaining the ideal posting schedule generally is a challenge for sure. A little bit of planning—particularly whenever you’re in the creative zone!—can go a great distance to make sure you’ve acquired the precise content material going up at the right time.

You can do this on Facebook itself, or with a third-party scheduler like Hootsuite (we’d be remiss not to mention it.) Understand that scheduling is just potential with a Facebook for Business Page right now.

Saving replies for frequently asked questions

Having pre-composed responses ready to roll for common questions might be highly efficient. (Plus, it’s an effective way to make sure that your conversations with clients stay on-brand.)

Of course, each fan or buyer is a unique and precious angel who deserves your utmost, individualized consideration. However a pre-written response may also help them get the information they want shortly, so it’s actually a win-win.

For instance, in case you’re a restaurant and also you receive roughly 1,000 messages per day asking when you do take out, this could be a helpful tactic for you.

Utilizing search streams to search out relevant customers, topics, and content material

If Archie has taught us anything by attempting to date both Betty and Veronica at a similar restaurant on the same night, even with a pair of rollerskates, you’ll be able to be in all places without delay.

Get slightly assist preserving observe of all the news you need—including auto social searches by keywords, topics, hashtags, and users—with automated search streams.

For instance, you may arrange one stream to monitor your competitors’ posts, one for a branded hashtag created by your business, and one other for influencers that you simply work with repeatedly.

Repurposing content material from other networks for Facebook

Tracking all your social platforms through a third-party social media management app is a method to quickly and simply assess which posts are gaining traction out there in the world… and perhaps discover some inspiration for a Facebook post along the way.

After all, “repurposing” doesn’t simply imply copy and paste from your Instagram feed. Facebook is a unique beast. Audiences right here usually desire a story, something inspiring and educational.

Automation in this case is about serving to you determine topical traits to construct from there and customize a narrative specifically on your Facebook crew.

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